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  • Name: Rowan Atkinson ( Rowan Atkinson )
  • Date of birth: 6 January 1955
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Consett
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: comedian, actor, writer, producer
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Rowan Atkinson: a biography

    The name Rowan Atkinson is inextricably linked with the famous character Mr Bean, the eponymous hero of the series. This role brought the British comedian wide popularity and millions of loyal fans worldwide. Original and memorable appearance along with unforgettable facial expressions made him one of the most famous British stars.

    Rowan was born in a large family on 6 January 1955 in the small mountain town of Consett. His parents had no relation to the TV or on the stage. Father Eric was engaged in farming, and his mother Ella Mae helped him and raised three children. Already in his childhood the boy had a rather unique facial expressions, are able to laugh of almost any than Atkinson frequently worked at the school. There he was considered as the main prankster and a clown, what did Rowan one of the most recognizable and memorable to students.

    At the age of 11, he was transferred to the prestigious school of Chorister, where at that time was future Prime Minister of great Britain Tony Blair. Later, Rowan went to another private school Sainte Bis located in the North-West of England. There is a lot of attention was paid to different sports disciplines in which Atkinson felt very comfortable. His physique was far from athletic, and workout quickly oppressed. Classmates often laughed at the weak boy, and then Rowan decided to take advantage of this. In the locker room he parodied teachers, making a mockery pure and sincere admiration of the children with their comedic talents. Because of this he was able to survive the shame felt by his helplessness in sport, and earn respect among adolescents.

    After College, the future actor began to feel awkward in his teen clowning and closed, becoming very serious and modest guy. About a career on stage, Atkinson is even a thought in his head loomed a serious perspective in the scientific field. Rowan easily enrolled in the University of Newcastle the faculty of electronics. Physics comic loved since childhood and can easily remember the huge formula is able to cause tremors many people with humanitarian mindset. Technical science was always easy for him, so after graduation, Rowan was invited to Oxford, where he was to write his doctoral work. It was during his studies in the life of an actor appeared remarkable people: writer Richard Curtis and composer Howard Goodall, who became his best friends and colleagues in your future career.

    Atkinson studied acting and clowning in the second year, just once in a good company, not thinking of his life without a scene. He became a member of the Club, experimental theatre and community Drama of the University of Oxford. His humorous sketches were very popular with students and teachers, which allowed Rowan effortlessly to win with several Comedy festivals. Scenario, the actor co-wrote with his friend Curtis, who is also in the future have achieved considerable success in the field of cinema.

    After receiving a degree of master of Atkinson in the theater group «Etceteras» went on a tour of England.

    Rowan Atkinson: Mr. Bean

    Rowan quickly earned fame as a rising star of the Comedy scene in Britain. His first step to world recognition was a show on the radio with the straightforward title «the Atkinson People». Co-author of the actor again became the friend and colleague Richard Curtis. The satirical interviews with the alleged Rowan in a fantasy of the same characters that were in great demand among the audience.

    On television, Atkinson is hit by another comedian Dave Angus. Their performance was captured on film and shown in a show. In the future, the actor has offered to remove its own program «Not the nine o’clock news», whose producer was John Lloyd. Not without old friends. Howard Goodall became a composer and wrote for the show unforgettable music, and Richard Curtis has created a few episodes of the picture. The sketch show was aired in October 1979 and almost immediately became incredibly famous in Britain.

    After a successful debut on the TV actor invited in the medieval Comedy «the Black adder», which finally secured him fame as one of the most popular comedians in England. Rowan appeared before the viewers in the role of Edward, Earl of Edinburgh. Prior to filming, the actor couldn’t imagine how it will look and sound the same. Almost all the facial expressions, and movement Edward in the pilot episode of the series began pure improvisation, which has been quite successful. He also had to cut hair according to the fashion of that era. The brainchild of Atkinson received many prestigious awards.

    World fame came to the comedian after his debut in the role of the character Mr. bean, first appeared in 1989 in a half-hour Christmas edition of the channel «TV the Thames.» Immediately after the new year came a full-fledged self-titled series «Mr. Bean». His character Rowan invented while still a student at Oxford, some times even appearing in this way at festivals. In his work, the actor has paid great attention to the facial expressions and the plasticity of the character, as it practically does not conduct dialogues and rarely speaks. This role helped Atkinson to transcend the popularity of Britain and to interest the audience beyond.

    Within five years the adventures of Mr. bean was watched by the whole world, every series gathered at screens more than twenty million viewers. The incredible success of the series helped to create a movie that was released in 1997 under the name «Mr. Bean». In the image of his famous character actor has appeared in numerous shows and television projects, delighting the audience with their outstanding performances.

    However, Rowan began to tire from Bina and announced that «Mr. Bean on vacation» will be his last appearance in this image. The film was released in 2007 and was first shown in Russia.

    In 2003, screens out Comedy «johnny English reborn», where the actor walked away from his role of Mr. bean played a British intelligence agent johnny English. The film was a humorous parody of the movie about James bond, the famous spy from the movie. The tape was a success, and the Rowan was awarded the «European Film Awards» as «Best actor». In 2011 he released the sequel to «Agent johnny inglish: Reloaded».

    In 2012, Atkinson appeared again in the image of a cult hero at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic games, where part of the Comedy sketch accompanied on the synthesizer in the song «Chariots of Fire» playing only on one key. After the game he gave an interview in which he declared the end of career of Mr bean. According to him, the role harder was given to him as physical, because the character has an incredibly rich facial expressions. He was also confused by the fact that a fifty year old man is on the screen too childish. However, this did not prevent Rowan again play Bina is in the popular candy bar, «Snickers» and to voice his character in the animated series, which was released in 2014.

    Rowan Atkinson: personal life

    Rowan often jokes that don’t like to give interviews, as journalists invariably ask him questions about his personal life, which, alas, is not as eventful as the life of his hero Mr bean.

    Atkinson for some time met with the actress Leslie ash, but divorced her. In the late eighties, he met a makeup artist Senaste Sastri that worked on TV channel «BBC». Their relationship developed quite rapidly, and in 1990 they were married. First, very modest, in the close family circle, and then held a Grand ceremony in London, which invited almost eighty people. In marriage the couple had two wonderful children: a girl, Lily, who went in his father’s footsteps and became an actress, and the boy Benjamin.

    In 2013, Rowan filed for divorce and soon began to appear in the company of the actress Louise Ford, whom he met a year earlier during his speech in the theatre «West End» in the play «Quartermaine»s Terms».

    Rowan Atkinson: filmography

    • Not the nine o’clock news
    • Black Viper
    • Mr. Bean
    • Four weddings and a funeral
    • Scooby-Doo
    • Agent Johnny English
    • Mr Bean on vacation
    • Johnny Inglish: Reloaded

    Rowan Atkinson: photo

    Rowan Atkinson

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