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  • Name: Roman Curtin ( Roman Kurtsyn )
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: Actor, stuntman
  • Family: married Anna Nazarova

    Roman Curtin: a biography

    Hometown popular Russian actor and stuntman, sex symbol of the STS of the Novel Kurzyna — Kostroma. Here he was born in a simple family, which had nothing to do with theater at all irrelevant: Roman’s father was in the police station, and his mother worked as a Secretary in the school of chemical protection. However, already at an early age, watching adventure Soviet films, the boy dreamed of a film career. Particularly fascinated by the future artist famous film adaptation of «the Three Musketeers» with Mikhail Boyarsky.

    Such passion in no way contributed to the success of the school. To the tenth grade, as recognized by the actor, his training is not so interesting that he even read the syllables. Reached before that for the chronic truancy of the Novel would be excluded from school. Then mom put a strict condition: if she sees in the certificate of the son of one of three theatrical institution can not see him. It made the future of an actor to pull myself together and outlet the young man made up for the entire school curriculum, to then go to the Yaroslavl state theatrical Institute.

    Studies in theatre given to the student is not easy, several times Curtin was in the list of candidates for elimination. Despite the difficulties, the actor is still thankful and grateful to the head of his class, Alexander’s Cousin for a conscientious mentoring activities.


    The debut of a young actor was already on the fourth course. Having concluded a contract with the Sverdlovsk film Studio, Curtin was soon invited to audition for the historical and Patriotic series «the Road to Mangazeya», which later changed its name to «Silver». First novel auditioned for the role of the second plan, but remembered a Slavic type and very convincing performance so impressed the management that Curtin got in the novel one of the main roles. During the filming Curtin has mastered many tricks, which contributed to the excellent physical form.

    Then there was a small part of the rural musician Ivan in the movie «Happy journey» and shooting in the series «the champion» in which Curtin played the hero-lover, the city heartthrob Denis Bekhterev. By the way, while studying at the Institute of the actor often said that his appearance could hinder his career: a character pumped up blue-eyed blonde is not suitable for serious roles. Roman didn’t take it seriously.

    But still the difficulty with the statement on the role arose. The Director of the series «the Sword» believed that Curtin did not fit, and the Novel was a lot of work to convince him otherwise. He came to audition five times, where demonstrated skills and stunts. In the end Corcino was able to succeed: in the series, he played the sniper Konstantin Orlov.

    First feature film, which starred Curtin, became a psychological drama by Dmitry Tyurin «Thirst», which has been noted on «Kinotavr» award for best male ensemble of young artists. The actor himself has received for the role of Gena in the film prizes at the festival «Amur autumn», «Provincial Russia» and «Won together», as well as at the international film festival in Honfleur.

    Of the most notable of the recent works we can note the post-apocalyptic series «Ship», where Curtin was played by max Grigoriev, and crime drama about life in post-war Leningrad, «Leningrad 46», where the audience could see the actor in the image of the boxer Ponkratova.

    As Curtin says, «the Ship» it was very useful stunt training , as had, among other things, scuba diving. To keep yourself in good shape immediately after the shooting he spent several hours in the gym.


    In addition to working in film Roman plays in several contemporary theatre productions. Theatrical biography Kurzyna has up to a dozen performances, including «Passion under the elms» by the American playwright Eugene o’neill, «Carousel for Mr. Freud» by Schnitzler, as well as romantic Comedy «Very simple story» of the Russian screenwriter Maria Lado.

    The novel is the organizer and co-founder of stunt theater «Airfilm», the guy is officially in the Guild of stuntmen of Russia.

    Personal life

    The personal life of the Novel Kurzyna, the current sex symbol of the channel STS, the school was full of loving adventures. While studying at the Institute, the actor fell in love with his classmate Anna Nazarov. At the time the novel was in a relationship, and his girlfriend learned about his secret feelings, Kurzyna kicked out of the house. Actor settled in Nazarova, the romance between them developed quickly and ended with the wedding. In 2012, a family of actors son was born.

    Now Roman Curtin and Anna Nazarova live in Yaroslavl, and to Moscow leaves only on the subject. Recently the couple purchased the apartment and is now engaged in its arrangement. Roman Curtin and his wife often in the movies, and, as recognized head of the family, all the free time he tries to spend with loved ones.


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    Roman Curtin: photo

    Roman Curtin

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