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  • Name: Roksana Babayan ( Babayan Roksana )
  • Date of birth: 30 may 1946
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Tashkent
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: singer and actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married Mikhail Derzhavin

    Roksana Babayan: biography

    Roksana Babayan — pop singer, actress, TV presenter, people’s artist of Russia. Fame came to her in the 70-ies, and the second wave of popularity came in the ‘ 90s, when the singer was a constant participant of the show «song of the year» and «Blue light».

    Roxana was born in Tashkent. Her father, Ruben M. was a civil engineer, and mother Seda G. — well known in the framework of the Uzbek capital pianist and composer. The mother taught Roxanne the basics of music, showed how to play the piano, instilled a love of vocal arts. And the girl is still in elementary school I thought of becoming a singer, but adamantly against such a path was a father.

    At the insistence of the head of the family after school Roxanne arrives in Tashkent Institute of railway engineers, where he began to study at the faculty of industrial and civil construction.

    But to get to join dad did, but the ban to participate in Amateur art activities – no. From the first course gifted girl took prize-winning places in city and Republican festivals.

    In the end, one of the competitions she was noticed by the head of the State variety orchestra of Armenia, people’s artist of the USSR Constantine Orbelyan. He invited Babayan in Yerevan and included a number of leading soloists of the band. But the University Roxanne did not quit and were able to combine a singing career with teaching, having received the diploma of civil engineer.

    Looking ahead, we note that this education was not the only one. In 1983, Roksana Babayan graduated from GITIS with administrative-economic direction, and in the late 90s and even the Moscow pedagogical University in an accelerated program, took a course of psychology. On this science, she and dissertation.


    As mentioned above, the professional career of Roxana Babayan began in Armenia in the orchestra Constantine Orbelian. There, she performed mainly jazz, but in the next ensemble VIA «Blue guitar» repertoire was more rock. With this group Babayan touring the country, performing at international festivals.

    The highest point of the career of Roxana in the «Blue guitars» became a vocal contest «Dresden 1976», where the singer sang an unusual song «Rain» and became a laureate. And some songs Babayan had to translate into German, what she did and received the support of the jury, although it is usually at this festival, winning the German performers.

    After this unexpected success Roksana Babayan leaves the band and starts a solo career. Her repertoire changed again, this time in the direction of pop music and pop hits. In «Song 77» singer made the song «And once again the sun surprised» and caught the attention of the country not only as the owner of a very powerful voice, but also appearance, and artistry. According to the results 77 and 78 Babayan entered the 6-a-Boo the most popular singers of the USSR.

    In the following decade, she collaborates with the firm «Melody» released many singles, and three full-length albums, «When you’re with me,» «Roxanne» and «the Other woman». The most famous songs of that period are «Two women», «Yerevan», «a long conversation». In the early 90-ies, the singer takes time off from touring, but in that moment start to appear on her music videos – «Ocean glass tears», «love», as well as the first domestic animated video for «the East — business thin».

    But the new appearance of the singer in the show «song of the year» becomes a triumph. The fall in the rotation of the new song «Sorry», «Say after the farewell», «you can’t love someone else’s husband», «fellow Traveler» and many others.

    After a very long break in 2013, Roksana Babayan again records the smash hit «the Course to oblivion», after which gets into the Studio and released a full album «Formula of happiness».


    In the 90-ies, just suspend his musical activities, Roksana Babayan begins to film. Of course, she took this new experience more as entertainment, so participated only in the movies of his friend, film Director Anatoly Aramyan, and only in comedies. But some pictures are quite famous, for example, «Womanizer», «My sailor», «Impotent». On set Roxanne starred with Alexander Shirvindt, Irina Muravyova, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Alexander by Pankratov-Black and many other Russian artists.

    Babayan also managed to debut on the theatrical stage, playing in the Comedy «Hanuma» a major role. For the actress, this performance is a symbol of absolute harmony, with all the apparent confusion and hilarity she believes that the main idea of the play in a good human relationship to other people.

    Personal life

    First time Roksana Babayan married a musician in the orchestra Constantine Orbelian. But the marriage was not too long and the couple divorced, but remained in good relations.

    In the mid-80s, the singer met actor Mikhail Derzhavin. They instantly found a common language, and soon Roxanne moved to Moscow.

    For Michael this marriage was also not the first: he had previously been married to the daughter of the legendary pop artist Arkady Raikin, and then the daughter of Marshal Budyonny.

    Their children have Babayan there, so it implements maternal feelings, helping orphans and abandoned «our younger brothers». Roxane is the President of the Russian League of protection of homeless animals.


    • 1978 — Sings Roxana Babayan
    • 1984 — When you’re with me
    • 1988 — Roxanne
    • 1990 — the Other woman
    • 1996 — magical Enchantment
    • 2013 — the Course to oblivion
    • 2014 — the Formula of happiness


    • 1990 — Womanizer
    • 1990 — My sailor
    • 1992 New Odeon
    • 1994 — Third is not superfluous
    • The 1994 Groom from Miami
    • 1996 — Impotent
    • 1998 — Diva Mary


    Roksana Babayan

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