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  • Name: Roman Ageev ( Ageev Roman )
  • Date of birth: 17 January 1974
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Polyarnye Zori
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Roman Ageev: a biography

    Wonderful actor Roman Ageev more familiar to viewers than fans of a great movie. His filmography is full of TV series and films shot specifically for the television format. Its way into the world of cinema, he, like many other artists, started with theatre, where he continues to Shine to this day, delighting the audience with their acting talents.

    Roman was born in January 1974 in the town of Polyarnye Zori. His parents were far from the world of theatre, educating his son in severity. Often for their wrongdoings or shenanigans for a long time stood in the corner, or was beaten with a belt. Then it seemed to him that these penalties are too harsh and not deserved, but many years later the artist grateful to my parents for how they raised him.

    The love of theatre by Ageev appeared in childhood, then he began to dream about the profession of actor. Roman liked to transform into other people and live their rather ambiguous fate. The future actor had presented himself in the role of a character while watching a movie and knew that after school will go to the theatre.

    Roman Ageev: theatre

    Ageev has submitted documents to the Academy of theatre arts in Saint Petersburg and, despite some serious competition, was able to enter the acting Department. The head of the Novel became a famous artist Semyon Yakovlevich Spivak, which greatly influenced the formation of the theatrical preferences of the young actor. In 1999, Roman graduated from the Academy and on the invitation of the Singer got into the troupe of the Youth theatre on the Fontanka.

    The repertoire and the number of roles the young actor has increased every year. First, he was entrusted with the role of the king with the staging of «the Winter’s tale.» And further, when an actor fully revealed their talents, Ageev began to play a major role, in particular the character Othello in the play based on the work of Shakespeare. In the performance of the Novel a classic of British literature sparkle with new colors and a story appeared in a completely different light.

    In 2005, due to the high workload and demand in the movie the novel have moved to a contractual relationship with the theater and began to play in several other well-known institutions in St. Petersburg.

    Roman Ageev: movies

    Yesterday’s graduate of the Academy in the movie were greeted with open arms. The fact that the novel was not afraid to begin his career with television films and series, which often don’t have too much respect for his colleagues. It turned out that the type of actor — a good body and manly face — very popular in the same genre, and it is allowed on almost immediately to find its niche. The first work of the actor became the role of a bandit «storage Shed» in the cult TV series «Gangster Petersburg». The novel perfectly blends into the image, which further enabled the Directors to call him to the insults of such a plan. For example, Ageev was invited to play the character of crime boss Alika in the TV film «Sisters», which was attended by the Director Sergei Bodrov and the rising star Oksana Akinshina.

    Separately, there is his participation in the Comedy project «the Garden» that was released in 2008. The film is an adaptation of Chekhov’s «the Cherry orchard». When the Novel called the Studio and offered to go casting for a role Lopukhin, the actor was initially in shock. First he was surprised by the format of the project, as Russia’s quite rare to see the adaptation of classic works. Ageev arrived to audition and was very impressed from the style of the Director Sergey Ovcharov, who confirmed the actor for the role of a blacksmith. As the character allowed him to move away from its role and show the audience a completely different side of his acting talent.

    Every year since his participation coming out in 2-3 series. The actor took part in the filming of the serial of paintings «Black crow», «Palmistry», «the Foundry» and «the Musketeers of Catherine». In the last novel played count Grigory Orlov.

    One of the last pictures, released with the participation Ageev, is a crime drama «Leningrad-46», which tells about life in post-war St. Petersburg. But even in this historic, in fact, the film the actor had to play the role of a gangster named Ivan, who is a member of the gang Master. The filming was conducted a year and a half, and on television it was released in March of 2015.

    Roman Ageev: personal life

    Despite the huge theatre experience and many played roles in the movie, the novel is not enough public face. He rarely gives interviews, limited to short comments. It is known that their love affair had met in the ‘ 90s and married in 1998. His wife’s name is Elena, and nothing more is known about her, but about their own children Ageev says with pleasure. The family educates the boy of Oleg and the girl Martha, actor and dreams about the third child.

    All his spare time, the novel pays to the upbringing and education of children. Wife teaches them music, while the actor reads the story and helps in the study of the exact Sciences. Every summer, the happy family spends in the Crimea, which has a positive effect on children’s health.

    Roman Ageev: filmography

    • Gangster Petersburg. Film 1. Baron
    • Lethal force
    • Sisters
    • Black Raven
    • The palmist
    • Catherine Musketeers
    • Garden
    • Foundry
    • Hard case
    • Leningrad 46

    Roman Ageev: photos

    Roman Ageev

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