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  • Name: Rostislav Plyatt ( Rostislav Plyatt )
  • Date of birth: 13 Dec 1909
  • Age: 79 years
  • Date of death: 30 Jun 1989
  • Place of birth: Rostov-on-don, Russia
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Rostislav Plyatt: biography

    Rostislav Yanovich Plyatt was born on 13 Dec 1908 in Rostov-on-don. The family had been international. The father is a known lawyer Ivan Dresses, came from Poland, mother from Ukraine.

    Rostislav mother suffered from a serious disease of the lungs. Despite made the move to Kislovodsk, and she died when he was seven years old. After that, together with his father, Rostislav moved to Moscow.

    Rostislav Plyatt in youth and childhood
    Rostislav Plyatt in youth and childhood

    The boy became interested in Theater in the years of apprenticeship. In his school there was drama club, which was led by famous artist V. F. Lebedev. Often came to him to be the actors of the art theatre. Rostislav has played in student productions and did not miss a favorite theater productions.

    Once familiar, the artists themselves came to his house – they needed to consult on a legal issue. Father Rostislav helped them to find a way out of judicial red tape, but the boy received the opportunity to attend all the performances from the service entrance. On their recommendation, a budding teenager, was adopted on theater courses, led by Yuri Zavadsky.


    After completing the course in 1927, he made his debut in the Studio Theater of his head, where he played the first role. Interesting biographies was the fact that the acquisition stage name. Young Rostislav came up with it himself, adding to the names of the letter and changing the name, the patronymic of his father John in Polish counterpart, Jan.

    Rostislav Plyatt in the theater
    Rostislav Plyatt in the theater | Kinombo

    In 1936 Plyatt was forced to move together with the theatre in Rostov-on-don. The reason was pursued by the Soviet Union the personnel policy of decentralization, which has not spared and the company Zavadsky. But the future famous actor did not regret left the capital.

    In his memoirs that on the provincial stage and revealed a new facet of his talent. To the incredible comedic roles added the ability to play dramatic characters, honing multifaceted features of their vocation. The first significant success in this genre earned him the role of Background Injured in the production of «Days of our lives». After her criticism, talking about the deep psychology of the actor in revealing the character of the hero.

    Rostislav Plyatt on the stage
    Rostislav Plyatt Lyubov Orlova stage | ProfiLib

    Two years later, Plyatt returned to the capital and worked in Lenkom, and since 1941 in the Drama theatre.

    In 1943 his home becomes the Theater im. Moscow city Council, which he leaves almost until his death. For more than four decades of service actor has played more than fifty roles in popular productions. His stage partners are unique Faina Ranevskaya and Vera Maretskaya.

    Rostislav Plyatt, Faina Ranevskaya
    Rostislav Plyatt, Faina Ranevskaya | world Russia

    Plyatt was one of the few luminaries there is a galaxy of actors who could speak with him on equal terms. Their creative Union in one scene turned into a real acting performance. Most completely failed to uncover the endless possibilities of this great Duo of artistic Director Alexandrov in the film «Spring».

    Role in the movie

    Plyatt debut in cinema took place at the age of 30 years in the touching film «foundling». In it, he appears before the audience as a hero or a villain, but as a helpless bachelor lanky growth, quite timid before the strange girl.

    In this small role, kind of eccentric he was so organic that only a few scenes managed to create some vivid and memorable character, always loved by the audience. In the photo from the film he is shown as a sensitive intellectual, who has since left Plyatt never.

    Rostislav Plyatt in movie
    Rostislav Plyatt in movie «the foundling» | Movie-Theater

    The pinnacle of the art of the actor was the role of the pastor in the cult television series «17 moments of spring». Humble and gentle pastor in the performance of Plyatt was the first positive image of the cleric in the country of the Soviets.

    Recent work in film – the role of the violin makers Amati in the movie «Visit to the Minotaur». The depth of spiritual wisdom and generosity to give you character is superior to all other characters in the movie. It becomes not only a teacher to the skill of violin making, but a Master of human destiny.

    Rostislav Plyatt in movie
    Rostislav Plyatt in movie «17 moments of spring» | Movie-Theater

    The shooting of this film, the actor broke his hip. Their scenes were played Plyatt sitting, and from the cinema hall to the car Sergey Shakurov, who was his partner in the film, took him in a wheelchair. Because of the injury in the 80 years he was rarely playing in the theater. But the execution of the main roles in the last two performances enjoyed the same admiration of the public largely due to the brilliant performance of the wizard.

    Plyatt participated in a large number of radio shows and television performances, as well as in voicing cartoons. His voice was perceived as a mother all the children of the Soviet era. In addition to the cartoon characters he has heard from many children’s records, where a favorite actor is reading the stories and tales. He was also an unsurpassed master of dubbing – his voice say the heroes of the masterpieces of the world film classics.

    Rostislav Plyatt in movie
    Rostislav Plyatt in movie «four Hearts» | Movie-Theater

    In 1961, Rostislav Platte was awarded the title of people’s artist of the USSR.

    Fans of Rostislav Plyatt attract not only masterfully transferred to their essential characters. To a lesser extent, captures the deep enchantment, subtle irony and unfailing honesty of the actor.

    The image of the intellectual, established actor in the movie reflected the true essence of Plyatt as a person. Best of all it shows the case, told his friends Paul Chomsky, which he had witnessed by accident. When he was visiting Plyatt, came to him the employee of the Central Committee and asked to sign an appeal demanding the expulsion of Alexander Solzhenitsyn abroad.

    Rostislav Plyatt in movie
    Rostislav Plyatt in movie «visit to the Minotaur» | Movie-Theater

    Plyatt had no qualms, said that to obtain the relevant information it needs to see the forbidden writings of a disgraced author, and asked the security officer to bring him to read «the GULAG Archipelago».

    «If this book would be really defamatory, then I’ll sign it,» he said.

    The employee disappeared and never at home he did not appear.

    Personal life

    Family relationships evolved from Rostislav Plyatt difficult. His first wife was the actress Nina Butova, his partner in the theatre. After his wife’s death in 1978, the actor is married to Lyudmyla Martovoy, teacher GITIS. Children have had in both marriages was not.

    Nina Butova Lyudmila Maratova
    Wife Plyatt: Nina Butova Lyudmila Maratova

    Long time gentle friendship linked Plyatt with Vera Maretskaya, the wife of his teacher Zavadsky. One day he decided to make the actress the offer, but she refused him, citing his age.

    Rostislav Plyatt, Yuri Nikulin
    Rostislav Plyatt, Yuri Nikulin | FenixClub

    A close friend to Plyatt was Yuri Nikulin with which they were housemates on M. Bronnaya. With him, he starred in the film «soul mates» that tells the story of a hapless apartment thief, who talked «heart to heart» with a suddenly awakened master.

    Died Rostislav Plyatt in 1989 and is buried in the Novodevichy necropolis.


    Rostislav Plyatt has starred in 37 movies, which were mostly playing minor or cameo role. Among the most popular works should be noted:

    • 1939 — the foundling — the bachelor
    • 1947 the village teacher — the chair of the admissions Committee
    • 1949 — battle of Stalingrad — General Goth
    • 1956 — Murder on Dante street — green
    • 1962 — Business people — the owner of the mansion
    • 1965 — Go on the storm — Dankevich
    • 1968 — blunder — N. N. Kazin
    • 1971 — All the king’s men — judge Irwin
    • 1973 — 17 moments of spring — pastor Schlag
    • 1987 — visit to the Minotaur — Amati


    Rostislav Plyatt

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