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  • Name: Roman Volobuev ( Roman Volobuev )
  • Date of birth: 30 July 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: journalist, writer, film critic
  • Marital status: married

    Roman Volobuev: biography

    Roman Volobuev, a journalist, film critic, screenwriter, and more recently also a Director. He was born July 30, 1977 in Moscow. In the capital he spent his childhood and youth.

    Movie fascinated with since childhood. But whether because of perception, by virtue of education some things Volobuev saw differently than peers. Now, he says, he was for some moments of shame. For example, he always believed that art should give society something important, but instead on the screen there was Nikita Mikhalkov and claimed that there is a God, and everybody had to believe it.

    Link to perfect Novel was manifested in everything: he loved to read, take photos, process photos. And the severity of the reaction to the formalism and useless, as he considered the idea, apparently, and determined his future profession of film critic.


    The first note of Roman Volobueva about the movie, the newspaper «Izvestia» published in 1998. Film critic remembers that it was a scathing review of the film «mu-Mu», written, by his own admission, disgusting. Then Roman Volobuev worked for some time in the «General newspaper», where he worked as an investigative journalist, tried himself as a designer and photographer. But in the end, the critics prevailed.

    After collaborating with the newspaper «Izvestiya» and «Vedomosti» Volobuev worked as a film critic at Afisha. In 2009, the publication was awarded the prestigious prize «Elephant» by Guild of film critics. In parallel with work in «Billboard» Roman Volobuev was headed by the film magazine Empire (Russian version). This project, he worked from 2007 to 2008. From the newspaper he was released in 2012.

    In early 2012 he was invited to the position of Deputy chief editor of GQ Russia. Roman agreed, but in this journal lingered for only a year.

    He says he always wanted to make a movie, and not to engage the critics, and when the chance came to do it, Volobuev took it.


    Work in the film industry Roman Volobuev he started as a screenwriter. One day he was approached by producer Sergey Chliyants with the offer to write the script for the bestseller «the Casual». Volobuev was surprised because it was regularly criticized films that producer in the «Billboard», but agreed. He recalls that a week to write a decent, as it seemed to him, the script. These «pen test» and is now somewhere at Roman Volobueva house – he did not have the courage to reread them.

    Then the filmmaker, along with Director Sergey Vinokurov wrote a movie about vampires from the provinces. They have already found a producer willing to Finance the project, but promises, promises. The situation changed when Volobuev began writing scripts for TV shows. In his opinion, the shooting of the TV series alive, though not a perfect industry.

    In 2013, he wrote scripts for the TV series «the Mediator», «Tomorrow» and «Quest». First project filmed and the second was limited to the pilot episode. In the winter of 2014 Roman Volobuev participated in the filming of the series «the Quest», the script for which he wrote.

    In parallel with writing the script he was working as an actor. The role, however, he had little. In 2011, he played maniac in the TV series «the Short course of happy life» and four years later starred as the journalist in «the Quest» and the role of the photographer in the project «Concern or Love evil.»

    His directorial debut also took place. 22 Dec 2015 Moscow hosted the premiere of the drama «Cold front». Roman Volobuev was not only directed this project but also the author of the script. He starred in «Cold front» in Normandy, the work took less than a month. Ambiguous story about a young generation that escapes from Moscow to a sabbatical. It’s a drama of people who have not found their place in life. They live in their own hell and think it Paradise. Critics disliked the film – it received a lot of positive and negative reviews.

    Personal life

    Roman Volobuev was married three times. His first civil wife – the journalist Moore Soboleva. In 2002 this relationship was born a son, Daniel. He wears his mother’s surname.

    His second wife was the journalist and model Sasha Boyarsky. They met in Afisha, where he worked for Sasha. She was 17 years old. A couple of months, as soon as Sasha came of age, they were married. But two creative people, in addition to the major age difference, it is difficult to get along with. Both were in search of himself. The marriage broke up. Now in the Boyar new family, she lives in London.

    Third wife Volobueva – artist Ekaterina Shcheglova. The relationship between them ensued and escalated into a serious on the set of «Cold front». Catherine worked as an artist in this project. In 2014 the couple had a daughter.


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    • «Concern, or Love of evil»
    • «Short course of happy life»


    Roman Volobuev

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