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  • Name: Rose Sabitova ( Roza Syabitova )
  • Date of birth: 10 February 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV Presenter, owner of Dating Agency
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Rose Sabitova: biography

    Rose Sabitova Raifovna known planner of destinies, a professional matchmaker and TV host of popular talk show «Dating let’s get married!», born into a large Muslim family. Childhood girl was difficult and full of hardships. According to an interview Sabitova edition of 7 days, her parents were alcoholics, often quarreled and even fought with the kids. According to Muslim tradition rose, as the girl was considered a child of the second grade and could not claim any new toys, no nice clothes. However, despite the unfair treatment, the girl is not angry and not myself. Today rose Raifovna thanks his high school teacher who helped his ward to determine the correct direction in their lives. The girl got interested in figure skating and achieved in it considerable successes, having received the title of master of sports. For as little as possible to visit the house rose for the summer went as a counselor in children’s camps.

    After high school, Sabitova their own has arrived on a speciality the engineer-programmer in Institute of electronic engineering. Then the girl decided to try his hand at cinematography, but Director Sergei Bondarchuk, who in that year was enrolled a course, considers it very practical for the acting profession. However, some time Sabitova studied at the actors Studio.

    Rose Sabitova: career

    To do business Sabitova forced circumstances. Her first husband Michael suffered a stroke and could no longer support his family: wife, two children and their parents. Rose was the founder of the charity organization «Krylatskoe», which was engaged in distribution of humanitarian assistance to countries of the West. In parallel Sabitova opened his own jewelry store. But in the «dashing nineties» to keep such a business was nearly impossible to select a store, racketeers stole Rose child, the eldest son Denis. On the same day the woman had signed all the necessary papers.

    This string of misfortunes in the biography Sabitova has just begun. From a heart attack suddenly her husband died, and her father made sure to write the daughter out of the apartment. Rose with children moved into the tiny «odnushku» in Chertanovo. To feed children, rose took any job: worked as a cleaner, nanny. Soon, the woman realized that more can not continue and we must look for a new husband. And immediately discovered that the market of marriage and Dating in Russia, completely empty. Then Sabitova decided to occupy this niche, organized in 1995 its own Agency «the rose club». It all began with the organization of socials, and subsequently the business has reached a new level.

    Rose Sabitova: «let’s get married!»

    On TV Sabitova got no chance. To increase the target audience of «rose club», as well as to achieve personal success, the woman systematically called TV and radio stations, offering their services as expert-specialist in issues of family and marriage. Persistence and perseverance eventually bore fruit: in 2007 Sabitova suggested to become a presenter of the TV show «Looking for love» Strim-TV.

    In the same year, rose Sabitova got on the First channel. At first, the marriage expert participated in the morning TV show «Good morning» and then began to act as a professional matchmaker on the popular TV show channel one «let’s get married!», where, together with her co-were leading Larisa Guzeeva and Vasilisa Volodina. This transfer brought Sabitova national popularity, and its Agency — hundreds of new clients.

    In 2009, together with her second husband Yuri Andreyev TV presenter founded the public organization «Center of revival of family traditions». In addition, Sabitova included in the Association of personal growth and self-development.

    In 2010, rose Sabitova became the host of another TV project of the First channel — family program meet the parents». Unfortunately, at the end of the year the channel took the decision to close the program.

    Success on the show «let’s get married» prompted the presenter to write a few books about love and relationships. In addition, Sabitova made of several authored programs, «HIT FM she led the program «advice from a Rose Syabitova», and «FRUITCAKE FM» have been broadcast «rose Sabitova to the rescue».

    Rose Sabitova: personal life

    «The first matchmaker of Russia» was married twice. Her first husband

  • Michael worked as an engineer of medical equipment. From this marriage there Sabitova born two children: son Dennis and daughter Ksenia. In 1993, Michael died of a heart attack. Fifteen years later, in 2008, on the show «let’s get married» came
  • Yuri Andreev, divorced fitness instructor. Instead of having to fight for the hand of the guests of the program, Yuri began to care for the matchmaker. It was a whirlwind romance, the couple got married, and long arranged personal life Roses Sabitova was the main theme of glossy magazines. But, unfortunately, the chosen one presenter was a pathological jealous. In a fit of jealousy Yuri Andreev beat his wife, and after the second case of manhandling Sabitova appeared on the show of Andrey Malakhov «Let them talk» as a victim of domestic violence. The couple broke up. Professional matchmaker Sabitova has always been concerned about the fate of their children. So, her daughter Ksenia appeared in «let’s get married» in the role of bridesmaid in August 2011, and Denis, as a groom — in February 2015.

    Rose Sabitova: books

    • How to find love. Tips first matchmakers Russia
    • Techs brasoveanu. Traps, tricks, role, cunning and wise women
    • All the tricks, techniques and pitfalls of a real woman
    • Why I love some, while others get married? Secrets of a successful marriage
    • The family is the agreement
    • How to fall in love with anyone

    Rose Sabitova: photo

    Rose Sabitova

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