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  • Name: Rodion Gazmanov ( Rodion Gazmanov )
  • Date of birth: 3 July 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: singer, musician, presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Rodion Gazmanov: biography

    Rodion Gazmanov was born on 3 July 1981 in Kaliningrad. From childhood the future artist was surrounded by a musical family. Famous singer Oleg Gazmanov and his wife Irina Gazmanov assumed that the son would follow in the footsteps of a stellar parent. And the parents were absolutely right, Rodion from an early age loved the stage. In 5 years the boy went to music school and learned piano. A year after this Gusmanovich family moved to Moscow, where Rodion continued education.

    The debut of young singer held in 1987, when my father recorded a video for the song «Lucy», and it aired the program «Morning mail». The song brought Rodion’s enormous popularity, he performed with her on stage, recorded on the album, which sold millions of copies. At first the fee the boy bought sweets and toys. Scene never scared Rodion, he often attended the concerts of the father, and felt fine even before millions of crowd.

    After school, the young artist was sent to study in England, where he stayed only 2 years. Rodion didn’t like the Albion, and he almost always wants to go home. Still, parents succumbed to the persuasion and her son returned to Moscow. At this time Gazmanov Jr. began to break down, and he decided to leave singing. The father knew the condition of the heir and did not interfere with its decisions.

    Parents raised a son self-sufficiency, because for 18 years Rodion had to work. The artist went from bartender to Manager of the night club. This experience was useful, Rodion knows how hard it is sometimes to make money, and do not want to waste them on the slightest whim.

    After some time the young singer decides to try his hand in business. He enrolled in the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, the faculty of financial management. As a student, Gazmanov has decided that he wants to be back on stage. Rodion gathered a group and started again to work on their own songs. Academy artist graduated with honors and worked for a time as a financial analyst. During the crisis the musician for some time was engaged in various projects of business, after which he decided to devote himself to music.

    Rodion Gazmanov: music

    Music and big stage is familiar Rodion Gazmanov since childhood. Was in the life of an artist moments when I wanted to abandon creativity and do something different, but genes still demanded his. In 2012 Rodion left all other Hobbies and closely engaged in the development of their own group. Albums and individual singles were very popular, and now drives with his songs sell better than. The lyrics to their songs the artist writes and edits himself. Therefore, each new song is unique and perfectly embodies the singer. Rodion never used his famous name, he since the childhood got used to achieve everything myself.

    Now a group of Rodion Gazmanov often travels with performances in different cities and even abroad. Often the singer performs with a famous father. In addition, he owns a prestigious night club in Moscow. Here the singer is also often the pleasure of the guests, speaking with another new song. Rodion plans to pursue a career in music and further develop your own group. Gazmanov-Junior sometimes attends literary evening in search of inspiration, likes to walk in the evening city and to lay out fragments of new texts to Twitter. In addition, the musician has his own blog where fans can observe changes in the life of an idol.

    Rodion Gazmanov: personal life

    At the moment, the singer is not married, despite some statements by the tabloids. In the words of Rodion, he plans to have a family and children, but it will be later.

    Gazmanov — people are quite sociable, but privacy assiduously protected from interference. Even friends of the singer prefer to remain silent on this topic. Rumor has it that the captain got a steady girl warm and trusting relationship.

    Rodion Gazmanov: discography

    • Squadron
    • Where the dome of the sky blue
    • Sailor
    • First round — 50 years
    • Seven feet under the keel
    • Protivogaz

    Rodion Gazmanov: photo

    Rodion Gazmanov

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