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  • Name: Rodrigo Duterte ( Rodrigo Roa Duterte )
  • Date of birth: 28 March 1945
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Maasin, Philippines
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: politician, lawyer, President of the Philippines
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Rodrigo Duterte: biography

    Rodrigo ROA Duterte — President of the Asian States, the Philippines from 30 June 2016, the Western press dubbed «the Executioner», a local newspaper affectionately referred to as «Childbirth». By education he is a lawyer and in politics for more than two decades: for a long time Duterte held the position of mayor of Davao city in Mindanao. Rodrigo is characterized by rigidity methods and views, he often resorts to unpopular measures is a policy that abstracts the Philippines from Europe and the United States. Repeatedly in the heat of President Rodrigo Duterte expressed their opinions in an offensive manner, resorting to profanity.

    Rodrigo Duterte mom
    With my mother Soledad ROA | Notey

    Rodrigo was born in the spring of 1945 in the city Magazine, which is located on the Philippine island of Leyte. His mother Soledad ROA, was a schoolteacher and his father Vicente Duterte, a lawyer by training, later went into the political field. Vicente was mayor of Danao city, and then became the Governor of Davao. From Rodrigo has two sisters, the elder and the younger. The future President was a good student in elementary school, but in adolescence began to make itself felt its explosive nature. In the biography of Rodrigo Duterte stated that it was twice expelled from school for bad behaviour, which was reflected in the aggression and insults not only classmates, but also teachers.

    Rodrigo ROA Duterte
    Rodrigo ROA Duterte | The White Square Journal

    However, the boy managed to finish the Academy of the Holy cross in Digos and even to go to a prestigious school at capital University, where he received a bachelor of arts degree. Later Duterte graduated from still College of Law and received the right to practice law. As a lawyer Rodrigo was promoted to Deputy chief Prosecutor of Davao city, after which he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and began his political career.


    Before becoming President, Rodrigo Duterte held several less important positions. After the Yellow revolution of 1986, he became Vice-mayor of Davao city, and two years later independently led the city. People are very respected him and repeatedly reelected to this position until allowed by the Constitution. By the way, Rodrigo’s idea to appoint Vice mayor representatives of two different Philippine peoples, which subsequently becomes a standard practice across the country.

    Rodrigo Duterte
    More than 20 years Duterte he occupied the chair of mayor of Davao city | U. S. News

    After the law Duterte could no longer be mayor, as he was in that chair for three consecutive terms, he went into the House of representatives. But in 2001, he ran again and regained the city. And, again, has occupied this position for three terms. As mayor of Duarte began to lead a tough fight with the drug dealers and the drug problem. He built a rehabilitation Center, and stated that I would be paying a tidy sum to anyone who would want to give up drugs. At his own expense Rodrigo assisted the victims of Typhoon Haiyan by sending rescuers and medics to the injured. In addition, he is an active supporter of the protection of the rights of Filipino women, therefore, enjoys support from the feminist organizations.

    Rodrigo Duterte
    Duterte — patriot | InforexNews

    Formed in childhood, the hard unyielding nature and manifested in adulthood. Duterte imposed anti-Smoking law in Davao, and once you know that one of the customers of the bar violates this provision, have personally come to the school and forced them to swallow the cigarette butt. The name of the mayor and President Rodrigo Duterte directly due to the punitive institutions known as «death squads of Davao». These associations carried out executions of criminals, especially drug traffickers without trial. The corpses then revealing exported outside of the city. Rodrigo himself is still convinced that the best measure to combat organized crime – an immediate execution. For such statements, he repeatedly criticised by the Philippine Commission on human rights.

    Rodrigo Duterte
    The President’s speech often is expressive | duct tape

    In the summer of 2016, the mayor became the President of the Philippines. He officially declared war on drug trafficking, promised extrajudicial killings across the country, and in his spitche used profanity. Duterte again had to face criticism from the US and Europe, to which Rodrigo replied in his manner. He quite aggressively stated that he is considering the question of withdrawal from the Philippines of the United Nations, called UN Secretary-General’s «fool», EU – «biblical purgatory» and also insulted the American President Barack Obama by sending «the devil» and referring to his mother. Before Obama Duterte officially apologized the same day, but other words do not take back.

    Rodrigo Duterte and Vladimir Putin
    With Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Their ideological allies, the President Duterte believes the head of Russia Vladimir Putin and General Secretary of China XI Jinping. This position, Rodrigo is not like all. In November 2016 was even an attempt on his life. A tuple with the personal protection of the President was attacked on the eve of his visit to the city of Marawi. The attack, most likely, is a terrorist Islamist group «Mouth». He Duterte had to go that way later. The President showed bravery and courage, saying he was not going to cancel the trip and did not intend to change the route.

    Personal life

    Officially in my personal life Rodrigo Duterte had only one wife. In 1973, he combined legal marriage with Elizabeth Zimmerman, who bore him six children.

    Rodrigo Duterte and Elizabeth Zimmerman
    With Perovi wife Elizabeth Zimmerman | Rappler

    Eldest daughter Sarah became the successor of his father as mayor of Davao city. After 27 years, married Rodrigo and Elizabeth waited for the collapse. A couple of divorced through a civil court, which would allow former spouses to live separately. Later the wife of Rodrigo, Duarte was diagnosed with cancer of the third degree, and she went through chemo, which the doctors are fighting for her cancer.

    Rodrigo Duterte with his wife and daughter
    With Cielito Avancena and daughter kitty | GMANetwork

    Today, Rodrigo is Duterte officially a bachelor but lives in a de facto marriage with a nurse Cielito Avancena, which gave him a seventh child, a daughter Veronica. In the family of the girl everyone calls «kitty».


    Rodrigo Duterte

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