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  • Name: Roman Madyanov ( Roman Madyanov )
  • Date of birth: 22 July 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Dedovsk, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Roman Madyanov: biography

    Today it is difficult to find an audience who knows the name of the wonderful actor of the Novel Madyanov. Filmography Honoured artist of Russia, has long passed for «jubilee» hundred names. Among his most famous works is the painting «children of the Arbat», «12», «Leviathan», the TV series «Soldiers», «Land» and «Great.» He scored a number of prizes and awards, including four prestigious world national cinema «Nika» and two «Golden eagle».

    Born Roman Sergeevich Madyanov in July 1962 in the Moscow region town of Dedovsk, creative and intelligent family. Father – Sergey Veniaminovich – working as a TV editor, and mother Antonina M. – librarian. Roman Madyanov has an older brother Vadim, with whom the boy spent all his free time on the father’s work. It is, in all probability, determined the future destiny of children. After filming Roman Sergeevich Madyanov began in childhood.

    Roman Madyanov in childhood
    The first baby actor |

    One day walking near the set of 10-year-old Roman Madyanov said the assistant Director of «Mosfilm». Looking for any type of role in the new film George Danelia «Completely gone,» she noticed the boy and took him to audition. So Madanova got the first big role at that time in his biography had an episode in the film «the English». The film was shot in the Baltic States. Colleagues on the set were such masters as Vakhtang Kikabidze, Yevgeny Leonov, Irina Skobtseva, Vladimir Basov.

    Debut novel adaptation of Mark TWAIN’s » the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and famous in the film Danelia – it was an undoubted success and a great start in his career. The film was released in 1972. The audience immediately noticed a cute blond boy who felt in the frame, like a fish in water.

    Roman Madyanov in childhood
    In childhood

    Up to 16 years of filmography of the Novel Madyanov consisted of a dozen acting work. The young artist appeared in the film «Aniskin and Fantomas», «long Long summer», «Footprint on the earth», «Spring Changeling», «Guessed, congratulations!» and many others.

    Acting in these pictures, Roman Madyanov never had time to learn. Because shooting were often held far from Moscow. For example, in the first half he had to be in Sevastopol, and after a few months a long time to go to Yerevan. Often missing lessons and change of schools was not for the benefit of the studies – the success of the great was limping. But acting has grown. The teenager already at the age of 10 knew who he would be: of course, the artist! The choice of the Institute was influenced by the father. He invited the son to go to one of the best – in his opinion – theatrical universities in the country – GITIS.

    It is not strange, but Roman Madyanov unable to enroll in this institution at the first attempt. The fact that the Theatre did not greet the students with acting experience in film, because the main emphasis in the theatre. But Madyanov managed to take this fortress from the second attempt. However, he had to write a receipt that will not be in a movie before graduation.

    Roman Madyanov in his youth
    Service in the army | Socionics

    The young actor was enrolled in a course to a talented mentor Oscar Remez. GITIS biography of the Roman Madyanova thrived. The artist gladly took to the stage. First, he participated in student productions. But soon he was offered a role in the play, which was staged in the Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky.

    After graduation career Madanova 2 years were interrupted by service in the army missile and space defense. To get back to work, he was able after his discharge in 1987.


    The young actor involved in new productions of «Mayakovka». Very soon Roman Madyanov became a leading artist of the theater. Today in his piggy Bank more than three dozen works for the stage. Especially warm theatergoers and critics respond about the performances of the «ring of silence», «Agent 00», «Crooks», «Sunset», «Lizard», «long live the Queen, Vivat!», «Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead…» and «victim of the century» in which Madyanov played key characters.

    Roman Madyanov in the theater
    In the play «Bulk apples» | 2DO2GO

    Roman Madyanov is convinced that theatre is an exclusive art that will live forever. He calls his unique live communication with the audience and the emotions that are born right in the eyes. The artist says that quickly disappear film and TV than theatre. Because the pleasure of live communication cannot be substituted by anything else. In addition, two identical performances do not exist, even if the performance is on stage for ten years. Every time an actor gives exclusive game, which are new shades and content.

    In April 2010, Roman Madyanov visited Israel with a performance of «of mice and Men», played brilliantly colorful Lyovka Cry. It is noteworthy that the artist calls himself a hereditary Cossack, but in the image of the Jew Scream seemed very convincing. This strength of his skill.

    Roman Madyanov in the film
    In the movie «Private detective, or Operation cooperation» | full Movie.RU

    A full load in the theater for a long time alienated Novel Madanova from the movie. But in 1989, the artist again appeared on the screens. He starred in the wonderful film «Private detective, or Operation cooperation». It seems that Leonid Gaidai again «discovered» this wonderful actor to the public. But now it was not a teenager and an adult and consisted of an actor, whose skill was noted by all the critics and the audience.

    Since then, the creative biography of the Novel Madyanov rapidly new film credits. The filmmakers seemed to have decided not to waste any more of the actor out of the spotlight and covered it with new proposals. Roman S. was a pleasure to play, both major and supporting roles, «giving» each at full power. Therefore, even the scenes involving Madanova – bright and memorable. As an example we can say his work in the adventure tragicomedy «Comedy of strict regime», where he played Fangs. This remarkable small but colorful role in the Christmas melodrama «the Irony of fate. A sequel to» where the Roman Sergeyevich got the image of the police major mammoth.

    Roman Sergeevich Madyanov
    Awarding the prize «Nika» | Arguments and Facts

    The charm of the artist is that even negative characters (such as Roman Madyanov plenty) in his performance find sea fans. Apparently, the secret is that the artist himself is convinced that in every person there are certainly positive qualities. And his negative heroes is no exception.

    Madyanov notes that «even in the last scum has at least one line that can be respected.» And this, according to the actor, well, because life is not black and white but multifaceted. And every person is a unique personality. This understanding helps Roman Sergeevich to portray their theatrical and movie stars layered, complex. Like in real life.

    The peak of the popularity of the Novel Medianova became a sensational serial «the citizen the chief» in which the actor played a major role is the colorful attorney Antsiferov. In addition, many Russians fell in love with the dancer for the role of officer Kolobkov in the series «Soldiers». This is also a negative character, which Madyanov managed to «dig out» positive traits. It is noteworthy that this role, which brought the Roman Sergeyevich considerable popularity, he himself did not like. He thinks she’s boring and uninteresting. But the audience believe otherwise. Unscrupulous officer Buns, prone to intrigues and cruel, has become one of the most colorful and beloved characters of «Soldiers».

    Roman Madyanov in the series
    In the series «Soldiers» | Liveinternet

    And in 2004, the audience warmly welcomed 6-detective serial «Lost the sun» based on the novel of Maxim Esaulova. The actor here got the bright role of the second plan. Roman Madyanov appeared on the screen along with such renowned colleagues as Alexander Domogarov, Andrey Smolyakov, Yevgeny and Maria Poroshina.

    Roman Madyanov is removed as in feature films and TV shows, not counting improper to work in long-term projects. He used to work equally well everywhere. Therefore, every role, every appearance on screen is a feast for the many millions of his fans.

    The audience enjoyed the painting part of your favorite artist «12», «Loot», «All inclusive, or All inclusive!», «Our Russia: eggs of fate», «Burnt by the sun 2: Citadel» and the TV series «the Legend № 17», «Plot», «Yesenin» and many others. Roman Madyanov, brilliantly transforms into Comedy characters. It is easy to provide good souls and villains. It is natural in melodramas and thrillers.

    Roman Madyanov in the film
    Role in the film «Leviathan» |

    One of the most «fresh» projects Honored artist of Russia began painting «the Inquisitor», the acclaimed «Leviathan,» series «Poddubny» and «Orlova and Aleksandrov». The last Roman Madyanov reincarnated in the famous colleague of the actor Igor Ilyinsky.

    Often the actor starred in several projects at the same time. For example, in 2014 screens out seven new projects with Novel Madyanov. The most striking of them is the historical picture «Poddubny» and TV serial films «the Man without a past» and «the Seventh rune».

    In January 2015, finished shooting historical drama «the Great», which covers the period of Empress Catherine II from the moment of its arrival in Russia and before the ascension to the throne. In the spring of that year, viewers love to watch this show on the First channel and received great pleasure from the game your pet, reincarnated in count Alexander Ivanovich Shuvalov.

    Actor Roman Madyanov
    In the drama «Big» |

    The most profound and intense critics called the role of the Novel Madyanov in the drama «there was one woman», the film «the Wild field» and «Pete on the way to the Kingdom of heaven.» Surprisingly, these works are less known to fans of the actor than his role in some TV series.

    In 2016, Roman Madyanov fans movies Wonderland», «the Monk and the demon», «to marry Pushkin» and «Groom». In 2017, the audience look forward to new works by artist in the project «Zhili-byli».

    Today, the filmography of the Roman Madyanova steadily approaching two hundred works. He is one of the most filmed of domestic artists. It is rightly called the star of Russian cinema of the first magnitude. His every appearance on screen is a celebration for the million fans of the actor.

    Personal life

    The personal life of the Novel Madyanov enough «fresh» for fans of scandalous news about celebrities. The actor seems to be one of the most decent star men than refutes myths about the unreliability of the actor’s marriages.

    Roman Madyanov wife
    With his wife Natalya | Serials

    With his future wife Natalia, the artist met while working at theatre of Mayakovsky: a woman worked as a theater lighting designer. In 1992, the actor has entered into a formal marriage with her lover. Wife in 1993, gave birth to the Novel Madanova the only and dearly beloved son Roman.

    Roman Madyanov c son
    With his son Roman | raparazzi

    All my free time, Roman Madyanov is trying to do in the family circle. It is known that the artist enjoys fishing. It’s his favorite hobby where he’s resting body and soul. His friends call him an avid spinner, and the actor considers himself «almost a Pro» in this hobby.


    • 1973 — «Completely gone»
    • 1989 — a Private detective, or Operation «Cooperation»
    • 2001 — «the citizen the chief»
    • 2001 — «Truckers»
    • 2003 — «the station»
    • 2004 — «Soldiers»
    • 2009 — «high security Vacation»
    • 2011 — «Loot»
    • 2014 — «Leviathan»
    • 2014 — «Poddubny»
    • 2015 — «Orlova and Aleksandrov»
    • 2015 — Big
    • 2016 — «the Groom»


    Roman Madyanov

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