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  • Name: Robert Carlyle ( Robert Carlyle )
  • Date of birth: April 14, 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: Scottish actor
  • Marital status: married

    Robert Carlyle: a biography

    Critics praised this brilliant actor for his versatility: he with the same skill plays a priest, and a cannibal. Women are a huge audience considers it one of the most attractive stars, a sex symbol, although he has no classic beauty of George Clooney, and no American gloss of brad pitt.

    Robert Carlyle
    In the beginning |

    In fact, star Robert Carlyle was after the release of cynobacterial «Trainspotting», «the full Monty» and «the world is not enough». But to Olympus, he traveled a long time. Behind him a difficult childhood and turbulent youth.

    Robert Carlyle was born in April 1961 in the old district of the Scottish city of Glasgow Maryhill. Family life parents of Scots, Elizabeth and Joseph Khalilov, did not happen. Joseph was absolutely not adapted to reality and interrupts from earnings to earnings. The family lived on the brink of poverty. Elizabeth could not stand the severity of life and ran away from home, leaving 3-year-old Robbie Carlisle in the care of his father.

    Robert Carlyle
    In the hippie commune | VK

    When the boy was 7, Joseph joined a hippie commune. This is a friendly community of wandering from city to city, occupying empty houses (called squatting). For several years the Carlyle family lived in an abandoned house in Chelsea. And when they came out, a year and a half, interrupted at the pier beach in Brighton, East Sussex England.

    Robert Carlisle
    The violent youth of stars | Le-donna

    However, Robert Carlyle recalls his childhood and teenage years with trepidation, and my father has always remained, if not a hero, whom he imitated, and, in the end, thanks to whom came to the cinema. After all, Joseph was a man of creative. Not only is he a bad drawing,

    making shop Windows and signs, but also showed true artistry and turned into a chameleon when he needed to get a client. Robbie enthusiastically listened to my father when he started to talk about their

    adventure: it was a finished actor, the fates did not get on stage.

    Robert Carlyle in his youth
    The future star was a troubled teen | Wokrout

    But the desire to become an artist came to Robert Carlyle is not in childhood and later. In 15 years, the guy left school and began earning money, too. First money and questionable friends had turned Robbie into a difficult teenager. He was rapidly sinking into the abyss, but the death of a close friend from a drug overdose in time to stop Robert. He went to night school and discovered the world of books. Read voraciously. And first came on the scene.

    The decisive importance in the Carlisle decision to become an artist played the plays of Arthur Miller. Reading them, Robert found myself wanting to play all the heroes.


    If the youth Robbie enthusiastically played in the Amateur scene, at 22 he came to the theater Studio of the arts Centre of Glasgow. A year and a half, he brilliantly passed the exams and became a student of the famous Royal Scottish Academy of music and dramatic art.

    Robert Carlyle
    In the theater | Le-donna

    In 1990, the future star of British cinema, together with his colleague Alexander Morton founded the theatre troupe, calling it the «Raindog» in honor of one of the albums of his favorite singer Tom waits. In the company of Robbie was not only an actor. He built scenery and even remembering the lessons of his father, tried his hand as a painter-decorator.

    The debut performance of «one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest» brought Carlisle recognized and win the contest of young film Directors, which annually conducts the Royal Academy among its graduates.

    A cinematic biography of Robert Carlyle began in 1991. His debut in the film «Dregs of society» attracted the attention of filmmakers and viewers. Rob so convincingly played a construction worker that many have wondered which site I found this artist the Director. No one believed that Carlisle is a graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy.

    Robert Carlyle
    In the role of bus driver | Le-donna

    Brilliant transformation – a distinctive feature of the actor. But here the role played not only talent, but also a lot of work behind each role. Carlisle, preparing to play Adolf Hitler, around the clock listening to Wagner and watching the films of Leni Riefenstahl. Before you transform into a homeless man, Robert lived for some time in the village of Waterloo, where he planned the shooting as homeless.

    Same story with the movie «Stargate. Universe», where the actor entrusted with the role of scientist-fanatic. To get into character, he spent six months attended lectures at the University of British Columbia. Robert is so faithfully came to every work that even when playing a bus driver, he got the rights for the corresponding category.

    Robert Carlyle
    In the role of Adolf Hitler |

    But the real fame came to the Scotsman after the film «Riff raff», «Trainspotting» and «the full Monty». For the last tape Robert Carlyle was awarded the BAFTA.

    But even world-wide fame not forced the artist to take projects that he didn’t like. Exception, he did not even for big-budget films. Carlisle and now prefer only original projects, which in the first place acting, not props and special effects.

    The only one he didn’t have to play a gay priest, a steelworker, a wizard, a king and a tyrant, a homeless cannibal.

    Robert Carlyle
    In the film «Trainspotting» |

    In 2005, fans of the Scottish star saw your favorite artist in the role of mafia and trafficking Sergei Karpovich in the film «Live goods.» For the great job Carlisle got nominated for the award «Outstanding supporting actor».

    And in 2006 Robert first turned to fiction and starred as the sorcerer Durza’s film «Eragon». This actor played this character the way he saw fit. In the author’s «reading» of the hero, Carlyle moves a little. Most of the emotions he conveys facial expressions and intonation. For a more realistic image of actor days did not part with costumes, to even the folds of clothing look real.

    Since 2011, the actor included in the main part sci-Fi series «Once upon a time». High ratings of the project prompted its creators to remove the 6 seasons of the series. We all have Carlisle.

    Robert Carlyle in the series
    In the TV series «Once upon a time» |

    And in 2014, Robert first tried his hand as a Director. He made full-length film «the Legend of Barney Thomson». She filmed in the genre of black Comedy. The main role of the Barber, Barney, who became a serial killer, Carlisle took. In this movie is played by stars such as Emma Thompson, ray Winstone and Tom Courtenay. Premiered in the summer of 2015 at the film festival in Edinburgh and was a great success.

    In the spring of 2016 in his native Scotland, the actor returned to the image of the psychopath Francis Begbie. This role in the cult film «Trainspotting» 20 years ago, brought Carlyle global success. And in 2016, it was decided to shoot a sequel. Fans of the star are waiting for its release in 2017.

    Personal life

    In the film «Method of Cracker» actor met a charming artist make-up artist Anastasia Shirley. It was love at first sight and forever. Personal life Robert Carlyle since then and until now associated only with this woman.

    Robert Carlyle with his wife
    Robert Carlyle with his wife |

    The couple had three children: sons, Harvey and Percy Joseph, and daughter, Ava. The family lives in the hometown of the star of actor – Glasgow.


    • «Dregs of society»
    • «Riff-Raff»
    • «Method Of Cracker»
    • «Trainspotting»
    • «The full Monty»
    • «The world is not enough»
    • «Hitler: the rise»
    • «Stargate: universe»
    • «Once upon a time»
    • «The legend of Barney Thomson»


    Robert Carlyle

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