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  • Name: Roman Makin ( Roman Mayakin )
  • Date of birth: 12 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Noginsk, Russia
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Roman Makin: biography

    The star of the series «Sweet life» Roman Makin was born in a small industrial town near Moscow Noginsk. His parents — people with a technical background, far from the artistic community. And generally no one in the family of the Novel closely associated with the art was not, except for a sister who went to the course presenters, however, to no avail. While Roman was at school, no one had no idea that a simple Noginsk boy to ever become an actor, moreover, is famous all over the country.

    In the acting profession of the Novel has led his high school sweetheart. The girl that he liked, worked in the Studio in Noginsk theatre. Lover boy came back behind her and sucked. Love has gone and left. When Roma finished high school, he was left with no doubts in choosing a future profession. He applied at once to five theatrical high schools of Moscow and all five managed to pass the competition. The choice before the applicant Machinim appeared difficult, but he finally made it in favor of the school-Studio of MKHAT, because Oleg Tabakov studied his friend.

    In the school-Studio of MKHAT, the novel received in the course of people’s artist of the RSFSR Alla Pokrovskaya, who played relatively recently, the mother of Vladimir Vysotsky in the sensational film «Vysotsky. Thank God I’m alive» and two of the Honored artists of Russia: the novel of Kozak and Dmitry Brusnikina. Director Brusnikin almost immediately drew attention to the student Makina and offered him a small, but significant role in his action-Packed detective series «Moore is MOORE». It was the debut Novel in the movie, and he endured it with dignity, proved to be a professional actor.

    Received a diploma of higher theatrical education, Roman Makin was admitted to the Moscow academic theater Mossovet, where he still works together with the famous actors.


    Probably the most memorable role of the Novel Makina in the Mossovet theatre became King Herod in the musical play based on the famous rock Opera Anrew Lloyd Webber «Jesus Christ superstar». Convincingly played a young actor and Bullies in the familiar to any student of Gogol’s Comedy «Inspector». In the play «Engaged» the novel embodies the image of don Rodrigo, and in the production of «Cyrano de Bergerac» — Gigi and Briseis.

    Now almost all the time, the actor gives the family and filming, so in the theatre, he gets a cameo, and in the company he is listed as a guest actor. The novel, in his own words, lost interest in repertory theatre, and is planning to leave it. He is interested in ultra-modern theatrical experiments, so he cooperates with young and no one seems to be well-known Directors.


    To date, the record of the young actor almost forty roles. Roman Makin starred in «Turkish March», «Grouse», «the ring», «Eightieth», «Traffic lights» and many other well-known viewer serial movies, and in the series «Toys» he got one of the main roles – the role of each main character Dima Misha Suvorov, who in the forties series marries vare.

    Invited the young actor and serious feature-length movie, and not just anybody, and talented. In the sequel, «Burnt by the sun» Roman Makin played a cadet.

    But the real admiration of the actor brought the role successful in business and unlucky in his personal life Vadik in the controversial film «the Sweet life». Interestingly, scanned the script for the first time, Roman wanted to give up this role, but then changed his mind about what never regretted. The actor sees it as entertainment at first glance, the project is a serious mission: to teach the audience not to repeat fictional writers, but these are typical real-life mistakes.

    Personal life

    Unfortunately for many fans and surprise fans to identify the actor with the character he plays, Roman Makin – a model family man. Together with his wife Helen, he lives in his own house near Noginsk and has four children: Andrew, Anna, Julia and Mike. Elena your small business. The older children study music. Roman jokes that growing up a real musical group. Junior Misha’s parents walk into the sports section.

    Before marriage of the Novel was in a serious relationship with peers. Life with the actress resembled a theater and, in the end, the Novel is tired. Elena Roman was introduced to his cousin. At that time, future wife of the actor was married and even had children, but the love Affair has forced Helen to leave the family.


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    Roman Makin with Tatiana Vasilyeva

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