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  • Name: Ronald Reagan ( Ronald Reagan )
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1911
  • Age: 93 years
  • Date of death: 5 June 2004
  • Place of birth: Tampico, Illinois, USA
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: the politician, the 40th President of the United States, actor, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Ronald Reagan: biography

    Ronald Reagan – 40th U.S. President from the Republican party (1981-1989), radically redefined the goals of the U.S. government, put an end to the cold war with the Soviet Union. Until the election of the President of the former Hollywood actor and President of actors Guild of America was Governor of California. Biography of Reagan is filled with significant events and achievements.

    Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan | Wpapers

    Parents of the future President John Edward «Jack» Reagan and Nellie Wilson Reagan was ethnic descendants of English, Irish and Scottish immigrants. Lived a wealthy life and often changed their place of residence. When the family expected completion, they lived in the town of Tampico, Illinois (USA). The toddler was later called Ronald, appeared on 6 Feb 1911. This was the second child in the family, the first was older brother Neil Reagan.

    Ronald Reagan with his family
    Ronald Reagan with his parents and brother | Barnorama

    In many ways father Ronald had his own Shoe store. In 1920 the family moved to Dixon (Il) and permanently settles there. Boy studying in High school and finished it in 1928. In parallel, involved in sports, playing in school plays and on vacation works as a security guard. Wins an athletic scholarship and going to College Eureka.

    Hollywood career

    Since 1932, Reagan in Iowa as a sports commentator on radio. In 1937, confident, tall, good looking young man goes to Hollywood. The dream factory does not leave him without a job. The Studio «Warner Brothers» concludes with the Reagan contract for seven years.

    In subsequent years, he removed a lot, his filmography includes over 50 films. Interestingly, Reagan had a double, an actor, which is very hard to distinguish from the original.

    Ronald Reagan in his youth
    Ronald Reagan in his youth | Edmchugh

    Great success is achieved as a trade unionist. Being an active participant, established in 1937, the Guild of film actors of America, is part of her reign, and later, in 1947, becoming President of the organization and headed it until 1952.

    After military correspondence courses are the army reserve. Gets the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to a cavalry regiment. From military service abroad in the cause of poor vision it is fired, so in time of war is filming educational films for the army.

    Ronald Reagan in movie
    Ronald Reagan in Hollywood | IMDb

    Film career is on the decline, and in 1954 he was invited to the role of presenter in the weekly drama series «Theatre «General Electrics». At the same time, changed his political views from liberal they become conservative.

    Beginning of political career

    Reagan was in the Democratic party and was a supporter of the economic program of President Franklin Roosevelt. After the change of political views remained in the democratic party, and supported the election campaigns of the Republicans Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon.

    Ronald Reagan in his youth
    Ronald Reagan in his youth | Kinopoisk

    Being at a position in General electric, spoke to the employees. The speech, which he wrote alone, has been politicized and frequently does not correspond to the official rate of the company, so in 1962, with General electric, he was dismissed. In 1964, involved in the presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater. His famous speech «Time to choose» helped raise for Goldwater $ 1 million.

    The Governor Of California

    The political views of Reagan, his charisma and it’s «Time to choose» made a huge impression on the California Republicans. In 1966 put forward his candidacy for Governor of California. The main theme of the campaign was the return of slackers who use the social programs to work, but also cleansing of the turmoil at Berkeley, where he was student anti-war protests, formed the ultra-radical and the other direction of the opposition group.

    Ronald Reagan
    Icon «Reagan for Governor» | MWAA

    On the advice of a friend-astrologer oath he has taken 9 minutes after midnight on 3 January 1967. Shortly after taking office, takes part in the presidential race in 1968, took third place after Rockefeller and Nixon, who became the winner.

    Governor Reagan is associated with the dispersal of the protest movements in the people’s Park in Berkeley, known as «Bloody Thursday», when to crack down on protesters was sent to the police, and then 2,200 national guardsmen.

    Ronald Reagan
    Governor Ronald Reagan | Rusinform

    Attempt to recall Ronald Reagan in 1968 failed, and he was elected for a second term. During the governorship of finally formed his political views, which he holds in office. Advocated reduction of state control over the economy and have struggled with unreasonably high taxes from the Federal government.

    Presidency and assassination

    In 1976, the election to U.S. presidents Reagan challenges Gerald Ford loses again, but did not give up and to stand as a candidate in 1980. His rival was President Jimmy Carter. Reagan wins 44 States and becoming the adult President of the United States.

    Ronald Reagan
    President Ronald Reagan | Answers

    During his reign there have been significant changes in the economy, internal and foreign policy of the country was raised the morale of Americans, who have learned to rely on their own strength, and not for the government. The President always kept a diary, published in the book «the Reagan Diaries» which became a bestseller.

    Inaugural address January 20, 1981, written by himself, was devoted to the economic difficulties in the country. During its utterance in Iran were released 52 American hostages. Two months later, Ronald Reagan, and when he left the hotel in Washington was assassinated.

    Swing on Ronald Reagan
    The attempt on Ronald Reagan | LiveJournal

    One of the bullets hit the lungs, and other wounded accompanying his men. Reagan was operated on, he quickly went to the amendment, three wounded also survived. Was shot by John Hinckley was declared to be mentally ill and sent to hospital. Previously, he was stalking President Jimmy Carter, hoping thereby to attract the attention of actress jodie foster, who was in love.

    Domestic policy

    The internal policy is based on the reduction of social programs and promote business. The economy is stimulated by lower taxes. Promoted the idea of increasing spending on the military complex and the ending of state intervention in the regulation of private business. In 1983, the US economy begins recovery.

    • In 8 years, inflation declined from 12.5 % (in 1980) to 4.5 % (in 1988).
    • From 7.5% to 5.3 % decline in the unemployment rate. The maximum rate in 1982 was 9.7% and 9.6% in 1983.
    • Reagan’s economic policy was based on the principles of «supply-side Economics». Stimulated by tax cuts.
    • The policy of «peace through strengthening» in 1981-1985 led to a record increase (40 %) on defense.
    • Interest rates are Federal income tax. The top tax rate fell from 70% to 28%.
    Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan | Turkishny
    • Increased growth of gross domestic product, annual growth during the eight years of the presidential term made up 3.85%.
    • The high level of unemployment reached in 1982 of 10.8%, further decreased continuously.
    • Was created jobs for 18 million people.
    • Government revenues declined by 1%.
    • To 8.2 % increase in Federal revenues and expenditures to 7.1%.
    • Adopted the law on reform of tax and a revised tax code.
    Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan | the Secrets of civilization
    • Cut the budgets of non-military programs, including Federal education programs, the program of preferential purchase of products, Medicaid and the EPA.
    • The energy crisis of the early 1970s caused by uncontrolled oil prices in the country.
    • In 1988, abolished the tax on extraordinary profits, resulting in increased dependence on foreign oil.
    • Strict policy against drugs.

    Foreign policy

    Critics believed the foreign policy of Reagan imperialistic, aggressive campaign aimed at «igniting war». Support her conservative forces argued that it was aimed at protecting U.S. national security.

    • By order of Ronald Reagan on October 25, 1983 us troops invaded Grenada. The operation was codenamed «Flash of rage». Four years before the invasion of Grenada was a coup, in which power passed to the independent Marxist-Leninist government. Prior to the invasion brought a formal appeal of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) in the United States.
    • The reason for the intervention, Reagan calls the threat from the Soviet-Cuban military build on the Caribbean sea, as well as ensure the safety of American students at the University of St. George. It was the first after the Vietnam war a large military operation of American forces. The fighting, which killed 19 and wounded 116 military soldiers, lasted a few days. After the appointment of the new government the Americans from Grenada went.
    Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan | Rusinform
    • Reagan escalated the cold war, was predetermined by a massive construction of the us armed forces. A new course in relations with the Soviet Union, production of the MX missile «Peacekeeper», the revival of the program of the B-1 bomber.
    • In 1983 initiated the creation of the National endowment for democracy, the Reagan doctrine supporting anti-Communist resistance movement to overthrow Soviet supported governments in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
    • The deployment of the division of special operations in Afghanistan.
    • The incident in the Gulf of Sidra in 1981, and tensions relations with Libya throughout the term of the Board. The growth of tension in connection with an explosion at a disco in Berlin, which resulted in the deaths and wounding of 63 soldiers from the United States. The President declared that «conclusive evidence» that the order to attack was given to the Libyan leadership. Then against Libya forces were involved. April 15, 1986, late in the evening ground targets were attacked by aircraft carriers.
    Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev
    The signing of the historic document | NewsWeek
    • Scandal «Iran-Contra» complex supply chain of weapons to Iran to enemies of the United States. Money from transactions intended anti-Communist rebels in Central America.
    • Building relationships with reformer Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow. In 1987, the presidents of the United States and the Soviet Union signed an important document — a historic agreement on the elimination of nuclear weapons and medium-range missiles.


    • For democracy is worth dying for, because it is the most decent political systems ever produced by humanity.
    • People who have freedom of choice, always choose the world.
    • Information is the oxygen of the modern age.
    Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan | I’m bored
    • The government exists to protect us from each other. The border, the government goes then when it starts to protect us from ourselves.
    • They say that politics is the second oldest profession. I had to learn that it is strikingly similar to the first.
    • Violence, in the end, only takes a person prisoner. Freedom captivates him.

    Personal life

    In 1938, the shooting of Ronald catches up with the actress Jane Wyman (1917-2007) and offers her his hand and heart. The wedding took place in Glendale on January 26, 1940. In marriage were born two children: Maureen (1941) and Christina (1947). Christina died at a very young age. In 1948, the couple adopted Michael (1945), but in the same year they broke up. The initiator of the divorce was Wyman.

    Ronald Reagan with wife
    Ronald and Nancy Reagan | Lapatilla

    His second wife was the actress Nancy Davis, who appealed to the President of the screen actors Guild to take it away from the Hollywood «black list», which she got by mistake. It was love at first sight and their meeting was the beginning of a long and happy marriage, in which 22 Oct 1952 daughter, Patricia (Pati), a may 20, 1958, the son Ron.

    The Ronald and Nancy had a close relationship, which never developed into everyday life. Their feelings over the years and with the experienced hardships only strengthened and were as tender as in youth. In 1989, Reagan and his wife left the White house and returned to Los Angeles.


    In November 1994, the ex-President of the United States is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

    The Funeral Of Ronald Reagan
    Nancy Reagan at the funeral of a man | Explorer

    Having lived another 10 years, June 5 2004 he died at the age of 93 in his home. The cause of death was pneumonia on the background of Alzheimer’s disease and his advanced age. Buried the former President in California at the presidential library.

    Interesting facts

    • the first divorced President of the United States;
    • the only President, the former Chairman of the trade Union;
    • the oldest President;
    • while working as a lifeguard, saved 77 people;
    • «Star glory» (No. 6374) on Hollywood Boulevard received in the category «Television»;
    • was a movie buff and had a brilliant sense of humor.


    Ronald Reagan

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