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  • Name: Roman Polanski ( Roman Polyanskiy )
  • Date of birth: 9 November 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Omsk
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Roman Polanski : a biography

    Roman V. Polyansky was born in the former capital of the Siberian Cossack troops, and the most beautiful city in Russia – Omsk. Already in kindergarten it was clear that growing the future actor. Masterfully played a major role in children’s play «the Nutcracker» told parents, in what direction to develop son. They took the Novel in a music school where he studied hard to play the clarinet for 6 years.

    In secondary schools and in the life of Roman Polanski was two – he was pretty good time. According to the artist, he not only studied well, but was not greedy, allowing classmates to copy. The school years were fun and intense. The affair was everywhere. He willingly participated in all activities, but was most happy when he was invited to a sports competition.

    After school, Roman Polanski decided to continue to improve your musical talent. In his native Omsk, he chose the musical school named after Shebalin, where 4 years has honed his skills playing the clarinet and even mastered a new instrument, the tenor saxophone. On 2nd year College Polyansky began to attend drama school. The acting was so interesting a Novel that at the 4th year, he took a firm decision to go this way further.

    Therefore, the aspiring artist went to Moscow in 2004, I enrolled in theatre 2 of the University: the famous Shchukin drama school and theatre-Studio of the Moscow art theatre. Chose The «Pike». In the course of Vladimir Ivanov Roman Polanski was one of the most successful students.


    After graduating from the Shchukin in 2004, Roman Polanski was adopted by the Metropolitan Theater Vakhtangov. On the Vakhtangov stage, he played 2 years. Here, honing acting skills, the young actor appeared in many plays. He was entrusted with a significant role in the productions of «chasing two hares», «Mademoiselle nitouche», «White acacia» and many others.

    But in 2010, says the actor, he decided to leave in free swimming. Before retiring from the Vakhtangov Theatre Roman Polanski tried his hand at a new play of Roman Viktyuk «R&J». Premiered at the Theatre of Viktyuk and was a considerable success. This was the deciding factor in the decision Polanski to go to another theater.

    In 2010, Roman Polanski appeared before the theater audience in two roles – in the form of Mercutio and Lorenzo in the play «Romeo and Juliet». But in the next show called «Ferdinando» Roman got his first starring role. The young actor appeared before the audience as a beautiful, but extremely vicious young man, fell in love with all the lady of the house, her sister and even the priest.

    Polyanskiy today is in the Theater Roman Viktyuk. The Director trusts him the Central role. The artist said the scene was his priority. Because live performances bring incredible drive that is not on the set.


    A cinematic biography of Roman Polanski began in his student years. 3-year aspiring actor caught the eye of Director Helen Silent which was looking for artists for his project «I will return.» Roman came to audition and was immediately approved. The Central theme of the series was military events. Therefore, to better get into the character of Dmitry Andreev, Polanski read a lot of books about the great Patriotic war.

    The novel argues that this film about the tape was for him a great acting school, he was fortunate to work on one platform with such stars as Alexander Porokhovshchikov, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Ekaterina Vasilyeva. Today, the artist considers this work one of my favorites in his filmography. The series was released in 2009.

    In a year 4-kurnik Roman Polanski was invited to participate in the filming of the Comedy «the Tariff new year’s». This project gave the artist a wonderful opportunity to meet real professionals like Valeria Lanskaya and Maxim Matveev. The novel recalls with gratitude as senior colleagues generously shared their experience and gave him many valuable tips, useful soon.

    A special place in the creative biography Polanski took the picture, «Take me with you.» Roman was played by an attractive young man in love with his College sweetheart. This film gave him a familiarity with the talented actress Maria Shukshina in which the shooting area was filled with incredible energy.

    The first sitcom in the Bank Roman Polanski was a Comedy project «Toys», about the lives of office workers, where the actor played a thoughtless and hurried immediately to experience all the joys of life young men, positive and fun. But the first serious work that demanded Polanski thoughtfulness and even of wisdom, was the film «the Mirror». Here the Novel had to play the husband of Marina Tsvetaeva, a famous Russian journalist and writer Sergei Efron.

    The actor had to dive into the atmosphere of «silver age», to get used to the image of the hero, which was quite a daunting task. It should play a bygone era. Beloved wife and poet played Viktoria Isakova.

    Of films in which appeared Roman Polanski lately, is to provide a picture of the «raider», «Time of love» and «Maroussia». One of the latest exciting projects, which brilliantly played the young and already renowned artist, this is «Dolly the Sheep was angry and died early» Alexey Pimanova. The film was released in late 2014. Here viewers saw favorite actor in the image of the stars of chanson Maximilian. I must say that in this role Polyansky was comfortable enough, because he has a musical education. One of the songs for the hero of the film was written by Oleg Gazmanov.

    Personal life

    With his future wife, a novel met when he studied at the Shchukin theatre school. Daria July was his classmate. Since then, the young artists go through life hand in hand. Family for the actor is extremely important. A few years ago, mom was not Novel.

    The personal lives of Roman Polanski now is the beloved wife of Darius and beloved daughter Martha. According to the artist, his wife is not easy, because sometimes he is so committed to the role that is unable to get out of it for quite a while. A play of the Novel, as you know, we have not only a positive and attractive guys. But Dasha knows how to understand and smooth out the rough edges, because she herself is an actress.


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    • «Take me with you»
    • «The tariff new year’s»
    • «It was love»
    • «Toys»
    • «Raider»
    • «Marusya»
    • «20 years without love»
    • «Dolly the sheep was angry and died early»
    • «Yesterday. Today. Forever»


    Roman Polanski

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