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  • Name: Rolan Bykov ( Rolan Bykov )
  • Date of birth: 12 October 1929.
  • Age: 68 years
  • Date of death: 6 Oct 1998
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: actor, film Director, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Rolan Bykov: biography

    Rolan Bykov — a Soviet and Russian actor, Director and screenwriter, people’s artist of the USSR. He became famous thanks to such films as «call the fire itself», «Aibolit 66», «two comrades were Serving», «Scarecrow» and many other interesting paintings.

    Roland was the second son in the military family of Anton Mikhailovich Bykov and his wife, actress took place of Ella Matusova Sitnyakovskii. Interestingly, when the design documents, the passport guy made a lot of mistakes: first, instead of October in the birth certificate put down the month of November, and second, mess up in the name and patronymic. So Rolan Antonovich for papers has long been a Roland Anatolyevich.

    Parents Roland and his older brother Geronimo a few years divorced and the father of the boy was never seen again. According to rumors, he was killed in the war. The mother transported the children to Moscow, where their childhood, except for the evacuation to Yoshkar-Ola in the beginning of the great Patriotic war.

    1939 Roland began to show serious interest in the theater. He studied in the Studio «Spring» at the House of Pioneers. By the way, along with him he visited the Studio of the future famous film Director Alexander Mitta. After high school Bulls did in all of the Moscow theatre universities. And even though abilities of the young man, no one had complaints, due to the small stature he was denied one Institute after another. Only school named after Boris Shchukin decided not to pay attention to anthropometric data and have enlisted the talented guy in the students.

    Graduate as an actor and Director has collaborated with many theatres, such as the Moscow Theatre and the Lenkom. And that Rolan Bykov, he founded the Amateur Student theatre of Moscow state University, and, without having the official permission. For such arbitrariness, he was in big trouble, including imprisonment, but in this case, played into the hands of the bureaucratic system, as agencies could not decide who should understand the act of birth. And soon he stood up the famous theater actress Alexandra Yablochkina, the theatre was granted the right to exist.

    Later Rolan Antonovich worked as an actor, Director and artistic Director of the Association «Youth» at the Studio «Mosfilm», and was the Director of the all-Union Centre of cinema and television for children and youth.


    Debuted in movie Rolan Bykov in the mid 50-ies. Like many actors, he started with small roles in such films as «Pedagogical poem», «Ways and destiny», «School of courage». But in the film adaptation of Gogol’s «the Overcoat» depicted Akaky Bashmachkin and this role was his first major work.

    For her there was a lot of interesting appearances on the screen. A large number of films is to provide military drama «call the fire itself» and «two comrades were Serving», the Comedy «I step through Moscow», «Big change» and «Balzaminov’s Marriage», a historical tape «the Last relic» and «Andrei Rublev».

    A lot Rolan Antonovich appeared in films for young audiences. Memorable roles in fairy tales become the dark knight in «Aibolit 66» cowardly hunter «About little Red riding Hood», the cat Basilio in «the Adventures of Pinocchio». In General, the Bulls showed himself as an actor, able to squeeze the most out of the short episode. That only is it absolutely brilliant scene in the movie «Philadelphia» where he portrays the speech therapist that he can’t pronounce half of the letters!

    But talking about movies Rolan Bykov, it is impossible to ignore his directorial work. For the first time he sat on the other side of the camera in 1962 he directed the Comedy «Seven nurses». A year later he made another hilarious movie «Lost summer», which won the main prize of the youth competition at the Cannes film festival.

    After that, the Director is completely focused on the children’s movie – musical tale «Aibolit 66», the school story «Attention, turtle!», family musical «Car, violin and blot the dog». Absolutely unrivalled children’s social drama is considered his painting «the Scarecrow», starring the Bulls took a young Christina Aguilera, and he played her grandfather. By the way, he often appeared in his paintings, sometimes unexpected roles. For example, in the movie «Attention, a turtle!» took a female image, and in the film «Car, violin and blot the dog» played several characters.

    Recently, the Director focused on short films, one of which «I here never come back» is one of the strongest representatives of this genre. The film is about a girl banished forever drunken mother, just turns the viewer’s consciousness from the inside out.

    Personal life

    Rolan Bykov was married twice. His first wife, the actress Lydia Knyazev, best known for playing monkey Chi-Chi in the tale «Aybolit 66». Their children they had, and they adopted a boy, Oleg. Foster son for a couple of years experienced a Rolan Antonovich.

    The second marriage of the Bulls has signed with actress Elena Sanaevoj, which created a chic Duo of cat Basilio and Fox Alice in the children’s film «the adventures of Pinocchio». Elena from a previous relationship, had a son Paul, and Roland raised him as their own child.


    In the mid 90-ies of the Rolan Bykov was diagnosed with a severe form of lung cancer. In 1996 he underwent surgery, but surgery could prolong the life of actor and Director only for two years. October 6, 1998, he died while in a Moscow hospital, and was buried at Novodevichy cemetery.

    Filmography of the actor

    • 1959 — the Overcoat
    • 1964 — call the fire itself
    • 1966 Aybolit — 66
    • 1967 — Commissioner
    • 1968 — two comrades were Serving
    • 1971 — Check on road
    • 1972 — Big change
    • 1975 — The Adventures Of Pinocchio
    • 1985 — the Defendant
    • 1993 — Grey wolves

    Filmography of the Director

    • 1962 Seven nurses
    • 1963 — Lost summer
    • 1966 Aybolit — 66
    • 1970 — Attention, turtle!
    • 1971 — Telegram
    • 1974 Car, violin and blot the dog
    • 1982 — Wedding gift
    • 1983 — Scarecrow
    • 1990 — I’m never coming back
    • 1992 — As children?


    Rolan Bykov

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