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(biography, photo, video) Margarita Gerasimovich

photo Rita Dakota

  • Name: Rita Dakota ( Margarita Gerasimovich )
  • Date of birth: 9 March 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married Vlad Sokolovsky

    Rita Dakota: biography

    Margarita Gerasimovich, better known as Rita Dakota was born 9 March 1990 in Minsk. The family lived in a poor area of the city, but the girl’s parents tried to keep the daughter in no way lacked. When she went for a long walk with the guys from the yard, preferring to play cops and robbers and other «boyish» games.

    To create music, young Dakota wanted since childhood. She sang songs of Natasha Koroleva and Christina Aguilera for the neighborhood grandmothers, and secretly dreamed of becoming a famous composer. His first poem the girl had written at the age of five. It was dedicated to toys and it was called «Strong little soldier». Her toys were also participants in Symphony orchestra young musician headed into their dreams.

    The mother of the future actress noticed the talent of his daughter, and when she was seven years old, gave her to a music school. The entrance exams Rita performed the song «Moscow nights». After some thinking the girl was recorded to class piano, and she studied singing as a free listener, joining the school choir. Musical education was easy, with other children Rita Dakota has performed at international festivals and competitions.

    At age eleven, Dakota wrote his first serious song, inspired by the French film «Leon» and the song «Shape of my heart» by British musician sting. This song she performed together with a school friend at the prom in the fourth grade.

    For fourteen years Dakota actively wrote songs for his punk band and sold musical sketches to radio stations. To the girl and her business proposal be taken seriously, she had to take some adults.

    After school, Rita was planning to go to musical College named after Glinka, however, learned about the outstanding teacher of vocals Gulnara R. the. The teacher helped to record demos of songs Dakota to keep them copyright. At the same time, Rita became interested in graffiti and learned to paint. Back then, Minsk was visited by artists from Portugal, they saw drawings of musicians and described them as «Dakotas». This word was so pleased with the girl that she made him his alias.

    Rita Dakota: career

    The first steps Rita Dakota on the way to a music career was the participation in the Belarusian talent competition «Star coach» in 2005. However, the project did not bring the girl wins, because the jury accused the singer of being unpatriotic for singing his song in English.

    When in 2007, it was announced early casting for the project «

  • Factory of Stars-7″, friends of the singer asked her to sell or even give the contest participants a few of their songs for advertising. If not for the support of friends, Dakota would reject such ideas. The judges reacted favorably to the singer, she went through all the rounds and made the TV version of the project. On the show, the Dakota performed exclusively their own songs and also wrote songs for other participants. It hit «
  • Match» downloaded from the Internet over a million times. Vivid image, strong vocals and catchy songs have made the Dakota one of the most memorable in the show.

    After the «Factory» Dakota didn’t have enough money and the support of friends, she was disappointed in the Russian show-business. Then she made a decision to end a career as a pop make music and focus solely on the songwriting.

    In 2011, Rita founded the rock band «

  • Monroe», which became a permanent participant of festivals «Kubana» and «Invasion». Together with a group of girl toured the country, collecting full halls. In 2015, Rita Dakota became a member of the musical project «
  • Main stage» on TV channel «Russia-1». Her mentor on the project was a well-known producer Victor Drobysh, headed to the show directions to «pop» and «pop-rock». The singer sang only their own songs that helped her reach the semifinals of the competition.

    Rita Dakota: personal life

    On the teleproject «Factory of Stars-7» Rita Dakota met with a young musician

  • Vlad Sokolovsky. Between the guys struck up a friendship which after a few years turned into a novel. About the couple hid their relationship, rarely appearing together at various events. In 2015, the Dakota and Sokolov gave a Frank interview to journalists, where he spoke about their relationship and plans to get married soon. June 3, 2015 the couple got married in one of the capital’s churches, and five days later played a magnificent wedding party.

    Rita Dakota: photo

    Rita Dakota

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