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  • Name: Dr. Robert Patrick ( Robert Patrick )
  • Date of birth: 5 November 1958.
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Marietta, Georgia, USA
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: American actor
  • Marital status: married

    Robert Patrick: biography

    Robert Hammond Patrick, Jr. is familiar to a wide circle of his admirers, first of all, the star role in the blockbuster «Terminator 2: judgment day» where he played the LCD of the robot T-1000. Then, his filmography has acquired a huge number of other great films, and fans of Robert Patrick began to forget that the way their favorite movie was long and thorny.

    Robert was born in November 1958 in Georgia. His carefree childhood and teenage years were spent in the suburbs of Cleveland, with a big and friendly family where he was the eldest of 5 children. His father Robert Patrick, Sr., was a banker. The family lived in abundance and the kids were doing all that they liked. For example, the youngest son of Richard Patrick was fond of music. (Subsequently he became the famous frontman of the rock band «Filter»).

    Robert Hammond Patrick Jr.
    Robert Hammond Patrick Jr. |

    Robert loved football and athletics. But the hypocrisy he initially did not lay the soul. The boy even refused to play in the school play «Peter pan», motivating it with unwillingness to go on stage in tight leotards.

    That all changed in University. Suddenly Robert Patrick was so fond of acting that he refused to continue training in high school: he considers it a waste of time. Future actor went to Los Angeles, hoping that thus will be able to quickly get into the field of vision of the Directors.

    But the long-awaited meeting with the first role was delayed for years. Patrick, Jr., to survive, worked as a bartender and moonlighting as a waiter and a painter. Slept in the car. But all the time Robert did not lose: he independently studied the Stanislavsky system.


    A cinematic biography of Robert Patrick though, and began in a fairly advanced age – 28 years, but started immediately with the stellar role. The young man drew the attention of cult Director Roger Corman. He trusted Patrick to play a psychotic biker in your trash-movie «hell’s Angels». And immediately, that is, the hit to the mark.

    Robert Patrick and Arnold Schwarzenegger:
    Robert Patrick and Arnold Schwarzenegger: «Terminator 2: judgment day» |

    In the blockbuster Renny Harlin «die hard 2» Robert who played in the episode, drew the attention of James Cameron. He was looking for an actor with brutal looks at the role of the cyborg killer in his new project «Terminator 2: judgment day». So Patrick became the world-famous robot named T-1000. This role today is the hallmark of the artist.

    The main role came to the artist in 2000. The attention Patrick drew, Chris Carter, the Creator of the rating of the series «Secret materials». He urgently needed someone to replace David Duchovny. So from 2000 to 2002, the year Robert appeared on screen in the form of John dogget, who replaced Fox Mulder. The replacement was not just graciously received by the audience and critics – Robert Patrick was awarded for his work the prestigious award «Saturn». In 2001 he was put on the list of the ten most beautiful men television USA.

    Robert Patrick in the TV series
    Robert Patrick in the TV series «Secret materials» |

    A new surge of popularity has come to this wonderful artist after painting «walk the line», where Patrick got the image of the father of the protagonist. The tape has received «Oscar».

    Highly appreciated by the audience and critics biographical mini-series «Elvis. The early years», in which the trusted actor to play the father of Elvis Presley. The tape was awarded the «Emmy» and «Golden globe».

    In recent years, Hollywood star remove without fatigue. Among the high-profile films with his participation it should be noted picture «Flags of our fathers», «Balls of fury», «the Bridge to Terabithia», «the Snow man,» «men who stare at goats» and «will Gardner».

    Personal life

    The Hollywood actor is one of the few stellar coworkers who gossip in the yellow journals. It just doesn’t give food for scandalous gossip.

    Personal life Robert Patrick has developed surprisingly happily. With his wife Barbara he met in those dire times when unsuccessfully dangled the auditions, lived out of his car and worked as a bartender and house painter. By the way, with his future wife, Robert met while working at the bar.

    Robert Patrick with his wife Barbara
    Robert Patrick’s wife Barbara |

    Spouses, Robert and Barbara began when Patrick starred in the «terminator». The couple had two children – a girl of Austin and the boy Samuel.


    • «Terminator 2: judgment day»
    • «Last action hero»
    • «Body shot»
    • «Double dragon»
    • The x-files
    • «Family Soprano»
    • «The Texas Rangers»
    • «Detoxification»
    • «To stay alive»
    • «Walk the line»
    • «Will Gardner»


    Robert Patrick

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