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  • Name: Rosamund Pike ( Rosamund Pike )
  • Date of birth: 27 January 1979
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Rosamund pike: biography

    Rosamund pike was born in the capital of England London. Her parents are Julian and Caroline pike was well-known Opera singers. The girl’s father was also a Professor and Chairman of the Opera Department at the Birmingham Conservatoire.

    While Rosamund turned 7 years old, she and her parents traveled throughout Europe. Then he went to boarding school for girls in Bristol, where he studied not only General subjects but also studied music and cello playing. She then was educated in the College Wadham at the University of Oxford, specializing in English literature. At the same time began to take part in productions of the National youth theatre. Rosamund pike played in such performances as «Romeo and Juliet», «taming of the shrew», «the Libertine» and «All my sons», and together with the troupe toured different countries in Europe and Asia.

    After that was the University of Oxford and part in the plays «Rhinoceros» and «Top light» a famous theater Director James Rogan. Bachelor’s degree in 2001, Rosamund pike decided to focus on the actress’s career.


    In 1998, while still a College student, Rosamund made her debut in the TV film «Wedding in English», where he played a cameo role Selii. A year later, she for 9 months was shot in 4-a serial television film «Wives and daughters», the film adaptation of the famous classic novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. The film was warmly received by the audience, and she Rosamund has received quite high assessment of film critics. After graduating from University, the young actress continued to appear in the series. On the screens out such serial films as «Love in a cold climate and Foyle’s War», which in small roles as part of the pike.

    The first appearance on the big screen took place in 2002 in one episode of the James bond movie called «Die another day». After 2 years the first time Rosamund starred in the title role in a joint French-Israeli drama «promised Land». Then there was the drama, «the Libertine», fantasy Thriller «Doom», adapted from the classic Jane Austen novel «Pride and prejudice», Thriller, «Fracture» and the drama «Fragments». In all of these pictures Rosamund pike played a minor role. Her game was pretty good specialists, she liked the audience, but in the following pictures has not received the main roles, although the films were mainly cash. It was oskaronosnaya drama «an Education», a fantastic Thriller «the Surrogates», a historical Comedy «Made in Dagenham», the tragicomedy «By Barney,» a parody of the Comedy «johnny inglish: Reloaded» and Comedy «the Big year».

    Only in 2010, Rosamund pike again got the lead female role in the adventure film «wrath of the titans», which is based on Greek mythology. Here, the actress performed the role of the daughter of the Ethiopian king Andromeda. 2 years later the screens went Thriller «Jack Reacher,» in which Rosamund plays in a duet with Tom cruise.

    Recent notable work Rosamund pike was the main female role of Amy Elliott-Dunne, the wife of main character nick, in the detective Thriller «the Disappeared». The film was released in 2014 and was named by critics as «perfect adaptation».

    Personal life

    Since 1997, Rosamund pike met with actor Simon woods. Their relationship lasted for 6 years. Then about a year and she had an affair with the artist John Henry.

    In the film «Pride and prejudice» actress met with Director Joe Wright. They met in 2004, and in 2007 even got engaged, but soon after broke off their relationship.

    At the end of 2009 Rosamond entered into a civil marriage with cameraman Robie Unicom. The couple is not planning to officially register their relationship. However, they have two sons with unusual names. In 2012, Solo was born, and after 2 and a half years his younger brother Atom.

    Rosamund pike is fluent in not only native English but also German and French.


    • 1999 — Wife and daughter
    • 2002 — Die another day
    • 2004 — promised Land
    • 2005 — Pride and prejudice
    • 2009 — an Education
    • 2011 — Johnny Inglish: Reloaded
    • 2012 — wrath of the titans
    • 2012 — Jack Reacher
    • 2014 — the Journey of Hector in search of happiness
    • 2014 — Disappeared


    Rosamund Pike

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