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  • Name: Roman Shirokov ( Roman Shirokov )
  • Date of birth: 6 July 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Dedovsk, Moscow oblast
  • Activities: Soccer
  • Marital status: Married, two children

    Roman Shirokov: biography

    Who was known to a small provincial town near Moscow Dedovsk before? Perhaps only the citizens themselves, the residents of the nearby regions and some Muscovites. Now many people know about it football fans. After all, it July 6, 1981 was born the idol of many modern football fans, Roman Shirokov, who in his sports career he went from being a player of Amateur teams captain of team Russia, becoming the best player in 2012 ( according to the weekly «Football»).

    Began a biography of Roman Shirokov, like other provincial guys, pretty sure – a kindergarten, school, street and football in the yard. Father, working at the plant (died of a stroke at the age of 52 in 2008), seriously was fond of football. He was the first coach of the Novel, instilled in him a love for the game, taught the main basics. When the boy was 12, his parents divorced, and Roma was left with his mother (she now lives in the suburbs).

  • The beginning of football career of Roman Shirokov
  • The early career of Roman Shirokov has become a football school «torpedo», where he took the father with the godfather. However, the boy studied there for six months, and receiving a severe injury (broken leg) was forced to stop training. Recovered from his injury, Roman moved to the football DYUSSH at the football club CSKA and soon played for the second team.

    «Running» in it (1998-2001) was not entirely successful. Roman Shirokov almost fell into the basis. The main reason is quite trivial – the conflict nature and frequent violations of the sport mode («friendship» with alcohol). In the end, the young footballer had to part with the «army» and pretty «to travel» is not the most well-known clubs, anywhere especially long without stopping. In the «track list» the Novel Shirokov are «torpedo-ZIL» (2001. – only one match), Istra command of the second division of the same name «Istra» (2002÷2004), the team from Vidnoe (2004).

    Season-2005 in the Moscow club was formed for Shirokova very well. The player took part in 18 matches, scoring three goals. However, in 2006 the team got a new coach Vladimir Shevchuk, Roman Shirokov stopped to get a basis, and then decided to change the club. The following command is the Kazan «Rubin» Kurban Berdiyev. Here, too, failed to stay long – only 4 games and injury. After recovery Shirokov goes on view in «wings of the Soviets». Failed again. I had six months to go back to Amateur «Istra».

    Real, professional football career of Roman Shirokov began in 2007, when he was 26 years of age he moved to «Khimki» club-the debutant of the Russian Premier League. The General Director of the club signed a player without watching, at your own risk, and no mistake. Roman Shirokov was the leader of the team, scored in the first match), confidently led the club successfully played all season. As a result, received an invitation to the national team of Russia and left the «Khimki».

  • Roman Shirokov in the Zenit
  • To the player after such a successful season received many invitations from «Spartacus» to the Spanish clubs. But choose Roman Shirokov of Zenit and Dutchman dick Advocaat. Already in the first matches for his new club Shirokov has shown that he is a team player. In the summer of 2008, along with the team he won two European club trophy, the UEFA Cup and the UEFA super Cup. In the same year the novel received the title of Honored master of sports of Russia.

    «Zenit» has always been famous for excellent staffing of the composition. Perhaps due to the high competition long novel forced to sit «on the bench», leaving the field only to replace from case to case. When Counsel for the coaching post was replaced by Anatoly Davydov, the situation still has not changed – the Hulk is almost never played. It seemed that his career in the St. Petersburg club ends and we must begin to seek a new club, but in winter 2010 «Zenit» Luciano Spalletti headed, who gave the midfielder another chance. He is the first of the matches was an important «cog» in the tactical scheme of the Italian coach has again earned a call up to the national team of Russia. With Petersburgers the novel became the champion of Russia in the seasons 2010 and 2011/12 and winner of the country Cup in 2010.

  • Career in «Krasnodar»
  • Once again a challenging one Roman Shirokov showed in 2013 when he had a serious conflict with the fans «white-blue» that eventually led to a disqualification on a few matches for showing «obscene» finger gesture. Perhaps because of this was lease — 2014 Roman Shirokov met FC «Krasnodar». Here it’s not lost. Together with the team of Kuban he was a finalist of the Russian Cup, and the team showed good combination play. In may, the novel gets another injury, and a trip to the 2014 world Cup is not going well.

  • Roman Shirokov team Russia
  • The debut match of Roman Shirokov team Russia on 26 March 2008 can not be called successful – the team was defeated by the Romanian team with the score 0:3. But the permit for Euro-2008 have been extracted previously, and the novel went along with the team in Austria and Switzerland. First there is the team of Guus Hiddink also went wrong – the team was defeated by Spain with the score 1:4. In defeat football analysts blamed the defense, including Roman Shirkov. However, the bronze medal of the European championship 2008 Shirokov received.

    Qualifying for the world Cup 2010 was held without Shirokov, who replaced Hiddink, dick Advocaat didn’t invite him to the team. Roman Shirokov shirt of the national team only at the end of 2010 in the game with a Bulgarian team. In this match he scored the first goal for the national team.

    Thanks to a confident game, Shirokov and other players, the Russian team in the fall of 2011 scored a trip to the European championship 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, defeating in the final match of the «farm» (according to Roman) – the national team of Slovakia. In this tournament, the Hulk has made as leader of the team along with Andrey Arshavin. Starting the group stage with victory over the Czech team with the score 4:1, our team in the future proved to be not the best – first, a goalless draw with Poland, and then the defeat of Greece — 0:1 has led to an inglorious departure in the group stage of the competition.

    However, the following matches for the national team showed that the performance of Roman Shirokov EURO 2012 can be considered a «temporary setback». His high football intelligence, verified the smart passes and beautiful goals in the following matches talking about the originality of this player. Many of the leading European specialists consider the novel best Russian player, Evgeny Lovchev and even called him «Professor of the Russian football». His words were confirmed in 2013, when Shirokov became the captain of Russian national team.

  • Personal life of Roman Shirokov
  • Roman Shirokov – a model family man. He has two children – son Igor and daughter Victoria. Wife of Roman Shirokov – Catherine, a loyal supporter of her husband.

    In addition, the novel is a very active user of social networks. His Twitter account (@shirokovr15) has more than 250 thousand subscribers (only Arshavin). It is here that Shirokov with high regularity interacted with their fans, team-mates, partners in the national team of Russia, commenting on the most relevant football events. Thanks to «Twitter» the novel is known for its sharp, sometimes not quite correct statements. For example, he was not afraid to call the fans of «Zenith» «morons» when they nearly derailed in 2011, the Champions League with the Cypriot APOEL. He got from the «red-white» fans, whom he called «pigs». Writing your 10-thousand of the account «tweet», Shirokov stopped blogging.

    Conflict Shirokova known to all Russian football community. He does not mince words, says what he thinks. For example, at the finish of the championship season 2011/12 he is not quite «gently» expressed the readiness of the field on «Petrovsky» to the agronomist of the stadium, and when some of the fans were trying too actively to wrest from him after the match t-shirt, the novel gave him an angry rebuke. For such offenses, the fans of «Zenith» «awarded» Shirokov chants with abusive language and offensive banners in the stands.

    Roman Shirokov at the world Cup in Brazil

    Having played the last three friendly matches before the 2014 world Cup, the Russian team gave their fans a proper experience. In these games the team lacked diversity, the severity in the attack, the thoughts and the majority leader of the attacks of Roman Shirokov, who will likely not go to the world Cup because of injury. 9 Jun 2014 he was successful in Finland operation on Achille.

    However, his sports career is not completed. Roman Shirokov was interested in many famous Russian clubs, which the veteran midfielder can get absolutely free. Prepare your proposal Shirokov all Metropolitan clubs hope to sign a new agreement with the player and FC «Krasnodar» from the same city.

  • Roman Shirokov: photos
  • Roman Shirokov: video
  • An obscene gesture of Roman Shirokov to address fans at the match «Zenit» — «Volga»

    Roman Shirokov about the offensive «chants» in the address

    Goal by Roman Shirokov in the match «Zenit» — «Spartak» 4-th round of the Premier League season 2012/13

    Goal by Roman Shirokov in the match «Dynamo» — «Krasnodar»

    Roman Shirokov called Slovakia «the farm»

    Roman Shirokov

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