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  • Name: Nahapetov, Rodion ( Rodion Nakhapetov )
  • Date of birth: 21 January 1945.
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Soviet, American, Russian actor, Director and screenwriter, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married to Natalia, Shlyapnikov

    Rodion Nahapetov : the biography

    Rodion Rafailovich Nahapetov was born in January 1944 in the Ukrainian city of Pyatikhatki. The birth was difficult. Mom Rodion Rafailovich Galina Prokopenko during the great Patriotic war was connected underground organization. Being pregnant, the woman performed an important task. On the way to the goal Galina was captured. At the last moment the shooting was replaced by concentration camp where an underground fighter managed to escape. In the last month of pregnancy, a woman came under bombing. In the ruins of one of the houses of the village Pyatihatki of Dnipropetrovsk region, she gave birth to a son, naming it the same as an underground organization in the homeland.

    After the war, father’s birthplace nahapetova – Armenian Rafail Tatevosov Nahapetov has left to his home, where he had family. The boy has long believed his father killed during the war. First, Galina Prokopenko son lived with his mother in a village in kryvorizhzhya. Then the woman got a job as a teacher in one of the schools of Dnepropetrovsk. But in 1951 she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was hospitalized. Homeland until 1954 he lived in an orphanage.

    When Nahapetov received a passport, an employee of the passport office decided that the name «homeland» is a mistake. Thus, Nahapetov was named Rodin. And Rodion he was when he released his first film, and editors have inserted to obscure the name of the letter «o».

    In his youth, Rodion, like many peers, dreamed of a naval school. But as the boy was instructed to play on new year’s spectacle bear. That’s when Rodion began to think about acting. He soon began attending drama club.

    After school, Rodion Nahapetov on the first attempt became a student of VGIK from which he graduated in 1965.


    A cinematic biography of Rodion nahapetova began in his student years. The debut was the role of the Genes in the movie «Lives a guy» Vasily Shukshin. In the same 1964 Nahapetov starred in the second film – «First snow», where the audience saw the image of the poet Circle. A year later the Director Marlen Khutsiev invited the young actor in his film about the youth of the 1960s. It was called «I’m twenty years old».

    At the end of VGIK nahapetova noticed Director mark Donskoy, inviting role in his novels «mother’s Heart» and «loyalty to the mother». In these pictures Rodion Nahapetov played Vladimir Lenin in the young and Mature age.

    But popularity came to an actor after the release on the domestic screens of two paintings Elyor ishmuhamedova called «Tenderness» and «Lovers». After these films Nahapetavan entrenched image of the reticent intellectual, in a sense, the hero of his time. In the latter film, Rodion Nahapetov played a fire-bomber, which the Director has given some biographical information, the actor. Even the name – Rodin – was taken from the biography of the artist.

    First award Nahapetov received after the release of the film «no Password needed» Grigoriev and Shvyreva. For the role of scout Isaeva, the jury of the all-Union film festival awarded him the first prize.

    Popularity and audience award came to Nahapetova after the role of cameraman Pototsky in the drama «Slave of love». This film by Nikita Mikhalkov, was released in 1976, it was watched by millions of Soviet viewers.

    Another piece of work, raised artist but a new stage, it is the role of a courageous naval Aviator Alexander Belobrova. The picture of the «Torpedo» was released in 1983 and brought Nahapetova Silver medal Dovzhenko State prize of the USSR.

    In 2004, 35 years after the release of the picture ishmuhamedova «Lovers» that brought Rodion Rafailovich Nahapetov first in popularity, there was a film «Enamoured-2», where the actor played a former hero of the Motherland, aged 20 years.


    In 1972, Rodion Nahapetov received a diploma from the directing Department VGIK, where he studied in the workshop of Talankin. Since 1978 he is Director and actor «Mosfilm». The debut work of novice Director was the short film «Remember?» and «dandelion Wine».

    Full-length debut, nahapetova becomes a picture of «me without you», released in 1973 and presented at the festival in San Francisco and Belgium. This is the story of tragic love during the period of dispossession. The film received the award in Belgium.

    Even more noticeable tape nahapetova «On the edge» in 1975, which won the main prize at the International film festival in Ljubljana. The path of the film proved difficult, censorship saw it many chances that the Director had to fix it. But the picture still came out and were very warmly welcomed by the audience. Following the success of the Director is the film «Enemy».

    In the 1980s, Rodion Nahapetov takes a few pictures, but the most popular of them is a ribbon, «do Not shoot in white swans», received the prize of the all-Union film festival in Yerevan. Again, the Director has long fight with the censorship, but after the release of the film a huge success.

    The last project nahapetova implemented in the USSR, film «At the end of the night.» She didn’t get a large audience’s attention, but was seen and purchased for world distribution by a Hollywood Studio «XX century Fox».

    Soon Nahapetov received a job offer in America. He agrees and works in the United States from 1991 to 2003. The beginning was difficult, the Director has long been in demand. Success came when he was about to return to Russia. The Director signed the first contract to shoot the action-Packed Hollywood movie «Telepath». Thriller with elements of fantasy was released in 1997.

    Since the late 1990s Nahapetov and he created the production company «RGI Productions» cooperate with ORT. The fruit of this cooperation become «American» series «destructive power-2», named «Mission possible». Successful cooperation continues in the film «Russian in city of angels,» which reached the screen in 2002’s «Border Blues» (2004).

    In 2003, Nahapetov returned to Russia. After his arrival, he takes a few films, the most famous of which — «My big Armenian wedding» and «Intrusion». The last tape is autobiographical, it shows the real events that happened to the mother of Rodion nahapetova. The film received the award of Guild of actors of Russia.

    Personal life

    The first wife of actor and Director was Vera Glagoleva. With her Nahapetov met when they filmed the movie «On the edge». They married in 1974 and lived there until 1988. To this marriage were born two daughters, Anna and Maria.

    A painful break-up with Glagoleva has occurred after moving the Director to America, where he met Natasha, Shlyapnikov, who worked at the Association of independent television of America. She became a Manager nahapetova.

    After the divorce from his first wife Nahapetov signed with Shliapnikov. Together the couple has returned to Russia and live in Moscow.

    Filmography (actor)

    • The first snow
    • There is such a lad
    • Tenderness
    • Lovers
    • A mother’s heart
    • The password is not needed
    • Slave of love
    • Torpedo
    • The lovers-2
    • Director

    Filmography (Director)

    • With you and without you
    • At the end of the world…
    • Enemies
    • Do not shoot at white swans
    • At the end of the night
    • Psychic
    • Mission possible
    • Russians in the city of angels
    • Border Blues
    • My big fat Armenian wedding


    Rodion Nahapetov

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