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  • Name: Roman Viktyuk ( Roman Viktyuk )
  • Date of birth: 28 October 1936
  • Age: 80 years
  • Place of birth: Lviv
  • Activities: theatre Director, people’s artist of Ukraine, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: not married

    Roman Viktyuk : biography

    Talented and flamboyant theater Director Roman Viktyuk was born in the then Polish city of Lvov in the family of teachers. The yard was anxious 1936, Oct. Who will be the boy of Roma parents and friends of the family knew when he was quite a few years. Roman Viktyuk already good control serf boys, putting them a little performance and improvisation. This activity he continued in school, where actors, its «theatre» became classmates.

    After graduating from the school of Lviv, the guy immediately went to Moscow, where he successfully passed the exams at the State Institute of theatrical art (GITIS) and became a student. Bright and visible. Viktuk was lucky to study in the workshop of the talented teachers and spouses Orlov. Besides them favorite teachers of Roman Viktyuk became the legendary Soviet Director Anatoly Efros and Yury Zavadsky.

    Roman Viktyuk theatre

    After graduating from GITIS in 1956, the Roman Viktyuk has been employed at once in two theatres of Kiev and Lviv theatre for young people. Between them and landed a young talent. And yet he managed to teach in the Studio of Ivan Franko Theatre in Kiev.

    Biography of Roman Viktyuk as a film Director began in 1965 in his native Lviv. The debut was the play «it’s not that simple» on the play Shmelev. Premiered on the stage of the Lviv theatre of the young spectator. At this stage of Roman Viktyuk staged his «City without love» on the play Ustinov. A little later, theater-goers watched with pleasure his new production of «don Giovanni».

    Year — 1968 to 1969 – Viktyuk worked garagem theatre for young audiences in Kalinin. In the early 70-ies he gave a number of performances in the theaters Vilnius, Moscow, Kiev.

    In 1970-1974 talented resident was appointed lead Director in the Lithuanian Russian drama theatre. Among the most famous productions of Roman Viktyuk in the 70-ies can be called a play Schaeffer’s «Black room,» «the Princess and the woodcutter» Volchek and Mikaelian, «Valentine and Valentina» Roshchin, a drama by Juliusz słowacki. «Mary Stuart», «Love – book Golden» by Alexei Tolstoy.

    In the short period from 1977 to 1979-first Roman Viktyuk served as the chief Director of the Student theatre MSU. And in 80-e years. was invited to the Vilnius Russian drama theater, a stage on which the talented Director staged the play «music Lessons» in the works Petrushevskaya and «Master and Margarita» by Bulgakov.

    But the greatest success in these years was staged by Viktyuk performance under the name «

  • The maids». And today, this statement remains the most famous of all, made by Roman Grigorievich. Premiere of «the Maids» on the play of the Wife took place in the capital’s «Satyricon». On stage was played by Konstantin Raikin, Nikolay Dobrynin, Sergei Zarubin and other popular artists. It is the «Servant» has done to Roman Viktuk a great service by putting it in some of the most famous artists of the theater and stage.

    Roman Viktyuk Theatre Of Roman Viktyuk

    Special became Director 1991. This year there was a Theatre of Roman Viktyuk. Opening Maestro said the production of a bright new play». Butterfly.» It really was a revolution in the world of the Soviet repertory. The production of this play caused controversy and experts-experts, and the broad theatre audience. On stage there were a lot of outrageous, eccentric costumes and bright brush strokes, unusual in that era.

    In troupe of theatre of Roman Viktyuk gathered like-minded people and close Outlook several actors theaters. Very soon creative school of the Roman received a wonderful gift – a permanent residence permit in the building of culture. Rusakova. In the same 1961 Viktyuk theatre was awarded the status of a state. The brainchild of Roman finally became recognized.

    On account of Roman Viktyuk more than two hundred plays and productions. The Director known for his works in USA, Italy, Finland, Sweden, where he has been on tour. Often Viktyuk makes performances by favorite actors stars. And he became the sole Director is a foreigner, which in 1997 was awarded the prize of the Institute of Italian drama for the best embodiment of modern dramatic art. The Roman theatre is the award of the Centre for European drama «Maratea» (1991).

    In the US, Roman Viktyuk included in the list of «50 people in the world, which influence in the second half of the 20th century.» Don’t forget the Director and the native lions. Here in 1991 he helped establish a Fund Masoch who was born in this city.

    Roman Viktyuk – Professor of the Russian Academy of theatre arts GITIS. He has the highest title of people’s artist of the two countries – Russia and Ukraine. And in 2011, he was awarded the medal of the Altai territory «For merits before society».

    Roman Viktyuk: personal life

    The personal life of Roman Viktyuk always shrouded in mystery, and open the veil he is in no hurry. And if Viktyuk be willing to share the details of his biography, personal life is his inviolable territory. When. asked about the children, he says that many call him dad.

    Once Roman Grigorevich admitted that he was madly in love with the legendary Ludmila Gurchenko. I saw her in «Carnival night», he was killed on the spot. But still more it seems that it was love of the Director to the talented artist.

    About his student love in Roman Viktyuk once told actress Valentina Talyzina. But admitted that it was only a Platonic feeling, as Roma weren’t interested in her exactly the same as all the other girls GITIS.

    Roman Viktyuk: performances

    • Mary Stuart
    • Royal hunt
    • Maids
    • M. Butterfly
    • Lolita
    • Solomiya
    • Sergey and Isadora
    • Eight loving women

    Roman Viktyuk: photo

    Roman Viktyuk

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