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  • Name: Romy Schneider ( Rosemarie Magdalena Albach )
  • Date of birth: 23 September 1938
  • Age: 43 years
  • Date of death: 29 may 1982
  • Place of birth: Vienna
  • Height: 162
  • Activity: the German-French actress, star of Austrian, German and French cinema
  • Marital status: divorced

    Romy Schneider: biography

    Rosemarie Magdalena Albach, known to viewers and fans as Romy Schneider, was born in late September 1938 in Vienna. It seems she was destined to become an actress. Mother Magda Schneider is the star of German cinema. The father, the Austrian wolf Albach-Rhetty also an actor, and hereditary. His family was closely connected with the cinema.

    Wolf Albach-Rhetty and Magda Schneider
    Parents Of Romy Schneider

    Taking care of children went to grandparents. Parents were always gone on set. And when Roman was 4 years old, mom and dad broke up. Her with brother wolf-Dieter was sent to live with grandparents in the Bavarian village.

    My mother soon married a restaurateur from Cologne Hans Herbert Blatzheim, and the father married a colleague Work Marlene. Child care moved from the second to the third plan.

    In the autumn of 1944 Rosemarie Magdalena Albach went to primary school. And after 5 years of her education and training took the nuns of the order of St. Augustine: Romy continued her studies in a boarding school for girls in a convent near Salzburg. Later in an interview admitted one of the nuns, mother rarely visited her daughter. And father and grandmother failed to see even once.

    Romy Schneider
    Rosemarie Magdalena Albach |

    The girl grew up artistic. It is the spirit can not stand an exact science, but it drew well, loved history and local history. And sang wonderfully. At boarding school, located in castle Goldenstein, Romy Schneider lived to 14 years. The nuns complained to his mother, who occasionally visited the daughter at her antics, peevish and absenteeism.

    After graduating from the convent boarding school girl is going to come at the Cologne art school. But those plans were destroyed by the hand of fate.


    A cinematic biography of Romy Schneider began when the young beauty turned 14. Her mother suggested that the main role in the melodrama «When it blooms white lilac». Magda asked the Director to try on the role of the daughter of the heroine, Romy. He agreed. When the girl heard the news, she was in seventh heaven fell. After all, the desire to go on stage Mature it for a long time. Sample young rosemary was brilliant, and in November 1953 the first film with her participation was released.

    Romy Schneider
    In the first movie |

    Next year Romy Schneider starred in another painting – «Fireworks». She played the young heroine named Anna, Oberholzer who left home to work in the circus tent. In the credits of this film the actress first appeared as Romy Schneider.

    In this tape, the actress said the Director Ernst Marishka. He was so impressed with her talent that approved for the main role in his film «a Young Queen». To do this he had to deny previously approved in the actress the role of Sonia, Ziman.

    Romy Schneider in the film
    With his mother in the film «Young Queen» |

    The film received huge success, and Romy Schneider became famous. Since then, her mother appeared in the reflected glory of his minor daughter.

    In 1955 a young actress for the third time met on the set with her mother. In the film «March of the Emperor» gathered the whole family: a key actor went to the father Roma. And again success. In just 2-3 years the girl became a star of German cinema.

    World fame came to Romy Schneider when she was 16. She starred in the historical film «Sissi» about the youth of the Empress Elizabeth. The film was such a resounding success that immediately was shot back 2 continue. For 2 years the trilogy has seen 6 million people.

    Romy Schneider in the film
    In the film «Sissi» |

    Manager Schneider became her stepfather Herbert Hans Blatzheim. He undertook to lead her and control role, which offered the actress. But he wasn’t interested in the creative needs of Roma. When she refused to star in the 4th film about sissy, for fear of becoming an actress one role, in the relationship with the stepfather emerged crack. He insisted on shooting, but his stepdaughter did.

    In 1958, the year she starred in the film, which played in his life a decisive role. The movie «Christine» has not only brought her a huge fee of half a million brands, but also introduced Romy Schneider and Alain Delon, at that time a little-known French actor. Broke novel made the German star to leave his homeland and go to a favorite in Paris. France met the German-Austrian beauty care.

    Alain Delon and Romy Schneider in the film
    In the movie «Christine» |

    A breakthrough for the actress was only after meeting with Luchino Visconti. The famous Director invited the Roma to play in the play «it’s a Pity that she’s a slag» with her husband.

    Familiarity with Visconti was the cause a new turn in the creative biography of Romy Schneider. The Director introduced the «Austrian bun» as he called it, with the Coco Chanel. And instilled in the girl graceful manners and learned to understand fashion. Diet, gymnastics and the pool is firmly established in the life of the actress. The life of Romy Schneider has changed. Later she admitted that it was replaced by a three – man Delon, Visconti and Chanel.

    Romy Schneider and Coco Chanel
    Coco Chanel |

    The play with the actress, was held in March 1961 called for Ingrid Bergman, Shirley MacLaine and Jean Cocteau. Since then, offers from French Directors have rained down on her like a horn of plenty. In the same 1961 actress starred in the new film Visconti «Boccaccio 70» and the film adaptation of the Kafka novel «the trial». In this film the actress played Leni and believed that the best role in his career. For this work, Schneider was awarded the prestigious French award «crystal star».

    Successful were the films «Winners» and «Cardinal» released in 1963. For her role in the last picture the star was nominated for a Golden globe.

    Romy Schneider
    With Luchino Visconti |

    But the private life of Romy Schneider failed. After severe depression, the actress returned to filming after a year. In 1965 she starred in the Comedy «What’s new, Pussycat?» written by woody Allen. In the same year, the artist returned home.

    In the late 1960s and 70s, the actress has starred. She brilliantly played in the film «Ludwig» and

    «Cesar and Rosalie» in tandem with Yves Montand. The star was at a career peak and was able to choose which Directors to conclude a contract. She starred in such greats as Richard Burton, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski and Jane Birkin. German cinema has appropriated it the status of a «Grand lady.»

    With her ex-husband Alain Delon Romy Schneider was found on the set of the films «the Pool» and «the Assassination of Trotsky». The press watched every gesture of the ex-wife.

    Alain Delon and Romy Schneider
    They met again |

    I think she felt that it was the last decade of his artistic career and life. Therefore, work wear, appearing in several films a year. For example, for 10 months of the 1973-74 years, she appeared in 5 films. The most notable projects of the 1970s – «Attraction», «Love in the rain», «Mad sheep», «Old rifle», «Mado» and «love». In the last movie, the actress received her first «Cesar». The second she got over the melodrama «the straight story».

    Romy Schneider in the movie
    In the latter film, «the Passerby of sans-Souci» |

    In the last 2 years of his life, in the early 1980s, the star starred in the films «Banker», «Ghost of love» and «the Passerby of sans-Souci».

    Personal life

    The main man in the life of Romy Schneider Alain Delon. Their painful love is like a rollercoaster, lasted only a few years, but the glare of this fatal passion lay for life. On tour in America, the actress learned about the novel Delon and Natalie Barthelemy. The woman hoped that this is another «duck» from journalists. But when he returned to Paris, he found an empty apartment. Alain Delon married Barthelemy.

    Romy Schneider and Alain Delon
    Alen, had my heart broken |

    From unbearable suffering, the actress tried to commit suicide. Then I got wrapped up in work and returned to Germany. She soon married Director Harry Mayen. They had a son David. Roma seemed that she rose from the ashes and regained happiness.

    Romy Schneider with family
    With her husband and son |

    But in the late 1960s Alain Delon reappeared in her life. His call came in a patrimonial Jack Schneider, like thunder. Allen divorced his wife and got involved in some kind of trouble. And he asked Roma to become his partner in the film «swimming Pool». The yellow press wanted a sensation, although both actors claimed that their love remained in the past.

    Romy Schneider and Alain Delon
    In the film «swimming Pool» |

    In fact, everything was a bit different. The star was torn between her husband and Delon. Private life of Romy Schneider turned into chaos. After appearing in the Newspapers a photo of Romy and Alain, passionately kiss in the airport, Mayen broke and divorced. After 2 years he was found hanged in his Hamburg apartment on the Ascot success. Schneider accused in the death of yourself.

    But happiness seems to be again smiled at the woman. She was in love again. Her lover was Daniel Biasini, personal Secretary. They got married.

    Romy Schneider and Daniel Biasini
    Daniel Biasini |

    In 1977, the couple had a daughter Sarah. But her appearance did not save the marriage. After 3 years the couple parted. In 1980 they filed the divorce papers. And in 1981, was a tragedy that killed the actress. Her 14-year-old son David, trying to climb the fence of steel rods, were killed. It was the last blow of fate, to bear what woman’s heart could not.

    She tried to escape from the grief, acting in a movie. Appeared next to her loving husband, French producer Laurent Petain. But to recover, he was unable. At home, she drowned sorrows in alcohol and antidepressants.


    In late may, Romy Schneider and Laurent pétain came to Paris. They discussed weekend plans and the purchase of a new home. The evening of 28 may, the actress went to bed, explaining that he wants to listen to music. And on the morning of may 29, 1982 Peten found his beloved dead. She sat leaning on the table.

    Close to the Roma Manager and personal photographer has ruled out suicide. They said that the actress was working on a new film project, which was supposed to star with Alain Delon.

    In tribute to the star of the autopsy did not. The cause of death was supposed heart failure.

    Grave Of Romy Schneider
    Grave of Romy Schneider and David |

    The funeral was engaged Delon. Romy Schneider was buried in the cemetery of Boissy-Saint-Avor. At the insistence of Elena, the remains of the son of David was reburied in the grave of her mother.


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    • «Cesar and Rosalie»
    • «The main thing is to love»
    • «A simple story»
    • «The passerby of sans-Souci»


    Romy Schneider

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