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  • Name: Roman Tretyakov ( Roman Tretakov )
  • Date of birth: 2 June 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Taganrog
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: member show «Dom-2», the player of KVN
  • Marital status: divorced

    Roman Tretyakov : biography

    One of the most prominent participants show «Dom-2» Roman Tretyakov was born in Taganrog in the summer of 1980. But shortly after the birth of the son of the head of the family moved wife and young Roma in the town of Aramil near Yekaterinburg. The next 10 years, the family five times changed their place of residence, moving from one garrison to another. These constant moving and need to part with newly acquired friends forever repulsed the Roman Tretyakov desire to follow in the footsteps of his father.

    And the dream of the Novel Tretyakova was quite simple: to be famous. To make it all learned at the meeting asked for an autograph. The way to achieve the goal was also simple: we must «be on TV». But this was a bit more complicated. So the guy decided that the TV first, you can replace the radio. It is also possible to achieve a certain recognition.

    So, after graduating from secondary school, Roman Tretyakov went to enter the Taganrog radio engineering University. The choice was made solely due to the presence of the words in the title of the University «radio».

    The learning process seemed Novel Tretyakov boring. Some diversity in the gray days have made participation in the University team of KVN. Here, the novel could roam as they had an innate creativity and a great sense of humor. He came up with new jokes and wrote scripts. And, of course, appeared on stage as an actor.

    In 2002, the novel dream of the Tretyakov come true. Taganrog Members «hit the TV». But as it turned out, the dream came true only by half. Guy, as before, did not recognize on the street, and nobody took a turn for the autograph.

    TV show

    Hands down Roman Tretyakov did not want. So when she heard about casting for those wishing to take part in the new show «House-2. Build your love», he immediately went to the local Palace of culture. The guy was ready to deal, but only need to take up room and loudly call his name and phone number. The novel was sure at 100 that will accept it. Small stature (164 cm) and difference from brad pitt this confidence not at all shaken. Roma knew that he was devilishly attractive and her charisma can overshadow even the notorious Hollywood star.

    The calculation was correct: the guy took. Thus began a biography of Roman Tretyakov on the strange project, which brought together no less amazing people to «make love».

    Roman came to the right place at the right time. His jokes laughed. His creativity, talent massovika entertainer and undeniable artistry immediately noticed. The guy was a star project and soul of the company. However, the participants of the project sometimes the eye called the Roma «the evil dwarf». Some of his provocations were not all that innocent.

    First draft of a novel Tretiakov took the «nurture love» with the adorable Elena Berkova. A couple even deliberately got married. Relationship developed as long as Lena was asked to leave the project. The reason was the scandal surfaced last pornographic girl.

    To find and build new love Tretyakov was not immediately apparent. She arose by chance. Somehow the novel was offered to the participant with the appearance model Olga Buzova fool around and jump in the mud. Relationships are very different in character and temperament of young people developed slowly. Roman Tretyakov and Olga Buzova often argued and fought. However, the pair had the highest ratings on the show.

    Tretyakov and Buzova wrote a book about their relationship. «Roma buzovoy», actively touted by the channel, became a bestseller. They decided to continue the successful cooperation and was immediately given a second book, calling it «Roman with Buzova. Love on-line». And this work also found an echo in the hearts of young people.

    Closer to the summer of 2007 relations Tretyakov and Buzova deteriorated completely. Olga made a great effort to save them, but to no avail. The couple broke up. In late August, Tretyakov left the show. His stay in the project was very long – 1202 days. The reason for my resignation, called the novel «a family matter.» Later he wrote a book called «the Love of money. P….n Roma buzovoy», where openly said that he left the project, and with the help of the guide. Supposedly the creators of the project did not like that he illegally posted a video.

    Tretyakov adaptation to life outside of the project have been severe and even lead to a protracted depression. Popularity passed, and there was no work. To get on the TV did not work.

    Now Roman Tretyakov earns the bread that he’s great at it: he performs weddings, corporate events, parties, a scenario for which he wrote.

    Personal life

    In a year when the Roma left the project, he got married. It happened in August of 2008. The wife of the showman became the model Svetlana Sokolova, whom he had met on the plane. At first the couple lived in love and harmony. At the beginning of 2009 they were the first-born Nikita. But it was not so much time, and the relationship soured. Even the son was unable to cement a shaky marriage.

    In 2011, the personal life of the Novel Tretyakova and Svetlana Sokolova on the homestretch: the couple broke up.

    As far as we know, in our day, Roman Tretyakov single.


    Roman Tretyakov

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