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  • Name: Robert Nepper ( Robert Lyle Knepper )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Fremont, Oh, USA
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: American actor
  • Marital status: married

    Robert Napper: biography

    Most of her fans Hollywood actor Robert Napper friend for his stellar role – a cruel maniac T-bag from the series «Escape». Those who decided to watch this serial Thriller gloomy, always remember the sadistic manipulator Theodore Bagwell (or T-bag), the way in which Napper managed to «revive» with incredible realism. Later, he played several villains, who secured the actor the role of a brilliant negative character.

    Robert Napper
    Robert Nepper |

    Robert Lyle was born Napper hot summer of 1959 in the city of Fremont, which is located in the U.S. state of Ohio. The interest in acting he woke up early. Robert’s mom worked props for local theater. The boy often went backstage and enthusiastically watched the game artists.

    In high school, the student was interviewed and some of the auditions. He was accepted into northwestern University. Napper began to study dramatic arts, but classes suddenly seemed to him dull. Robert abandoned his studies quite a bit down from final exams: he was invited to speak on the stage of the famous theater in Chicago. But in 1981, Napper went to new York, where he continued his theatrical career.


    A cinematic biography of Robert, or, as it is sometimes called, Rob Napper began in 1986. Some sources the first film actor Comedy called «That’s life!» By Blake Edwards. Others say that Nipper first appeared on screen in an episode of the popular TV series «the Paper chase». Perhaps this is not so important, because these projects have not brought a Robe of popularity. But they turned out to be the springboard that opened the artist way in the world of Hollywood cinema.

    Robert Napper in one of the films of the early period
    Robert Napper in one of the films of the early period |

    Among the early projects of the 1980s and ‘ 90s, where Robert Napper «practiced» by purchasing the necessary acting skills, was the pilot episode of the popular crime series «Law Los Angeles». In the adventure film «something wild» actor appeared in the form of «wild» superhero, fighting urban crime. Later, viewers saw it in the movie «gas, food, housing, Day in the city of Angels» and «China beach».

    The 1990s proved to be more generous to the actor. He managed to attract the attention of critics and audience with a virtuoso performance in the Comedy «search and destroy» and the episode of the famous woody Allen. The Director was entrusted to Rob a small role in his film «Everyone says I love you.»

    Robert Napper in the film
    Robert Napper in the film «Ghost patrol» | Compa.Gee

    Having in his filmography picture of woody Allen, Robert Nepper able to claim a significant role in rating projects. It drew the attention of eminent Directors. In the mid and late 1990s, the actor starred in acclaimed Hollywood films «the Prisoner of heaven», the popular TV series «the West wing» and «Nikita». Villains Nepper was so realistic and terrifying that the actors are talking about the birth of a new star.

    In 2001, Robert Nepper starred in the mini-series «Jackie, Ethel, Joan: women of Camelot». He appeared in the form of Robert Kennedy. Later, the actor admitted that it was his favorite role.

    But the real glory descended on a native of Ohio after his star role in the TV series «Escape». Since 2005 Rob scared the audience a dark and creepy image of the sadist and the maniac T-bag. He admitted that when he first read the script and knew who he would have to portray, then horrified. At that time Robert Napper was already an exemplary family man and father. And you would have to play the rapist and killer of children. But to refuse the job offered, he could not. Because once again finished shooting the last season of «Carnival» and other proposals were not. To feed my family, had to agree on the role of T-bag.

    Robert Napper in the series
    Robert Napper in the series «Escape» |

    Among the recent important projects Hollywood stars should be called Thriller «Transporter 3», season 4 of the series «Heroes», the film «good night and good luck», where Nipper starred in tandem with George Clooney, and the adventure film «Hostage» with Bruce Willis in the lead role.

    But most importantly, Robert Nepper and in 2016 and 2017 will continue to play their Central role in maniac Theodore Bagwell or T-bag. The creators of this mega-popular strip finally took pity on the actor and added him to the terrible hero a modicum of humanity.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Robert Nepper known not so much. He prefers to attract as little attention as possible to his family, to protect them from prying paparazzi and arrogant journalists. It is known that the actor is married to a woman named Nadine Kerry and he has a son, Benjamin Peter.

    Robert c Nepper wife Nadine Carey and son Ben
    Robert c Nepper wife Nadine Carey and son Ben |


    • «Paper Chase»
    • Wild thing
    • «Petrol, food, housing»
    • «A day in the city of Angels»
    • «China beach»
    • «Everyone says I love you»
    • «Nikita»
    • «Jackie, Ethel, Joan: women of Camelot»
    • «Escape»
    • «Hostage»


    Robert Napper

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