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  • Name: Robert Pattinson ( Robert Pattinson )
  • Date of birth: 13 may 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, model, musician
  • Marital status: Not married

    Robert Pattinson: biography

    Robert Pattinson, British actor, born may 13, 1986, in the suburbs of London. His father Richard, a businessman, his business is connected with the transport of vintage cars from the United States. And his mother Claire were engaged in a modeling career.

    Robert has two older sisters – Lizzy and Victoria. The first professionally are engaged in music: it is well known composer and musician. A Wiki makes a career in the advertising business.

    Robert Pattinson childhood
    Robert Pattinson childhood

    Robert Pattinson studied in a specialized school for boys. But at the age of 12 he was expelled. It is noteworthy that the star avoids answering the question why it happened. But his former classmates was more talkative. He told me that he was very sorry for the snails, which the boys pressed their boots, enjoying the loud crunch. So he collected them in a box, which he dragged with him. It’s not like the teacher. Compassionate Robert was expelled.

    My parents had to transfer him to one of the private schools in Barnes. It is known that in the early years Robert Pattinson was incredibly shy and repressed. Nevertheless, he dreamed of an acting career. He helped mom. Son tried his hand at a modeling career and managed to overcome her shyness.

    Robert Pattinson and his family
    The Family Of Robert Pattinson | La Casa Del Truck

    In 15 years, began his artistic career of Robert Pattinson. He made his debut on the stage of the Studio Barnes. His first roles in productions of «whatever happens», «Macbeth» and «Tess of Durbervilles» proved to be very successful. The young artist drew the attention of the Directors.


    In 2004, Robert Pattinson debuted on television in a small episode in the film «Ring of the Nibelung.» Due to this role the young actor was spotted by American film Director World Nair.

    Nair drew attention to the attractive appearance of the young actor and invited him to play a secondary role in the film «vanity Fair». But the actor was not liked by the Director. All the scenes, which was attended by Robert Pattinson, was cut. To see it viewers could only the DVD version.

    Pattinson in the movie
    Pattinson in the movie «Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire» | Real movie

    2005 was for the British more successful. He got a prominent role in the film «Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire». It is noteworthy that familiarity with the Director Mike Newell took place in 2003. And Newell, choosing a candidate for the role of Cedric Diggory, immediately thought of Robert. Interesting point: before shooting began Robert Pattinson didn’t read a single page of the famous series about wizards. But then it turned out to be an avid fan of «Harry Potter».

    After the release of the film in the filmography of the actor, appeared leading roles. First in the drama «Stalker Toby Jagga». Robert got the image of a military pilot, confined to a wheelchair.

    Robert Pattinson - photo shoot
    Robert Pattinson — Photocall | EstiloDF

    Soon the audience saw Robert’s sparkling Comedy film «diary of a bad mother.» The wave of success was forced to think about high handsome representatives of the fashion business. Robert Pattinson appeared again on the podium. In 2007, his image was admired on the pages of popular catalog of «Hackett’s», where he showed a fall collection of clothes.

    Breakthrough and fame were waiting for the actor in 2008. This year came several films with his participation. In the paintings of the «Small remains», «the Summer house» and «How to be» Robert Pattinson reminded myself. But these roles made him popular. But the main male role in fantasy romance «Twilight» has brought great success. In this world-famous Saga, the British got the image of a brutal vampire Edward Cullen with a languid gaze, which captivated millions of viewers. Critics agreed on the opinion that thanks to Robert, the film received worldwide success.

    Robert Pattinson in the film
    Robert Pattinson in «Twilight» | FullHDoboi

    It is noteworthy that from early childhood Robert Pattinson enjoys music. He perfectly plays the guitar and piano, and writes music himself. This talent came in handy in the star of the Saga «Twilight». He participated in the creation of the main theme, the official soundtrack to the film. For some time he has toured the country with a group of «Bad Girls». In 2009, the artist took an active part in charity work and collected money for the earthquake victims in Haiti.

    In 2008 and 2009, Robert Pattinson made the list of «sexiest men of our time» by the magazine «People». And in 2009 he received the title of «Most sexy men» from «Glamour» magazine. In 2010, according to the famous British newspaper «the Sunday Times» Robert Pattinson made the list of most influential young millionaires UK.

    Pattinson -
    Pattinson — «the sexiest man 2009 | Love

    Movies of Robert Pattinson «Water for elephants» and «Remember me» is another successful work, which the artist managed to prove all the skeptics, what a star he is not accidental. In these pictures he got dramatically. Critics and audiences agreed on the opinion that the actor in different roles, including deep psychological.

    Today Robert Pattinson continues to delight fans with their new films. In the fall of 2016 premiere of the film «the Lost city of Z», where the idol of millions has got the star role. Many have noted that the already slender actor has become even slimmer. The fact is that for the new image he had to lose 15 pounds.

    As told to Robert Pattinson, to lose weight had not to him alone, and the whole team. Eggs for Breakfast, avocado and fish for dinner – this was the diet during the imaging process, which lasted several weeks.

    Pattinson lost 15 kg
    Pattinson lost 15 kg | WomenBox

    It is noteworthy that the haggard face of the star at the premiere of the film was decorated with a beard, hiding a few sunken cheeks. As it turned out, it is also needed for the role. Pattinson admitted that he raised her «forever» and now unspeakably happy to get rid of annoying vegetation.

    Domestic fans of the stars in anticipation: premiere of Robert Pattinson’s «the Lost city of Z» in Russia will take place in spring 2017.

    Personal life of Robert Pattinson

    Personal life Robert Pattinson is associated with the name of his partner in «Twilight». During the filming of the first part of the vampire Saga in 2008, Pattinson fell in love with actress Kristen Stewart, who played the role of Bella Song. The couple had a volatile relationship: they are constantly back and forth, argued and reconciled. But, despite all the hardships, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart decided to be together: the actor had proposed to his beloved, and even bought a house for the future family.

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart | twilight Saga

    But in 2012, a scandal broke out, and then there was a loud divorce. It all happened because of infidelity Kristen Stewart with the Director of «snow white and the hunter» Rupert Sanders. In a fit of anger, Pattinson sold the mansion. After some time, the press again began to notice the couple together. The two stars tried to restore corrupted betrayal of the relationship, but this attempt proved futile.

    To forget about his painful passion, Rob started looking for a new love. Beauty, which was noticed near him, succeeded each other. Dakota fanning, Katy Perry, Imogen Kerr model and daughter of Sean Penn Dylan – all these girls briefly appeared with the star. But the novel was short.

    Brad Owens and Robert Pattinson
    Brad Owens | Model Mayhem

    Not so long ago the fans stars were shocked by the scandalous and unexpected news about his pet. One of the sites, it was reported that Robert Pattinson did come out. Site placed an interview in which the actor admitted in the novel with brad Owens, a male model. Allegedly after meeting with brad he realized that he was gay and in love with this boy’s ears.

    As it turned out, sensational news, picked up and replicated by many us tabloids, was the usual fake. With Indian edition, which has posted «exclusive» information, it has long been observed in the distribution of such «news». Not so long ago it was «buried» by Jaden Smith, son of will Smith.

    Robert Pattinson and Waist Barnett
    Robert Pattinson and Waist Barnett | Virtuoso Channel

    Meanwhile, the personal life of a famous Briton was adjusted. He started Dating the beautiful Waist Barnett, aka FKA Twigs, the singer. The girl managed for a short period to put relations with the idol of millions to a qualitatively new level. After six months of Dating after Robert Pattinson gave her a ring, which is called «predpokladam» (promise ring). Recall that Stewart waited for like only 3 years after Dating.

    Rumor has it that the first 2016 Waist gave the fiance an ultimatum, demanding to decide quickly. And I think she succeeded. According to insider information, the engagement has already taken place.

    To become even closer to the star fiancé, Barnett decided to try his hand as an actress. She has played a small role in the drama «Brighton beach» and plans do not stop there.

    Pattinson and Barnett
    Pattinson and Barnett | Vogue

    The relationship of this beautiful couple constantly in sight of the paparazzi that follow stars relentlessly. The tabloids often appear romantic picture of lovers. Not so long ago they were captured walking around new York. Then they took a romantic walk in Paris. The waist had to get used to the fact that she is now constantly in the spotlight.

    Young people try to attract as little attention as possible. Robert Pattinson and his mate choose the clothes easier and trying to blend in and disguise glasses and hats. But they still learn. First, the girl find it difficult to accept, but she realized that if he wants to live with a star, she will have to get used to the constant flashes of cameras and the prying eyes prying eyes,


    • 2005 – «Harry Potter and the goblet of fire»
    • 2007 – «Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix»
    • 2008 – «Twilight»
    • 2008 – «awkward age»
    • 2008 — «echoes of the past»
    • 2009 – «Twilight. Saga. New moon»
    • 2010 – ‘Remember me’
    • 2010 – «the Twilight. Saga. Eclipse»
    • 2011 – «Water for elephants!»
    • 2012 – «Dear friend»
    • 2012 – «Twilight. Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2»
    • 2013 – «Mission: blacklist»
    • 2014 – «The Rover / SUV»
    • 2016 – «the Lost city of Z»

    Photos Of Robert Pattinson

    Robert Pattinson

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