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  • Name: Rose Byrne ( Mary Rose Byrne )
  • Date of birth: 24 July 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Sydney
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Rose Byrne: biography

    Rose Byrne born 24 July 1979 in the town, located 6 kilometres from Sydney. Her parents came from Ireland and Scotland. The mother of the future actress worked as a school administrator, father was engaged in market analysis.

    The family was large, rose has two sisters and a brother. She is the youngest. Since childhood she was interested in the creative work: she has participated in performances of youth theatre and in adolescence knew it would be an actress.

    After school, rose Byrne entered the College of the arts, where studied music, dance and design. She then studied creative writing at the University of Sydney. When rose was 20 years old, she began studying acting at the Atlantic theater.


    His first role was performed by Byrne in 1994. It was a role in the film «Dallas Doll». Debuted a 13-year-old actress successfully, so the sentence has not kept itself waiting.

    In 1995, she starred in the film «Fingers fan», in which she played the girl who captured its beauty the protagonist. Four years later, rose Byrne was invited into the picture «Date,» then the movie «back to College». In 2000, talented actress played in the drama «Goddess of 1967» – for this role she won a prize at the Venice film festival.

    Two years later, rose began to invite Directors of Hollywood. Her debut in the world cinema was the role of servant in «Star wars 2». The hostess played by Natalie Portman. Rarely anyone of foreign actors so lucky like rose Byrne in the same year, she received another role in Hollywood, this time in the movie «City of ghosts».

    A turning point in her creative biography began in 2004. Rose Byrne appeared on the screen in the image of the priestess Briseida in the film «Troy». After the premiere of Australian actress known the world over, and the film was nominated for «Oscar». Next were shooting in the TV series «Casanova», the drama «Obsession», the film «the Residents». Television critics praised the game Byrne.

    With each film, the Australian actress showed filmmakers and audiences new facets of his talent. It is equally played positive and negative characters showed depth of character, psychological dramas and thrillers. In her portfolio of over 50 diverse roles. In 2011, rose Byrne tried his hand as a comedienne – well. In the Comedy «bridesmaids», she had to amuse the audience and foul language. She made it believable.

    Among the most notable roles Actresses – the film «Astral», which premiered at the forum in Toronto in 2010. Three years later came its sequel, involving rose Byrne. She also starred in «X-Men: First class», «place in the sun», «10 instants of destiny», «Neighbors», «Spy», «Escape from Las Vegas», «Battle» and other projects.

    In the TV series «Combat», the actress starred from 2007 to 2012. The shooting took place in new York, and rose moved here, not to be torn between cities. The last work of the actress – «X-Men: Apocalypse» in which she again played Mactaggert.

    Rose Byrne has twice received a Golden globe for best performance by starring in her piggy Bank — a few prestigious awards for the best roles.

    Personal life

    Rose Byrne married to actor Bobby cannavale. She met him in 2012, began a romantic relationship. Bobby has publicly stated this at the ceremony «Emmy». In love with the actor thanked rose, calling her the love of his life. February 1, 2016, the actress gave birth to a son. Their first son was named Rocco Robin.

    Before meeting Bobby, the actress met with Director Gregor Jordan. Their romance began on the set of the film «Fingers fan», but quickly ended. Then was in a relationship with Australian actor and Director Brendan Cowell. They lasted a long six years, but could not stand the test of distance and busy schedule. In early 2010, the couple broke up.

    Now Byrne is trying to spend more time with his family, they live in two countries – England and America. So far, everything going smoothly.


    • «Marie Antoinette»
    • «X-Men: Apocalypse»
    • «Astral»
    • Hell
    • «Obsession»
    • Troy
    • «Neighbours. On the warpath»
    • «Spy»
    • «Bachelorette party in Vegas»
    • «City of ghosts»


    Rose Byrne

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