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  • Name: Rinat Abushaev ( Rinat Abushaev )
  • Date of birth: 7 July 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: page Malyy truyev, Penza oblast, Russia
  • Activity: video blogger, musician
  • Marital status: Not married

    Rinat Abushaev: biography

    Rinat Abushaev – Russian blogger, whose name became known thanks to his peculiar Declaration of love to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Roller a few days received over a million views on YouTube, making blogger famous all over the country.

    Rinat Abushaev was born 7 July 1992 in the village of Malyy truyev Penza region in an intellectual family. His father Ahmata Shavkatovich works as an engineer, and his mother Gulnara Shavkatovna works as an accountant at a leading local company. Future blogger is the eldest son, he has a younger brother Ildar.

    Rinat childhood passed very happily, as far as possible in the period of the collapse of the USSR and the emergence of a new Russia. However, at the time of admission to school in the country has come maximum stability. He successfully graduated from a local school in the village of Big Truev, where he showed himself a creative child. Music and singing boy liked more than science, so my parents decided to develop in his son’s direction and gave him to a music school.

    As a result, the Rinat Abushaev at the age of 14 has mastered the guitar, and at 16 learned to play the trombone. At the end of high school in 2009, blogger entered the State musical College named. Academy of music, where as develop their creative ambitions.


    Rinat Abushaev is a Manager at one of the companies. All his time and thought he devotes to creativity, which has begun to yield their first fruits.

    In 2015, the blogger won his first success with the poem dedicated to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in which he confessed his love policy. This is a video on YouTube a few days looked more than a million users. And today the poem «Anya Anya Angela Merkel» enjoys popularity in the Internet makes advertising a whole channel blogger.

    In the framework of the «free» creativity Rinat Abushaev actively engaged in the music. He loves to sing songs of popular musicians. Your composition blogger dedicates Russia, which today is in a difficult position because of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the West and the United States.

    Abushaev sure that his songs will help the world to return and to restore unanimity, after which Russia will be exempt from sanctions, and it will once again begin to flourish.

    The plans for the future Rinat Abushaev notes only work, which he is ready to devote his entire life.

    Personal life

    Despite his young age in life Rinat happened drama, which is tempered in him the spirit. In 2009 Rinat Abushaev lost his girlfriend, who tragically died in a car accident. The loss of a loved one was involved in a lot of stress the guy that he won only after a long time.

    At this point the guy is not married and is open to communication with the girls.


    Rinat Abushaev

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