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  • Name: Rodrigo Santoro ( Rodrigo Junqueira dos Reis Santoro )
  • Date of birth: 22 August 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: petrópolis, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Height: 190
  • Activity: Brazilian actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Rodrigo Santoro biography

    Rodrigo Junqueira DOS Reis Santoro – is the full name of a sex symbol and Hollywood stars. But grateful fans of the actor, who became famous after the release of the blockbusters «300 Spartan» and «Che,» his name is Rodrigo Santoro.

    Rodrigo was born in the late summer of 1975, in the Brazilian city of Petropolis. In the veins of the boy flowed not only Brazilian but also has Spanish blood. He grew up and was formed in a family where art was imbued with all home-like atmosphere. Mother is a Brazilian sculptor and artist Maria Jose instilled son a love of all things beautiful. And from his father – the engineer Francesco Santoro – Rodrigo’s strong character and ability to persevere to the goal.

    Artistry relatives said the son was still in high school. The boy without hesitation, acted in Amateur theatricals and feel free on the stage.

    But after receiving a high school diploma young Santoro became a student of the Pontifical Catholic University, by the faculty of journalism. However, pretty soon the young man realized that his chosen profession does not attract. Much greater interest was the cinema. Therefore, Rodrigo was transferred from the University at the actors Studio, which worked with the popular TV channel «rede Globo».


    A cinematic biography of Rodrigo Santoro after the transfer began to develop rapidly. A bright young man involved in several Brazilian soap operas. Debut in the melodrama «eye to Eye» was very successful. The novice Actor noticed, and in 1994 the audience was watching his game in the Brazilian soap Opera «My family» which was broadcast in Prime time.

    To play TV shows Rodrigo Santoro continued to the end of the 1990s. the Best tape, which got a resounding success in Brazil, wore say the name: «the explosion in the heart», «love is in the air», «Gentle poison» and others. To the Hollywood film industry during these years, the actor was involved only as an artist of sound.

    First significant role in a feature film went to Santoro in 2001. On the big screens out the picture «the seven-headed beast,» in which Rodrigo got the image of a hero, what a twist of fate ended up in a psychiatric clinic. This challenging role has brought the recognition of Brazilian film critics and the first national rewards. And international popular. Because the picture, taken in the heat of Brazil, was nominated for a Golden globe as best foreign project.

    In 2003, Rodrigo was invited to appear in the Italian film «the Roman spring of Mrs. stone». Shooting for two months was held in Rome, and partner Santoro was great Helen Mirren. The film received high ratings and good reviews. But most importantly, he has opened up Rodrigo doors to Hollywood, he had dreamed of since childhood.

    The first tape of the Hollywood blockbuster «Charlie’s Angels 2: Full throttle» – brought the Brazilian world popularity. To strengthen it took part in the Christmas Comedy «love actually.» This was an international hit, after which Rodrigo Santoro became a recognized Hollywood star.

    But the Brazilian does not miss any chance to become more successful and popular. He refuses to work in advertising. In 2002, starred in commercials with his star compatriot Gisele Bundchen. And in 2004, appears in the is the legendary perfume «Chanel №5» is paired with Nicole Kidman.

    As for the cinema, then another starring role goes to the star rating in the TV series «lost» and the blockbuster «300 Spartans». In the latter project the actor have to work hard. He intensely to build muscle and underwent the painful process of epilation of the entire body. And for a better understanding of the image of the Persian king Xerxes, Santoro read a few treatises of Herodotus.

    Of the most outstanding new films in which there are Brazilian-Hollywood sex symbol in recent years, it can be noted picture «33», «300: rise of an Empire,» «Rio, I love you» and «Ben-Hur».

    Personal life

    Hot Brazilian first fell in love when he was barely 14. Two years lasted his love affair with Brazilian star screen woman Loing, Piovani. But one novel was replaced by another: the private life Rodrigo Santoro intertwined with the life of the beautiful model Ellen Jabour. The pair met 4 years, but in 2008 it became known that the relationship stopped.

    During these years the actor has repeatedly made to the lists of the most beautiful and sexy people in the world. In 2004, he got a list of the 50 beauties in magazine «People», and in 2006, Santoro took the 12th place in the same publication as the sexiest man alive».

    Today Santoro although deservedly ranked among the stars of the dream factory, but in Los Angeles to move in a hurry. The main time he spends at home in Rio de Janeiro. It is known that he had a lot of time and effort devotes to charity.


    • «Carandirú»
    • «Real love»
    • «300 Spartans»
    • «Che»
    • «I love you, Phillip Morris»
    • «Delicate poison»
    • «To stay alive»
    • «Rio, I love you»
    • «Ben-Hur»


    Rodrigo Santoro

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