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  • Name: Rinal Mukhametov ( Rinal Mukhametov )
  • Date of birth: 21 August 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: alekseyevskoye, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Rinal Mukhametov: biography

    A. rinal Mukhametov was born and raised in a small Tatar village of Alekseevskoe. The dream of becoming an artist came to the Rinal ‘ not in childhood. At first the boy wanted to be a marine. After graduating from 8th grade, he even made an attempt to enter the Suvorov military school. But he refused. The reason was not only bad performance in exact Sciences, but minor stuttering boy.

    At the end of the school Rinal went to enter in the Kazan drama school by myself for the pop Department. But after 2 years, the teachers who saw this tall black kid something special, recommended him to go to Moscow. Just as the period was scored a course at the School-Studio of MKHAT Kirill Semyonovich Serebrennikov. Rinal Mukhametov myself with some time I realized that he had to grow, and in a different direction than clowning.

    Self-confident the guy went to the capital and at first sight fell in love with her. It seems that this love was mutual, because Rinal received on the first attempt. Moreover, mentor Kirill Serebrennikov’m not confused, that the future artist slightly stutters. Especially since he Mukhametov was not from complexes about it. The fact that the Rinal invented for himself a rather convenient philosophy, which allowed to comfortably coexist with his little flaw: it says that stuttering does not infringe, and makes sometimes to keep silent. And in silence there is wisdom.

    In 2012, Rinal Mukhametov graduated from drama school, and remained in Moscow, which he liked and seemed warm and home from the first day of the meeting.


    Over the years of study have Serebrennikov Rinal Mukhametov almost got rid of the stuttering. He tried very hard to follow all the advice I received from teachers. Soon the student was among the best on the course. Especially Mukhametov reached the success stage movement. It is well fenced and danced well. That is not surprising, because the slender handsome man some time moonlighting as a dancer in one of night clubs of the capital.

    Rinal made his stage debut in his student years. At the Moscow art theatre he played in performances of «Fairies» and «Lando». And after graduation Mukhametov was accepted into the troupe of the «Gogol-center» where is today. The artist continues to play «fairies,» and also appeared in new plays. The most striking of them, which are immediately evaluated by experienced theater-goers, «the Hunting of the Snark» and «Metamorphoses».

    Exceptional talent and grew up acting young Tatar artist, the audience appreciated the play «a Midsummer night’s Dream» by Shakespeare, where Rinal had played Lysander. The main role in a Comedy production of «harlequin, bred with love» raised the artist to a new career step.

    Soon Rinal Mukhametov appeared on the scene Center for contemporary art «Winery». Here the actor involved in several high-profile productions. In «Hero of our time», he appears in three roles – Pechorin, Grushnitski and of course Azamat. And the mystery «Cain» Rinal played Cain and Lucifer at the same time, showed real virtuosity in the mastery of transformation.


    A cinematic biography of Rinal Mukhametov began a year before graduation. It is noteworthy that the debut role in movie was not an episode and not even the role of the second plan, and the most that neither is the main. In the military-historical drama «Atonement,» the artist had to play very deep and tragic role. He appeared in the form of a young pilot, a Jew by origin, Aug, who returned home and learned of the deceased’s family. The story amazed the audience, although in General the film was met with controversy.

    But the main thing in this picture Rinal Mukhametov was able to assert that domestic cinema came another bright star. And next, in 2013 it confirmed it. Young brown eyed actor has again received the offer to star in the star role. It was a mystical Thriller «the Tower», where Rinal had appeared in the 2nd season.

    Huge success and an invaluable experience for artists of Tatarstan was the work in the picture is Sergey Zhigunov’s Three Musketeers». Mukhametov played d’artagnan. In this fresh adaptation of the novel by Alexandre Dumas appeared Alexey Makarov (played by Porthos), Yuri Chursin (Atos) and Pavel Barshak (Aramis). The role of Constance went to Anna Starshenbaum.

    The ribbon was also adopted in different ways, but the undoubted fact was a brilliant game of Rinal Mukhametov. It was a brand new «reading» of the image of the young Gascon. As for fencing, to which the artist repeatedly used the script of the film, it was impeccable. As well as the ability to stay in the saddle.

    If «the Three Musketeers» Zhigunov did not bring the Rinal huge fame and recognition, the following really made the artist widely known. In the TV series «Ekaterina», where the main character is beautifully played by Marina Aleksandrova, Muhametova got the image of count Saltykov. This role has increased the army of fans of the young actor several times.

    For the next career step actor rose after the release of the mini-series «Mannequin». This is the story of a provincial girl and her friend, the artist-avant-gardist. Last, and played Rinal Mukhametov. The story takes place in the 70-ies of the last century. The project has received high ratings and warm reviews from the audience.

    One of the last works of the artist – a wonderful romantic Comedy by Alexander Amirov «Teli and Toli», which was released in 2015. Here were engaged Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Kakhi Kavsadze, Ivan Dubrovsky and many other stars. Stellar company, and a remarkable plot of the film, of course, was noticed by the audience and brought the Rinal Muhametov that played the lover of a Georgian Goku, a new batch of fame and laudatory reviews.

    Personal life

    Besides theatre and film in the artist’s life occupies a major place music. Rinal Mukhametov – frontman of the musical theater group with the strange name of «Corporation Yellow Asphalt». Rinal not only sings, he composes the verses for some songs and plays drums. The musician has described the genre which is team, pop terror.

    Personal life of Rinal Mukhametov, much to the disappointment of many fans, has developed. He is happily married to the beautiful Carolina Erusalimsky. With her he met in the theater when the girl presented him a bouquet. As it turned out, it was the first flowers presented to Rinal. Quickly broke out the affair turned into true love. After filming «the Three Musketeers» 24-year-old Rinal and his fiancee got married. It is known that Caroline is also an actress. She is studying at the theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin.

    Rinal Mukhametov not so long ago admitted that he dreams of a new lead role for himself: it is the role of the father.


    • «Immersion»
    • «Redemption»
    • «Tower: New men»
    • «The three Musketeers»
    • «Catherine»
    • «Mannequin»
    • «Teli and Toli»
    • «Alien»


    Rinal Mukhametov

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