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  • Name: Robin Williams ( Robin Williams MacLaren )
  • Date of birth: 21 July 1951
  • Age: 63 years
  • Date of death: August 11, 2014
  • Place of birth: Chicago
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: American actor, screenwriter and producer
  • Marital status: was married to Susan Schneider

    Robin Williams: biography

    Robin Maclaurin Williams was born in Illinois in 1951. In the family of a successful top Manager of the company «Ford» by Robert Fitzgerald Williams and former model Laurie MacLaren Smith at the time of birth of Robin already had four children from previous marriages. Williams was very rich. When Robin was 11 years old, the family moved from Chicago to suburban Detroit, where he lived in a house with 40 rooms.

    Later, Williams said that the rich and the famous lineage (his father came from a prominent family in Evansville, and the mother was a great granddaughter of a Senator) did not bring him happiness. The boy was lonely and often spoke with the maids than with their parents. Expensive toys and luxury little comforted Robin, was overweight and so very shy. In his memoirs, about his childhood, the actor admitted that his only companion and friend in the early years, it was only his imagination.

    To overcome shyness and find friends Robin Williams helped a sense of humor, which is inherited from the mother. The first beauty of New Orleans once appeared at a charity evening in an expensive dress with a piece of dark tape on the teeth, gave food for gossip for a few days. When Robin grew up from child to teenager, he managed to become the most popular guy in the class. He not only brilliantly joked, but showed great acting ability, which developed in the drama club.

    After school, Robin Williams decided to pursue an acting school. In 1973 he became a student of the famous new York school Juliard where some time studying theater. But after 3 years it goes from there on the advice of his teacher, John Housman, who already then understood that he is a talented actor. Hausman advised Robin to go to Los Angeles, because here he had nothing to learn.


    Biography of Robin Williams began after moving to Los Angeles, where he first appeared on the stages of various clubs as a stand-up comedian. One day Robin saw the famous producer George Schlatter and invited him to his popular radio show «Laugh-In». But after some time, the project lost viewers and was closed. The young artist had to go back to previous performances in clubs. «Einstein of Comedy», as later described Robin Williams, amused the audience and in this field has managed to achieve considerable success. He was invited in the famous clubs of America and then to Britain where the artist is fast becoming very popular and in demand. Soon he was invited to «Show Richard Pryor». In the cast of this program wanted to get almost all the comics.

    The debut of Robin Williams in the movie took place in 1978. Director Garry Marshall saw the comedian in a club and invited him to play the alien in the TV series «Happy days.» Successful debut in the role of Mork gave producers the idea to create a sitcom called «Mork and mindy». It was released on the channel «ABC» in 1978 and was broadcast 4 years. Since then, Mork is the most recognizable character in the United States. The popularity of Robin Williams, that is, through the roof. His photographs appear on the covers of major Newspapers and magazines. The artist is a regular guest shows. And he begins to actively act in films. The main role in the film «Popeye» brought the actor more fame. 2 years later, in 1980, Robin Williams appeared in the Comedy film «the World according to GARP».

    But the incredible popularity of the artist had another, dark side. Robin became addicted to alcohol and drugs. To stay on this road, Williams was able after the tragic death of friend and colleague John Belushi. Said to help get rid of harmful addiction, the actor helped a friend of the owner of a Bicycle shop who gave Robin Williams a sports bike. This new hobby brought the artist to life.

    During this period, the actor opened a new facet of his talent – he starred in «serious» movie and proved that he is capable not only of comic roles. It happened in 1987 in the film «Good morning Vietnam» where he played the pacifist of Cronauer. For this work, Robin Williams received the first nomination on «Oscar». But the turning point in the career of the artist is becoming the role in the film «dead poets Society», released in 1988. Here Robin English literature teacher John Keating. After these two films Williams is perceived as the actor, which is the widest range of images and different roles.

    In the film «the Fisher King,» Robin appeared in the form of a tramp Perry. This role and went after her Central images in the film «Mrs. Doubtfire», «Jumanji», «Good will hunting» and «what dreams may come» finally approved actor on a par with Hollywood stars of the first magnitude. The film «Good will hunting» though gave small fees, but it brought the actor «Oscar».

    In the late ‘ 90s when Robin Williams passed for 50, he was already a Hollywood legend. But, nevertheless, the actor does not get tired to surprise with new facets of his talent. The most outstanding works of this period are the films «one hour Photo», «Kill Smuci», «Insomnia» and «the Secrets of the past». These tapes came out in the early 2000’s and immediately became my favorite box office hits.

    Personal life

    The first wife of Williams was the actress Valeria Velardi. With her he lived from 1978 to 1988. To this marriage was born Robin Williams son Zachary Tim. In 1989, the actor married the former nanny of his son – the March Grasses. To this Union were born daughter Zelda and son Cody Alan. The couple founded a production company, which released the film «Mrs. Doubtfire». In 2008, Marsha and Robin broke up.

    In 2011, he met Susan Schneider, who worked as a designer. As admitted Robin, he hoped that the new marriage will save him from severe depression.


    In 2006, Williams returned to alcohol. To get rid of the dependence, he turned for help to the rehabilitation center. After treatment, he starred in several bands, the most striking of which is «the zero Theorem» and «night at the Museum-3». The last film was released in 2014.

    In the summer of the same year, Robin Williams did not. Death was caused by suffocation. As examination has shown, the artist has committed suicide.

    Six months after the death of Robin Williams ex wife and children began the long and scandalous litigation on the division of property.


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    Robin Williams

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