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(biography, photo, video) Charles Robert Redford Jr

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  • Name: Robert Redford ( Charles Robert Redford Jr )
  • Date of birth: 18 August 1936.
  • Age: 80 years
  • Place of birth: Santa Monica, California, USA
  • Height: 179
  • Activity: American actor, independent filmmaker and producer
  • Marital status: married

    Robert Redford: the biography

    Robert Redford was born in the Californian city of Santa Monica in August of 1936 in an ordinary family. Mom was a homemaker, died in 1955, his father first worked as a peddler of milk, but later managed to get an accountant in oil company.

    After high school, Robert Redford went to University of Colorado. But the abuse of alcohol reduced the term of stay of the student in this institution. Then Robert moved to new York and enrolled at the local University, by the faculty of arts and scenography. After graduating, Redford decided to see the world and traveled through Europe. During the journey, he’s started painting. So after returning to new York and became a student at the Pratt Institute, choosing the specialization «theater artist».

    Soon the world of the theater have captured Robert, he began studying acting at the Academy of dramatic art.

    Actor and Director

    Acting debut of singer on the stage had taken place in 1959. The young artist was invited to one of the Broadway theatres. At the same time began a cinematic biography of Robert Redford. First, he was invited to the crowd and offered the episodes in the series. But in the early 1960s, the actor starred in the roles of the second plan in the series «Maverick», «the twilight zone» and «Alfred Hitchcock presents».

    Major role in feature film came to Redford in 1962. Director Sydney Pollack invited the young actor in his film «War hunt.» Familiarity with Pollack developed further in a fruitful and long cooperation. But the recognition to the artist came only 4 years with drama «Pursuit» Arthur Penn.

    The future fate of Robert Redford as an actor has defined the cult Western «Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid». Redford appeared in the image of the «noble bandit» Sundance. And Paul Newman, who played with him in tandem, respectively, got the image of Cassidy. The Western are just instantly turned into millions of your favorite blockbuster films, he has influenced American cinema. It is easy to predict that Redford after the film woke up Hollywood star. He received his first prestigious award – the award of the British Academy.

    And after 3 years, in 1972, Robert Redford was able to open his own production company «Wild Wood». Strengthened financial position enabled him to Finance the shooting of two popular political films «the Candidate» and «All the President’s men», which had a good box office.

    In these years the actor is removed. He appeared in such famous projects as «Scam», «Three days of the Condor», «the electric horseman», where he again met with Jane Fonda. For the role of gambler johnny «Kelly» hooker in the film «the sting» Redford was first nominated for «Oscar».

    A turning point in the creative destiny Robert Redford was 1980. This year he became the founder of the film Institute «Sundance» in Park city. Today it is a respected worldwide institution, which every year hosts the most prestigious festival of independent cinema.

    In the same year, Redford made his debut as a Director, taking off his first project – drama «Ordinary people». The tape was released in 1981 and brought Robert a real triumph – the «Oscar» for direction. This award is especially valuable as a coveted statuette brought a debut work.

    Of these films directed by Robert Redford’s successful, you can call the projects «where the river flows», where the main role went to brad pitt, and «the horse Whisperer». In the latter film, the main role the Director took it. Both pictures was nominated for a Golden globe.

    Today, Robert Redford continues to balance directing, producing and acting.

    Personal life

    His first wife was Redford Lola baths was filmed without stunt again, classmate at the University. They were married in September 1958 and have lived together for 30 years. To this marriage were born 4 children. Unfortunately, one child died at 2 months of age.

    But in the mid-1980s, the family boat is leaking: the actor and Director had an affair with a young actress Sonia Braga, who starred in one of the films Redford.

    Since personal life Robert Redford has undergone significant changes. In 2009, a Hollywood star married for the second time. But his wife was not Sonia Braga, and assistant and Secretary Sybil Scalars, with whom he lived in a de facto marriage for a long time.

    Filmography (actor)

    • «Military hunting»
    • «The chase»
    • «Barefoot in the Park»
    • «Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid»
    • «All the President’s men»
    • «Scam»
    • «Three days of the Condor»
    • «The electric horseman»
    • «The horse Whisperer»
    • «Out Of Africa»

    Filmography (Director)

    • «Ordinary people»
    • «Where the river flows»
    • «The horse Whisperer»
    • «Bagger Vance»
    • «Lions for lambs»
    • «The conspirator»
    • «Dirty games»


    Robert Redford

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