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  • Name: Rostislav Khait ( Rostislav Hait )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    Rostislav Khait : biography

    Rostislav V. Chait, like many legendary comedians, was born in Odessa. He was born in September 1971 to a musical family, where his father (Valery Hait) was the captain of KVN team. In addition to Rostislav in the family grew up, his brother Eugene, who followed in the footsteps of his father and 8 years was the artistic Director of the popular «Gentleman-show».

    In the 1st class of school №119, which went Rostislav Khait, he met with Leonid Baraam. This friendship was in many respects decisive in his life. Together Rostislav and Leonid not only kicked the ball visited a theatrical circle, which operated at the school. Together the friends went on stage, playing in Amateur theatricals.

    About his dream to become an artist Rostislav Hait briefed the family, as a pupil of the 3rd class. Even then he knew that the acting profession is the only one he wants. So at the end of the school Chait was not thinking where he will go: the alternative theatre of the University was not. The only question was what the Institute and where will storm future artist. Rostislav decided to go further and went to conquer Moscow. And not itself, and together with a loyal friend Leonid Baraam. Together they first time entered the legendary GITIS, the course of Vladimir Korovin. Diploma Rostislav Khait was awarded in 1993, after the pop Department.

    «The Quartet And»

    The biography of Rostislav Hait began in his student years. In 1993, Rostislav together with Leonid Burozem, Alexander Demidov, Kamil Larin Sergei and Petrakovy created comic theater, calling her project «the Quartet And».

    On the stage of the Theatre saw the debut of the Quartet: the guys put his first play «It’s all clichés». The setting was very successful. The artistry and the humor was appreciated by students, and teachers. Guys, encouraged by the first success, continued to work together. Soon they put the new performances. First, they assessed the Muscovites, but then crowded rooms and the constant sell-out pushed «the Quartet And» to tour around the country. Then the artists gave the opportunity to enjoy their performances and spectators in CIS countries.

    Rostislav Khait, together with colleagues from humorous Quartet is known not only as an actor but also as a wonderful host of many events and concerts.

    The popularity of Rostislav Khait and his colleagues brought the performances, the scripts they wrote together. First of all, it’s «radio Day». Sparkling humor and brilliant charismatic young performers, the audience immediately appreciated. Chait and his colleagues continued to work towards that success. Soon there were performances of «La Commedia, or We will amuse you by all means which are appropriate». Then the scene was played «Acting games» and the sequel «La Comedy». A new project called «election Day», in which the focus was on politics, too, was successful.

    In 2007 began a cinematic biography of Rostislav Hait. The Quartet decided to move their creativity on the big screen. So the audience of the country saw the Comedy «radio Day», and a year – «election Day». Rostislav Chait and his colleagues woke up famous.

    To strengthen the stellar success of the students managed with the help of the film adaptation of his other performances. Projects «Faster than rabbits» and «Conversations of men of middle age on women, cinema and aluminium plugs» are hits national cinema, and the actors – the undisputed stars. These tapes have received the love of the audience for an easy and really subtle humor. They are filled with witty dialogue that you want to remember and quote many times. In all of these tapes Rostislav Khait appeared in the form of a character named Slavko. He is a radio presenter and creatives in the election.

    Many of the projects in which he participated Rostislav Khait, is a sharp satire on contemporary politics. In the «Day of election» and its sequel, especially a lot of attacks against the current politicians. But the Comedy «Faster than rabbits» is a story about three friends, the revelers, who have so rapidly spent the day, what morning it took a lot of effort to recall the events of the day before.

    One of the recent comic projects, which appeared Rostislav Khait, is a Comedy «election Day 2» and «Wonderland». Premiere of the last film took place on 1 January 2016. The authors of the script, as in previous times, were Rostislav Khait, Leonid Baratz and Sergey Petrakov.

    Personal life

    Charming Odessa is still not married. A lot of girls were trying to take the place of the official second half, but they failed. Personal life of Rostislav Hait – it’s many novels. One of the last – with Olga Ryzhkova. In the press even talking about the possible marriage of Rostislav with this blonde beauty.

    In his spare time, Rostislav Khait loves to play football. From a young age he is listed among football fans. In his youth rooting for the Odessa «Chernomorets» and Kiev «Dynamo». Later – for «the locomotive». Now Chait – one of the fans of «Zenit».

    And Rostislav Hait loves to travel. Often he does it together with a childhood friend and colleague Leonid Baraam.


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    Rostislav Khait

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