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  • Name: Robin van Persie ( Robin van Persie )
  • Date of birth: 6 August 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Rotterdam
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: married

    Robin van Persie: the biography

    Robin van Persie is a famous Dutch football player, striker. Currently plays for the national team of the Netherlands and the English club «Manchester United».

    Born Robin van Persie 6 August 1983 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Your name the future player was in honor of Robin hood. His father Bob van Persie was an artist, and on the eve of the birth of an heir just illustrated a book about the noble bandit. In the family Robin was not the only child of his parents, Josie and Bob have two daughters – Lily and Christina.

    When Robin was 3, the family split up, and as a result of litigation the boy left with his father.

    Bob Percy raised her son alone, never having married. Education of the father, and the influence of the street affects the character of the guy. Because of the terrible behavior he even wanted to exclude from school.

    Unknown who would have grown up with the boy under the influence of «mischievous» environment of the street, if not for the decision of the father to give his football. My dad got the son to school the third largest club of Rotterdam – Excelsior. Already from the first lesson, Robin began to show leadership qualities and natural talent, and an aggressive disposition only contributed to the successful game boy.

  • Club career of Robin van Persie
  • In 2001, Robin van Persie began his professional soccer career, joining the club «Feyenoord». The scores of 2001-2002, van Persie was voted the best young player in the Netherlands, and until 2004, Robin remained the leading striker of the club. In total, Robin van Persie scored for Feyenoord 14 goals and played 61 games.

    Due to a conflict with coach Robin was sent to the reserve.

    However, in 2004, the footballer received an offer from the world-famous club Arsenal. While the gunners grieved at the departure of josé Antonio Raines and Dennis Bergkamp, so the transfer of a young player proved to be very helpful. Van Persie signed with Arsenal a contract for 4 years. Arsenal’s Robin played 91 matches and scored 31 goals. One of the most memorable matches Robin van Persie was the match «Charlton», during which the player scored a beautiful goal in gate of the rival from the corner of the foul line. They scored the ball recognized goal of the month.

    Despite all the injuries that plagued the player on every step of the way, Robin has become one of the best scorers of the English Premier League.

    August 15, 2012, after a lengthy bilateral negotiations, Robin van Persie moved from Arsenal «Manchester United». The amount of the transfer amounted to more than 22.5 million pounds. After five days, the footballer came on the pitch in the first team of the club in the match against Everton. His first goal for Manchester United, scored 25 August in the match against Fulham, and 2 Sep 2012 his hat-trick helped the «red devils» won a strong-willed victory over «Southampton» with the score 3:2. In the «Manchester United» Robin van Persie became the champion of the English Premier League season of 2012/13 and winner of the Supercup of England.

  • Robin van Persie in the Dutch national team
  • In 2005, van Persie was invited to the national team of the Netherlands, which in 2006 performed at the world Cup in Germany, where mostly substituted. Euro 2008 national team Netherlands have not lost a single match in the group stage and reached the quarterfinals where was defeated by Russia with the score 3:1. In the championship, Robin scored two goals.

    A much more successful result the Dutch team showed at the world Cup in South Africa, where he reached the final, where it lost to Spain, conceding just one goal in the 116th minute of the match. In total, Robin van Persie has played for the national team 87 matches and scored 46 goals (as of 18 June 2014 — approx. Currently, he is the best scorer of the national team of the Netherlands in its history.

  • Personal life Robin van Persie
  • But everything was going smoothly as we would like. In 2005, Robin van Persie was arrested on suspicion of rape. The accusations were made by the famous Dutch model Sandra Crossman. After many trials and interrogations, the investigation proved the innocence of the player to the story. Krigsman later admitted that the accusations were false.

    However, the scandal of the trial and 14 days spent in detention had a serious impact on the emotional state of the player. He realized that at one point may lose all value. Close to Robin say that after this incident, his character is very much changed. Van Persie, formerly known aggressive and savage temper, was calm and restrained.

    His wife Bouchra from the very beginning was convinced of the innocence of the elect, and constantly visited him in prison. She all insisted that Robin, despite his recklessness, could not be a rapist. When his innocence was proved, she said,»Maybe it will sound strange, but after this incident, Robin became even stronger«.

    By the way, Robin van Persie with his wife Buhrow had known since a young age. Even as a nineteen-year-old guy, he drew attention to the girl, who at the time was in University and was his neighbor. Two years later, on 31 March 2004, Robin and Bouchra married in Rotterdam and soon moved to London when van Persie was invited to «Arsenal».

    Now the couple has a son Shaquille, who was born in November 2006 and a daughter Dina Layla, born in 2009.

    It was rumored that under the influence of his wife, with Robin van Persie converted to Islam. The player himself isn’t willing to confirm or deny this information, declaring that religion is a very sensitive issue that should be discussed.

  • Robin van Persie on world Cup 2014
  • In 2014, Robin van Persie in Netherlands national team involved in world Cup 2014, which takes place in Brazil. And already after the first round the player was able to score. Robin scored a goal in the match with Spain made the first player in the history of the Netherlands player who scored in three world cups – 2006, 2008 and 2014. Robin believes that this goal was the best in his career.

    Thanks to the efforts of the player had achieved a strong-willed victory over the team of Australia, which helped Netherlands to go to the playoffs of the 2014 world Cup.

    Robin van Persie to Fenerbahce

    In July 2015, «Manchester United» and «Arsenal» have agreed to transfer van Persie. The Turkish club paid € 6.5 million British. Robin van Persie Fenerbahce, has signed a three-year contract with a possibility of extension for a year.

    After signing the contract, van Persie became the most expensive player of the club. Note that Turkish side Besiktas are also claimed to be Dutch.

  • Robin van Persie: video
  • Robin van Persie — goals: the selection of the most beautiful and bright heads of the Dutch footballer Robin van Persie. Each new goal the Dutchman’s spectacular previous.

    Master class Robin van Persie

    Robin van Persie to Fenerbahce in July 2015, the Dutchman Robin van Persie’s transfer to Turkish club Fenerbahce. Before the flying Dutchman spent three seasons in the «Manchester United» became the champion of England in the first season and won the top scorer title. In Manchester United van Persie played for Feyenoord and Arsenal.

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