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  • Name: Roman Polanski ( Raimund Novel Hugieia )
  • Date of birth: 18 August 1933
  • Age: 83 years
  • Place of birth: Paris
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: film Director, actor, producer and screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Roman Polanski: a biography

    One of the world’s leading filmmakers of the postwar period Roman Polanski has to its credit all major awards, which dream of his colleagues. While Polanski has been called the most pessimistic Director. Perhaps this vision of life was the result of a tragic childhood this Creator of dark and eerie paintings.

    Polanski was born in Paris in August 1933. His real name given at birth, Raimund novel Hugieia. In his veins flows the famous Director of Polish-Jewish blood. 3 years after the birth of her son family of Polish Jewish immigrants were Katz and Samara Moises of Hugieia returned to Poland. Fell the Second world war and the German occupation affected the collection of Liebling. They were in the Krakow ghetto. Roman Polanski managed to escape. Until the end of the Nazi occupation, he lived in a Polish family on a remote farm.

    Roman Polanski
    Roman Polanski | Things-Dryukov

    The mother of the future Director died in Auschwitz, and my father managed to survive. He found the son and sent him to study in technical school. But Roman has other plans. He was attracted by the world of cinema and theatre.


    A crucial role in the choice of future profession was seen by Roman Polanski English drama in the style of «Noir» was «out». This film Polanski and today calls his favourite. Subsequently, the majority of the creations of the Novel happened in this cynical, pessimistic genre.

    In 1953, Andrzej Wajda involved 22-year-old Polanski in his project «Generation». The Director managed to see a young man of great potential and helped him to enroll in film school in Lodz. And let Polanski never finished, considering the topic of the diploma is uninteresting, but the Foundation of film education received.

    After 10 years, started own cinematic biography of Roman Polanski. After several short films he directed his first feature film «knife in the water». In Poland, this psychological Thriller was seen more than cool. Here the young Director first used your favorite techniques: the film was saturated with aggression, absurd and a terrible understatement, which allowed the audience to think through some terrible aspects. The Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Polish United workers party Wladyslaw Gomulka, came to the premiere, I couldn’t resist and even threw in a screen proved handy ashtray.

    Roman Polanski
    Roman Polanski | Things-Dryukov

    But overseas, the film was enthusiastically accepted and even nominated for «Oscar». Polanski moved to England and the following two pictures were filmed there. In 1965 came the picture of «Disgust». In the title role of this dark, in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock’s drama appeared Catherine Deneuve. The film received the prestigious award of the Berlin film festival, including the Grand prize — Silver bear.

    A year later came a new masterwork of Roman Polanski – the picture «dead end.» The Director considers this his best work. She brought him his second Silver bear.

    Dark Comedy «vampire’s Ball» is about the triumph of the dark forces appeared in 1967. He predicted the appearance of the famous Thriller «rosemary’s Baby», which was released a year later. Resounding success of this painting marked the beginning of cinemode mysticism and Satanism. «Rosemary’s baby» in which the main role was played by MIA Farrow, was showered with awards, including «Oscar», «Golden globe» award and Edgar Allan PoE.

    Shortly after the release of this film in the life of Roman Polanski was a tragedy worthy of one of his movies. In 1969 was brutally murdered his pregnant wife Sharon. Her and three friends of filmmaker killed members of the group mentally ill Charles Manson.

    Roman Polanski
    Roman Polanski | GQ

    Polanski left England and for some years went to Europe. There he removed in the same favorite genre of «Noir» even some of his «masterpieces», the most significant of which «Chinese service». This job was the best thing Polanski was filmed in the 70’s. the Picture won a Golden globe for best Director and was nominated for 11 nominations «Oscar».

    Subject known to him firsthand of the Holocaust, the Director raised in his project «the Pianist», which was released in 2002. Adrien Brody, who played the main character got «Oscar», and the tape «the Golden palm».


    In 1977, a scandal erupted in the U.S. Roman Polanski was accused of seducing and raping a 13-year-old Samantha Gailey. The girl said that Polanski asked her 13-year-old model, at the home of Jack Nicholson supposedly for a photo shoot. However, he gave her champagne and gave the drug methaqualone.

    The Director was arrested. He signed the agreement on recognition of guilt. It is possible to soften the accusation. Polanski was a psychiatric examination in the hospital a prison in California. But shortly before the trial, the filmmaker learned that the judge is not going to agree with the registered office of the Prosecutor of conditional imprisonment. Roman Polanski fled to London. And then, to avoid extradition to France.

    Samantha Gail (Gamer)
    Samantha Gail (Gamer) | Pipiru

    Polanski was arrested in 2009 in Switzerland, where he arrived for a reward. Despite the fact that the arrest warrant was issued in the U.S. in 1978, the principle of limitation on the Director did not extend beyond his escape. Polanski stood up for a lot of famous colleagues and the Minister of culture of France, the novel already had French citizenship.

    In the summer of 2010, Switzerland has released a star from house arrest and refused the US extradition.

    Personal life

    For the first time the Director had married in 1959 in Polish actress Barbara Kwiatkowski. But they lived together for only 3 years.

    6 years after the divorce, the personal lives of Roman Polanski has changed. On the set of his first color film, he met a new love – American actress Sharon Tate. But this marriage ended tragically only a year later, when expecting a baby, Sharon was murdered by the sectarians.

    In 1979 came the film Polanski’s «Tess», where the main role was played by Nastassja Kinski. Rumor has it that the affair with her Director occurred in 1976, when Kinski was 15 years old.

    Roman Polanski with his wife Emmanuelle
    Roman Polanski with his wife Emmanuelle | art1

    The third wife of the star was the French actress and model Emmanuelle Seigner. They are now together. To this marriage two children were born. Seigner appeared in the paintings of her husband, «Frantic», «the Ninth gate», «Bitter moon» and «Venus in furs».


    • «Knife in the water»
    • «Disgust»
    • «Tanz Der Vampire»
    • «Rosemary’s Baby»
    • «Chinatown»
    • «Tess»
    • «Violent»
    • «Bitter moon»
    • «The ninth gate»
    • «Venus in furs»


    Roman Polanski

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