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  • Name: Victoria Romanet ( Viktoriya Romanets )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1990
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Donetsk, Ukraine
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: model, designer, contestant on «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Romanet Victoria: biography

    Participant of the scandalous reality show «Dom-2» Victoria romanet was born in Donetsk in a fairly wealthy family. Her father is a businessman, the owner of a chain of hotels on the black sea coast. After graduation, the girl arrived in Kyiv national University of culture and arts, where he studied the techniques of modeling women’s clothing and received a diploma in design-fashion designer.

    Victoria Romanet
    Photo Victoria | VK

    However, reluctant to work in Victoria was not, so then she began to create a collection of outfits and become a fashion designer, and started acting in photo shoots as a model. Also, she became a permanent participant of various reality shows and television projects. It can be seen in the third season of the Ukrainian version of the project «the Bachelor» and shows like «Bye», «Goddess of shopping», «mistress into maid», «100 thousand for the truth.»

    Before plastics Victoria romanet was visited on the First channel in the «guests» Larisa Guzeeva, host of the TV show «let’s get married!». And then in the biography of Victoria romanet appeared controversial reality shows in recent years – «the House-2», where she stayed for more than six years. After leaving the perimeter of the girl promotes its own model of clothing, is removed in photo shoots.

    Photo Victoria romanet often grace the pages of various social networks. In addition, she worked as a singer and actress, recorded the song «Phobia» and together with the participants of the show «Dancing on TNT» Snezhana Hook and Glory Petrenko appeared in the clip, the rap group «ME2X» for the song «I’ll wait for you.»

    The Project «Dom-2» Victoria Romanet

    The next show, which turned out to Victoria, became a Grand telestroke «Dom-2» on channel TNT. From the first day romanet has demonstrated that she’s ambitious and emotional, which is not accustomed to half measures in feelings. First, she showed sympathy for Bogdan Lenchuk. But as the young man was then paired with Marina Afrikantov, Wiki, despite the self-confidence, nothing happened.

    Victoria Romanet
    Victoria had been on the show «Dom-2» 19 months | Unofficial forum «living in the House-2»

    However, the new girl of the project were not long alone, and soon began a romantic relationship with the survivor show Andrei Cherkasov. In November 2014, the couple moved to a new film set in the Seychelles Islands. Moreover, fans and neighbors at Home became hard to talk about the wedding of Victoria romanet and Andrei Cherkasov.

    Romanet Victoria and Andrey Cherkasov
    On the project she was in a long-term relationship with Andrey Cherkasov | Unofficial forum «living in the House-2»

    But the frequent quarrels and misunderstandings at the end of the year, young people parted. In may 2016 Vic, and failed to find a loved one and build a love of the show left TV project after a year and seven months telefonnoi life.

    Personal life

    Many viewers of the show «Dom-2» very interesting, Dating Victoria romanet beyond the ubiquitous television cameras. It should be noted that before the unexpected popularity of the girl almost six years, met with the Ukrainian footballer Oleg Mishchenko, midfielder Dynamo Kyiv, Vorskla Poltava and FC Metalurh Donetsk. Interestingly, later the footballer had an affair with another member of «House-2», Anastasia Koskinou.

    Oleg Mishchenko
    Ex-boyfriend romanet — Oleg Mishchenko | Football

    After the scandalous show she had a brief affair with a former kick-boxer Alexander Fake. However, later the audience got a lot of circumstantial evidence that this relationship is just a PR move that benefits both sides. And it soon became known that Lime really have a steady girl famous fashion model Aleksandra Kabaeva.

    Alexander Linden
    Alexander Linden and romanet was probably fictitious novel | Free Press

    Further relations of the former participant «Houses-2» was to hide. Therefore, when the Internet is overwhelmed by the unexpected news that Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev Dating, she decided to leave this information without comment. Anton, by contrast, have reacted very violently to every appear on this subject post from fans.

    Anton Gusev
    According to latest news Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev together | Paparazzi

    However, this is not surprising, because Gusev has recently separated from his wife, another lady from the project «Dom-2» Eugenia Feofilaktova. But fans are comparing pictures that young people are exposed in their social networks, and concludes that Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev are some photos of Victoria and Anton Gusev the same background.

    Photo Victoria Romanet

    Victoria Romanet

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