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(biography, photo, video) Robert De Niro, Jr.

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  • Name: Robert De Niro ( Robert De Niro Jr. )
  • Date of birth: 17 August 1943
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, film Director, producer
  • Marital status: married to grace Hightower

    Robert De Niro: a biography

    Robert de Niro was born in Manhattan in a rather Bohemian family. His parents – Robert de Niro Sr. and Virginia Admiral were quite famous artists-abstract artists. In addition, de Niro Sr. was still engaged and sculpture, and VA vocational and wrote poetry. The middle name Robert has Italian roots, and mother — English, French, Dutch and German.

    When the boy was only three years old, her parents split up. The divorce was civilized, peacefully and without unnecessary scandals, but for the surrounding environment, and the future actor, was shocking news and has remained a mystery. Robert never found out the real reason of such act of the parents. The son left to live with his mother, who gave him not enough attention is limited to only financial support.

    Of course, the boy spent much time on the street among his peers, who called him «Bobby Milk» for his extraordinary pallor of the skin. Apparently, only an innate desire for art shielded little Robert from joining some street gang, which at that time was pretty much in the city.

    First, the guy studied at a private secondary school, and then entered the new York High school of music art and performing skills named Fiorello La Guardia. In addition, Robert worked hard on her acting skills from renowned teachers Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg. He was taught not only performing arts, but also instilled an understanding of acting as such. Interestingly, all teachers Robert de Niro was outstanding supporters of the system of Konstantin Stanislavsky.

    Thus, their way of life, the future famous actor was not just chosen in childhood. He’s from a fairly early age purposefully, confidently, and fruitfully begun to move forward to the planned trails.


    The first appearance in the cinema twenty years de Niro has become a game of man in light Comedy «the Wedding party» directed by Brian De Palma. But because of the difficulties the film was released only six years. So often, filmography indicate that the first work in cinema for the actor was the film «Three rooms in Manhattan» in 1965.

    The first fame came to Robert after the execution of the film «Bang the drum slowly,» the role of a baseball player. For playing in this film the actor won the award of the Association of film critics of new York best actor of the second plan. But the main achievement – it is his play attracted the attention of the public and Directors. Causing got the role of a young Vito Corleone in the famous blockbuster «the Godfather-2» the great Director Francis Ford Coppola. This role gave de Niro the first statuette «Oscar» for best male role of the second plan. Interestingly, this was the first time in the history of the awards when the winner of the award was the actor who had not uttered a word of English, because in the film, de Niro speaks only Italian.

    Then followed a series of great films «Taxi driver», «the Twentieth century», «new York, new York», «deer Hunter» and others who had huge success with the audience and professional critics. Popular actor Robert de Niro becomes a Megastar of the silver screen.

    The eighties bring a new round of success. The role of a boxer in Martin Scorsese’s film «raging bull» brings the following award «Oscar», this time as best actor. But after his gangster film «Once in America», published in 1984, de Niro hits the wave of monotonous roles. She said he became associated exclusively with the villain, a mobster, or a police agent. However, dozens of works of the actor cause positive and even enthusiastic reviews from fans and critics.

    But in the second half of the nineties interest in the actor drops reviews become neutral, sometimes even cool. Recent movies that have received acclaim and commercial success were «Casino» and «Fight». Both came out in 1995, and in the last partner on the set, de Niro is another famous kinahanglan al Pacino.

    Robert de Niro, despite the fact that he was already over seventy, regularly removed so far. He is a popular actor, was several times nominated for «Oscar» and «Golden globe», although the popularity of the former we have only to remember.

    Personal life

    Love Affairs Robert de Niro, like most Hollywood stars that are large enough. In his youth he was constantly surrounded by scandals and gossip, even when he was married.

    For the first time de Niro is married to singer of African descent, Diann Abbott, who has played a few bit parts in movies, which starred the actor himself. In Danny from his first marriage had an only daughter Drena, which became the official the stepfather adopted the child. Also the couple have a son together Robert. Both children tried to star in movies, but if the Drain could be of interest to Directors and periodically appeared on the screen, the boy’s special talent was not and he grew up, he began to do business.

    Ten years later the couple broke up, although it was quite long lived together. And the new girlfriend of Robert de Niro became another African-American – fashion model toukie Smith. The couple had not entered into a formal relationship, but they have been in a civil marriage for several years and even with the help of a surrogate mother has children — Julian Henry and Aaron Kendrick.

    The second and last to date, the marriage of the actor is formalizing the relationship with a former flight attendant grace Hightower. It happened in 1997. After a year the couple had a son Elliot, and in 2011, again with the help of a surrogate mother, they again became parents. They had a daughter Elena.

    In addition to a successful acting career, Robert de Niro has achieved success as a restaurateur. He is the owner of several networks of different cafes and restaurants, including the world-famous network «Nobu».


    • In 1973 Bang the drum slowly
    • 1974 — the Godfather 2
    • 1977 — New York, New York
    • 1980 — raging bull
    • 1984 — Once in America
    • 1991 — Cape fear
    • 1993 — Mad dog and Gloria
    • 1995 — Casino
    • 1995 — Fray
    • 2004 — meet the Fockers
    • 2007 — Stardust


    Robert De Niro

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