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  • Name: Roman Indyk ( Roman Indyk )
  • Date of birth: 5 March 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Kaluga
  • Activities: actor, playwright, Director
  • Marital status: married

    Roman Indyk: biography

    Roman Indic — Russian theater and film actor, playwright and Director, most known to viewers of teen sitcom «Fizruk» and the crime drama «the Invaders».

    Roman was born in Kaluga. In elementary school showed a tendency to exact Sciences, and soon her parents moved son in a specialized mathematical school, which Turkey successfully graduated and began to study the electronic hardware design at the Technical University named after Bauman. While studying in Moscow, the young man worked as a laborer and also engaged in trade of flowers.

    Later in his life were the acting Department VGIK. Remembers a novel, special dreams to be an artist he was not, it was an accident. In the film Institute he left because of a dispute with a friend, who claimed that an engineer can be anyone, but an actor… VGIK Turkey studied with Eugene Kindinov and Mikhail Lobanov and his classmates were Kristalevsky Oksana, Andrey Merzlikin and Aleksandr Bukharov.

    Later Roman Indyk received his third degree. He graduated from the faculty of classical Philology at the University, and there studied ancient philosophy and literature.

    The first job of the novice actor was the Moscow theatre clowns Teresa Durov, and in parallel he played in antrepriznyh performances, collaborating with the theatre «IWANT», «the Practice» and teatrom.Doc. Over time, the actor tried to write plays, and then he began to put them on stage. From his pen came the solo performance of «Last tango Casanova», as well as a very popular project «Office b**dstvo» in which every once played a variety of stories related to computer games and their effects on people.

    Tried Roman Indyk to work in television: in 2008, he was a leading documentary program «Secret signs», dedicated to the mysteries of nature, human or cosmic.


    His debut in the movie Roman Indyk in 2000, starring together with Christina Aguilera in the Comedy «Real events», and the country spoke about it after the release on television screens 8-serial melodrama «I Devised an escape», which covered the story of an entire era.

    Pretty good actor considers his work in the TV series «Queens» is about a tragic period in the life of the founder of space exploration. In this picture, the Turkey plays a Soviet inventor and rocket scientists Friedrich Zander.

    All-Russian fame the Novel brought the role of the irresponsible headmaster albert M. youth in a Comedy series «Fizruk».

    Another significant work in the career of Indica – crime drama «the Invaders», where he got the role of the head raider of the company Dmitry Shumilov. The actor went so deep into the image of the hero-Superman that many fans began to associate the character with themselves.

    In General, the novel Indyk prefers to play negative roles, and does so quite deliberately, as it believes that positive characters, such as Sergei from the Comedy «Daddy’s boy», there are some insincere. In addition, through the image of the villain, the actor is much more interesting to reveal human destiny.

    Personal life

    Roman Indic for many years married, and in 2009 his son was born.

    The actor is a very sociable person, happy to answers questions of fans. As well as posts on social networks, their well described reflections on life, life, religion, politics and willing to chat on any topic of openly expressing their own reasoned opinion.

    Every morning Roman Indyk begins with the study of current news and within 15 minutes his family should not disturb the head of the family. But the rest of the time he is fully dedicated to family and work.


    • 2003 — I Devised an escape
    • 2002 — Gravity
    • 2004 — always say «Always» 2
    • 2005 Star of the era
    • 2006 — Daddy’s boy
    • 2007 — Queens
    • 2009 — Invaders
    • 2013 — At risk
    • 2014 — PE teacher
    • 2015 — Spider


    Roman Indyk

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