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  • Name: Roman Yunusov ( Roman Unusov )
  • Date of birth: 9 September 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: actor, comedian, presenter, resident of Comedy Club, KVN player
  • Marital status: married

    Roman Yunusov biography

    Roman Yunusov, a Russian showman, comedian, actor and television presenter. Best known as a member of the duet «Zaytsev Sisters» in the comic show «Comedy Club». The latter is a co-host of the entertainment program «Moscow nights» and starred in the Comedy films.

    Roman was born in Tula region in the small town of Kimovsk. His memorable appearance, he is obliged to interethnic marriage of the parents: his mother is Russian and father is Lezgin. However, the family unit was not too strong and long – when the novel was still young, father left them. Single mother had to work to feed my son, so the boy most of the time was under the care of his grandmother.

    In childhood Yunusov loved to make for friends all sorts of views. In school he was actively involved in extracurricular life, was a required party to all events, even led a disco.

    School Roman Yunusov finished with only good and excellent grades, and then went to the capital for admission to the prestigious Moscow agricultural Academy named after Timiryazeva. But the first time to become the student he has failed – failed in the competition. In this situation, the young man decides not to return to his hometown. He passes the exam to obtain a driver’s license and finds a driver. The following year, the Novel manages to successfully pass entrance tests to Timiryazevka and he enrolled at the faculty of agricultural chemistry.

    Almost immediately after the start of the study along with fellow students Yunusov founded the student KVN team. To pay for costumes, theatrical props, the boys had to earn money as porters. But the efforts of the Novel were not in vain – his friend at the Academy Alex lipnicki invited him to a professional team of KVN «ROS-Nou», which Yunusov went on stage Higher League.


    In 2003, Roman Yunusov met with the captain of the team «New Armenians» Garik Martirosyan and he said that on TV just hold a casting for a new entertaining show «Comedy Club». Of course, the novice showman went down and almost immediately collided with an old acquaintance — Alex Lipnickim. It turned out that Alex has passed selection and was urgently looking for a partner for a duet. Yunusov happily agreed to join him and thus was born famous throughout Russia the duet «Zaytsev Sisters», which within 5 years weekly captivated the audience with witty jokes.

    A later novel with Alex together were the leading radio «Maximum», and represented entertainment «Sizewise!», the game show «the feet of the Prosecutor» and Comedy-educational program «Destroyers of Proverbs», in which he defeated the famous proverb. Moreover, the approach was quite serious – preliminary gathering of material on the subject, the mass interviewing experts and filming videos. The aim of the guys was to confirm or refute inherent in Proverbs information. But were submitted material, of course, loved joking manner.

    Own Roman Yunusov were involved in the mega-popular sketch show «Nasha Russia», where for some time he appeared as an ardent fan of football club «Moskvich».


    Worth noting and film career of the Novel, which has recently become very flourishing. In 2013 he released three Comedy film with his participation. And if the «Corporate» he is involved only in the episodes, «What’s happening man!» and especially «the Island of luck» is the key role. In the latter film, the actor had the first encounter with the on-screen kiss, and as his partner in this scene was a famous beauty Svetlana Khodchenkova, Yunusov believes that the most responsible.

    The Novel repeatedly asked if he wanted to play a dramatic role, but the man is much closer to the Comedy genre, as evidenced by subsequent cinematic works. All subsequent pictures with the participation of Yunus – «Women against men», «Fun night» and «Classmates» — consistently constitute a grotesque Comedy.

    Personal life

    Roman Yunusov for a long time met with a charming girl Victoria, and in 2006 they were married. A year after the wedding they had a daughter Sophia.

    The novel is a wonderful family man and all free time devotes to his beloved wife and daughter.


    • 2013 — What men are doing!
    • 2013 — Corporate
    • 2013 — Island of luck
    • 2015 — What’s happening man! Part 2
    • 2015 — Women against men
    • 2015 — Fun night
    • 2015 — Classmate


    Roman Yunusov

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