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  • Name: Robert Downey, Jr. ( Robert John Downey Jr )
  • Date of birth: 4 April 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Robert Downey Jr: the biography

    Robert Downey Jr born April 4 1965 in the family of a famous Director, actor and producer Robert Downey. His mother is also from the environment acting — actress Elsie Ford. Downey Sr. is of Irish and Russian-Jewish roots and her mother is Scottish and German.

    Already in early childhood, Robert has the opportunity to experience what the craft of acting. He participates in the projects of his father. His career begins at the age of 5 when he played a sick puppy in the 1970 film «Detachment». In seven years, the actor playing «the Palace of Griser» and 10 for the overall development deals with classical ballet in England. And that was only part of the education that sought to give parents. In his youth Robert Downey Jr. is studying in new York at the center for performing arts «Stagedoor Manor».

    In 1978 his parents divorced. The son went with his father in California, but soon realizes that to continue an acting career he needs to go back to new York.


    In 20 years, Robert Downey Jr. once again confirms that she wants to be an actor. He tries his hand at television, and in 1987 won a starring role in the teen Comedy «Specialist removal». Charismatic actor name in new Comedy projects, but he happily takes on the role of a troubled teen in the movie «Less than zero».

    In 1992, Robert Downey Jr. plays Charlie Chaplin in the same film. Now it is really noticed as a serious actor. He was even nominated for «Oscar» and «Golden globe». However, the competitors that year was very strong. The Oscar went to al Pacino for his work in «Scent of a woman».

    And now, since 1992 — Robert promising actor who is trying to get every Director. Unfortunately, at that time, he becomes addicted to drugs and even ends up in prison, when he is stopped naked behind the wheel of a car. In the blood of the actor was found with heroin and cocaine. And just for the sake of the woman Downey finds the strength to break free from destructive passions.

    Almost every role has been well received by critics. So it was in the movie «kiss Kiss Bang Bang» and «Fur» with Nicole Kidman, where he played a man completely covered with hair.

    The resounding popularity came to him with participation in the franchise «Iron man». Also today, a beloved character appears also in the Avengers.

    In 2008, Downey Jr. again in the step from «Oscar» and «Golden globe» for her role in the film «tropic thunder» Stiller. In 2009 he played Sherlock Holmes guy Ritchie.

    Personal life

    Robert met Sarah Jessica Parker in 1984 on the set of the movie «Firstborn». The press eagerly followed the relationship between two young, promising actors. However, then on Sarah Jessica remembered mostly as the girlfriend of the famous actor. She loved him to be jealous. The only, but significant problem for the continuation of relations of steel drugs. The girl tried to re-educate the bully Downey, but he would not give in. Even at 8 years old he learned what marijuana is, after all, grew up in a rather Bohemian environment. 7 years lasted the novel by Robert Downey Jr. with Sarah Jessica Parker, but the marriage has not ended.

    Since 1992, the actor was married to Deborah Falconer. They have joint son Indio, born in 1993. But the couple broke up due to the same thrust Downey drugs.

    For the sake of second marriage Robert Downey Jr. quit drugs. His wife was the producer Susan Levin in 2005. They met on the set of Gothika. In 2012 and 2014 came to light their joint children: son Exton and daughter Avery.


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    • Less than zero
    • Too much sun
    • Chaplin
    • Richard III
    • Gothic
    • Fur
    • Iron man
    • Sherlock Holmes: a Game of shadows
    • The Avengers


    Robert Downey Jr.

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