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  • Name: Robert Sheehan ( Robert Michael Sheehan )
  • Date of birth: 7 January 1988
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Portlaoise, Laois, Ireland
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Robert Sheehan: biography

    Robert Sheehan – actor of Irish descent, best known for his role of Nathan young in the tragicomic TV series «Misfits». He was born in the Irish town of Portlaoise and became the third youngest child in the family of a police officer, Joe Sheehan and his wife Mary, who kept house.

    Primary school St. Paul’s boy played on various folk instruments – banjo, borane, wooden spoons, making participated in traditional Irish competitions of school orchestras «Fleadh Cheoil». Also in Junior high he not only first appeared in an Amateur performance of «Oliver Twist», but thinking about acting as a conscious choice of life.

    For the first time Robert came to the casting in 14 years, where he brought the mother, who lost to the endless requests of his son. Subsequently, Sheehan said that early in his career to have replaced his and Manager, and personal chauffeur, psychologist, for which he is very grateful to her and the entire close-knit family that has supported him in his endeavors.

    At the age of 17 Robert Sheehan enrolled at the University of Technology Galway-Mayo, but doing it only one course, leaving school for the sake of continuing an acting career. Sheehan claims that are not specifically chosen drama school, because they do not want to study acting. He likes to be on the set, playing different characters, but education would get in some other sphere, not to depend on one profession.


    Acting career began with Robert Sheehan in 2003, when 15-year-old starred as one of the students of the closed school during the Second world war, in the psychological drama «a song for the outcast». The picture was shot in just 3 months, but the young actors had become friends and, according to Robert, he still communicates with many of them. To the process of filming the teenager was treated like an adventure game.

    Then there were a few roles in low-budget films. Breakthrough to fame actor did in 2009. First he duets with Rupert Grintm played in the youth drama «the Cherry bomb» where he got the role of Luke, the inadequate son of a drug addict, who for the sake of personal goal, is willing to go to great lengths.

    Then Robert appeared in three parts crime drama about corrupt cops «Red riding», filmed based on real events. And at the end of that year on the television screens started showing tragic and comic sci-Fi series «Misfits», which in the Russian hire was also under the name «Bad».

    Robert Sheehan plays a cocky guy Nathan young, one of the offenders, which gets lightning and gives them super powers. Hero Robert becomes the owner of immortality and the ability to communicate with spirits, and over the 2 seasons is one of the main characters of the series. Suddenly the Directors after the announcement about the shooting of a 3-part serial movie actor refuses to act on, so the writers had to introduce additional short series «Vegas Baby!», which explains what happened to the main character.

    For his work in the series Robert Sheehan was nominated for the Irish television award in the category «Rising star» and was named best television actor, British Academy.

    In October 2010, he again began acting in television series criminal, this time in the gangster Saga «Love/Hate». Interestingly, when the actor received an offer to take part in this picture, he didn’t even find out what it’s about. Robert Sheehan was enough to know that the film is directed by David Caffrey, whose works he admires. Therefore, it was agreed without reading the script and not asking about the role he had to play.

    In 2013, Sheehan was able to overtake such actors as Logan Lerman, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Asher Beech and Carter Jenkins, and to the role of Simon Lewis in the fantasy adventure film «the mortal Instruments: City of bones».

    Personal life

    Robert Sheehan — sociable, communicative and cheerful person. He loves the noisy company, has many friends, travels a lot in their company. Actor easily found a common language with the girls. He had many romantic relationships, but a serious novel, it never came.

    It is known that Robert’s generous gifts to your loved ones, but considers that this behavior applies only to the period while they are together. After the breakup of his girlfriend forced to return to the Sheehan all received expensive gifts.

    Little known is the fact that in childhood and adolescence Robert really did not like curly hair on his head, so he briefly has them specially cut and straightened to get rid of the hair, which later became his trademark.


    • 2003 — a song for the outcast
    • 2009 — Cherry bomb
    • 2009 — Red riding
    • 2009-2011 — Bad
    • 2010-2011 — Love/Hate
    • 2011 — season of the witch
    • 2011 — Killing Bono
    • 2011 — Dobyvaci
    • 2013 — the mortal Instruments: City of bones
    • 2015 — Messenger


    Robert Sheehan

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