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  • Name: Roman Kartsev ( Roman Anshelevich Kats )
  • Date of birth: 20 may 1939
  • Age: 77 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    The novel Kartsev: biography

    «Romka-actor» – as it was called in his native Odessa. «The Roman actor» he remains today in a few decades.

    Roman Kartsev (real name Katz) was born on 20 may 1939 in the family of the present inhabitants of Odessa for several generations. His childhood and youth his father passed on the famous Moldavanka, grandmother baked pies and sold them on the market. The father of the future actor was raised in a large family that had 11 children. He played football, and at night, when everyone had gone to bed, listened to «Voice of America». My mother was born and grew up in a cultural family. She spoke, was an educated woman who worked as the chief of OTK, and then a party organizer at the garment factory. Because of the differences in views between parents often raged with serious passion.

    During the war, Roman’s father was in the air force – were engaged in maintenance of aircraft, three times wounded, but came to Berlin. An affair with the mother at this time was in Omsk, where they were evacuated. After the victory of doing soccer dad could not, therefore, became an arbiter of matches. But the novel did not go into it – the boy was his childhood passion for stage performance. He loved to perform on stage, engaged in the drama club. Local criminals often came to watch his speech.

    At school, Kartseva was a craving for foreign languages. In grade 10 he had mastered French (Odessa it was not given even the pronunciation), easily played performances in the French language. Behavior at school suffered: Roman Kartsev was often making faces in the classroom, parodied teachers, but the certificate received.


    His theatrical life began in 1960 when the art Director of theatre «Parnassus-2» I noticed a talented young man and invited me to his work. There he first came on stage under the pseudonym Kartsev. There met with the same scene partner Viktor Ilchenko.

    In 1961 Kartsev and Ilchenko went from Odessa to Leningrad and got a job in the Theatre of miniatures of Arcady Raikin. Three years later he moved to Leningrad and Mikhail Zhvanetsky. In the Theater of miniatures Raikin Kartsev worked until 1969, and then returned to his native Odessa. Ilchenko and Zhvanetsky returned to his hometown with him. Here they began to work on creating his own theater.

    The three comedians have already managed to assert themselves, becoming the winner of all-Union pop artist contest, held in 1970. Roman Kartsev and Viktor Ilchenko spoke with pop miniatures, which the audience received with enthusiasm. In 1979 they moved to Moscow and worked in the Metropolitan Theater of miniatures. They participated in performances of «Midnight cabaret», «School of clowns», «Bird flight» and others.

    In 1987, the Theatre of miniatures was headed by their friend Mikhail Zhvanetsky. In 1992 there was Viktor Ilchenko – since that time, the novel Kartsev performs with solo performances. His repertoire includes works of Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Anton Chekhov, Mikhail Zoshchenko and other authors.


    Roman Kartsev, like any artist, wanted to be in a movie. To become a professional actor, he joined the film Institute and successfully graduated in 1972.

    The first role he played in the film «a Hard day – Monday». In his filmography there are still a few interesting roles. He played Shvonder in a Dog’s heart, Salomon in the «promised Heaven», the administrator of the theatre in the «Old nags».

    His partners on the set were Valentin Gaft, Liya Akhedzhakova, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Oleg Basilashvili.

    Personal life

    Roman Kartsev was amorous guy. He met a girl, immediately offered to marry her. He was a man with a sense of humor, athletic build and thick hair.

    With future wife Victoria and the actor met in Odessa. He was then 27 years old, she was 17. Vic worked in the corps de ballet, humorist noticed her immediately. He waited until she becomes an adult, and then immediately made an offer.

    Victoria was the daughter of a Colonel, 10 centimeters above Kartseva. The actor laughed that at the wedding they looked funny, but he liked it. Neither he nor her parents did not approve their choice, but the lovers have defended the right to their own happiness. They married in Leningrad, in the registry office came to watering the car was late.

    Soon the family had a daughter, then a son. The daughter Helen have two children, a son Paul went in his father’s footsteps and became an actor. Roman Kartsev is recognized that there have always been closer with her daughter, while the son would look to his mother.

    Roman and Victoria for many years, living in Moscow, but the artist says that the soul remained Odessa. To 70-anniversary of the Odessa authorities gave him an apartment on the French Boulevard. When Kartsev is in the hometown, be sure to walk the yards, in which he spent his childhood, and looks at the picturesque and Bringing to hear the real Odessa it.


    • «In style Jazz»
    • «The master and Margarita»
    • «Prediction»
    • «Drayman and the King»
    • «Promised heaven»
    • «Evil spirit»
    • «Long memory»
    • «Waves of the Black sea»
    • «These old broads»
    • «Heart of a dog»


    Roman Kartsev

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