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  • Name: Roman Trachtenberg ( Roman Gorbunov )
  • Date of birth: 28 September 1968
  • Age: 41
  • Date of death: November 20, 2009.
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: showman, TV and radio presenter, actor, writer, Director, candidate of Culturology
  • Marital status: married

    Roman Trachtenberg: biography

    During his bright but short life of Roman Trachtenberg became famous noble decoy and an innate showman.

    It is the name by which this person was actively used in daily life, Providence. Roman L. Gorbunov was born in September 1968 in an intelligent Jewish family. Mom Tatiana Lvovna worked as a dentist. Father Lev Glebovich Gorbunov was an artist. Parents divorced when the son was barely a year. Later the mother married a second time and Roman Gorbunov, when he grew up and began to Express themselves as artistic alias took his stepfather’s last name Trachtenberg. Real name Roman used in exceptional cases.

    The Roman Trachtenberg claimed that his father is not who other, as is known in St. Petersburg and the country Professor, psychotherapist, sexologist and President of the Institute of psychology and sexology Leo Moiseevich goldfinches. It is noteworthy that the latter distanced himself from the «relationship» with the «son», calling it the invention of the showman.

    Seems that the same invention is the admission of Roman trachtenberg in the St. Petersburg ballet school, which he had studied for 2 years. Later, the school claimed that this fact is not confirmed. But the lessons of the Novel in the theatre of youth creativity, who worked at the Palace of pioneers, really were. Also confirmed by the performances of young Gorbunova in the choir, created at the Leningrad radio and television.

    After school, Roman Trachtenberg entered the University. He chose the faculty of Philology, but studied there for only 2 courses. After dropping the boy was taken to the army. After serving, he decided to pursue higher education and enrolled in the St. Petersburg Institute of culture. Chose the most similar in spirit to the directing Department. Here he learned to organize the dramatized forms of leisure. After graduation, Roman Gorbunov in 1999, managed to defend his Ph. D. on the cultural theme.


    In the early 1990s, Roman Trachtenberg tried to do business. At the same time he worked at the Institute of culture, where he taught students the club Director. But to live quietly and gray Roman could not. A great sense of humor always made him stand out from the crowd, making the soul of any company and the center of attention. Where there is a Roman Trachtenberg, jokes and humorous improvisations flowed like a river. Therefore, in 1993 the artist-nugget became one of the troupes popular in St. Petersburg cabaret «Art-Clinic». And Roman L. headed «Formal theatre».

    In 1997, Roman Trachtenberg was appointed the art Director of St. Petersburg’s trendy cabaret «Hali-Gali». Here he also performed the duties of Director and entertainer. The first party held by Trachtenberg on the stage of this theatre café festival tattooists. The novel was able to implement exactly what was required of him to become rude and scandalous leading with a great sense of humor.

    Thank trachtenberg – a brilliant showman, a talented improviser and charming hoaxer — has grown rapidly. It began to fill up with interesting proposals. One of them, leading to work on the popular radio «Europe Plus», he accepted. Four years, Trachtenberg worked as a leading entertainment and led the transfer of «novel without end».

    In the early 2000s began a cinematic biography of the Roman trachtenberg. But first the actor has appeared in films only as a VoiceOver. The project was a scandalous shade: it was a porn film «Luke mudischev». However, this experience came in handy and soon Roman realized himself as the author of the audiobook stories.

    In 2003, Roman Trachtenberg moved to Moscow. He lived in the two capitals, jumping between them constantly, because in St. Petersburg he had family and business.

    The showman appeared on the screen. As a presenter, he spoke on the channel «Muz-TV». His transfer was called «Following» and «Money does not smell». Continued to develop and the career of Roman trachtenberg on the radio. Since 2005, he led the author’s program on «Russian radio».

    From 2003 till 2008 years, the talented artist had the opportunity to arrange their own show programs. In his native St. Petersburg, he opened a «Trachtenberg-cafe».

    Developed career of the Novel and movie. In 2003 he starred in the action film «Russian special forces». After several secondary roles, he was offered to play the Central characters in the film «Generation P» and «Star pile».

    The last place of work of Roman trachtenberg went to radio «Mayak». From 2008 he led a popular «Show Trachte-Barahty». His co-host was Elena Batinova.

    Personal life

    First Roman Trachtenberg married, when I was a student of the St. Petersburg Institute of culture. Offer hands and hearts took a girl named Alena Romanova, whom he studied together. This happy marriage the Roman trachtenberg had a son, Lev David. They lived together for 14 years, until 2003.

    As the artist admitted, family life disintegrated after moving to Moscow. In his autobiography he wrote that in the capital, he had a mistress. She fell marriage. Soon the bright-eyed beauty stripped enamored of a showman and left.

    The personal life of Roman trachtenberg changed when he met a young 19-year-old student Faith frost. They got married. In this marriage, the artist lived the rest of his life.

    2 years before the death of the novel have learned about the existence of his son Sergei, who was born before the marriage with Elena Romanova. Trachtenberg not only acknowledged the son, but also bought him an apartment in the capital.


    Roman trachtenberg was not November 20, 2009. Death of a showman was sudden. He died at 41 years literally live, during his show programs.

    As it turned out, death was caused by a heart attack. The forensic medical examination established that the cause of sudden death could be a heart abnormality. Maybe the heart could not stand the rapid weight loss Roman trachtenberg. It is known that for a month and a half, he dropped an unprecedented amount of 32 pounds of weight.

    The artist was buried in accordance with Jewish traditions in one of the cemeteries of St. Petersburg.


    Roman Trachtenberg

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