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  • Name: Rina Grishina ( Rina Yuri )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Naro-Fominsk, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 161
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Rina Grishina: biography

    Rina Grishina is a Russian actress who managed to have their say on the stage, and on set, and in a musical group. Viewers could remember her detective «SOS» psychological drama «children of adult age,» but the greatest fame came thanks to the role of the receptionist Svetlana Alekseeva sitcom «Kitchen» and «Hotel Eleon».

    Rina was born in the suburban town of Naro-Fominsk, but grew up in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where his parents moved a few years after the birth of her daughter. In the far East city Grishina for 10 years, engaged in a ballet school and cherished the dream of becoming a professional dancer. However, a broken leg and a year out of rehearsals put an end to this desire. Also, the girl managed to finish music school, where she learned to fluently play the piano and violin.

    When Rin was 13, her father died, so mom took the daughters (the actress has a sister Elizabeth) and moved to the Northern capital. There Rina continued to develop their creative potential, but this time as a young actress. She enrolled in the youth Studio at the music theatre «Zazerkalye» and worked there for about six years.

    After graduating from high school she decides to try to transfer the passion for the theatre on a professional footing. In Moscow, she decided not to go, and entered the St. Petersburg state Academy of theatre arts. Already in his student years Grishina plays in many performances along with great artists, and even became a laureate of the St. Petersburg contests.

    One of the most prominent roles a young actress on the stage is called the image of Charlie Chaplin in the play «the Mirror stage», for which Rina was awarded the top prize at the festival «Apart». During his career, Grishin managed to play on the stage of the Lensovet theatre in St. Petersburg and in the Moscow theatre «the Factory», «House of Vladimir Vysotsky on Taganka» and «Summer theatre».


    Today in the filmography of Rina Grishina are already more than 40 works. She starred in many television series and feature films. The first film with her participation, action «On behalf of the Baron», released in 2001, that is, when she was just a schoolgirl. Then the girl together with Maxim Emelianov starred in the teen adventure film «Secret of the Zaborsky lake» and also played a major role in the action-novel «SOS».

    Of the following paintings are distinguished psychological drama «children of adult age», a crime adventure series «Coast guard» and the two-part melodrama «New old house». 2015 Rina Grishina started talking and the many fans of the comic series «Kitchen» since the fifth season, the actress appeared there in the way the receptionist Svetlana Alekseeva. The role it performs in the new Comedy series «Hotel Eleon», which is a kind of alternative sequel to «Kitchen».

    Personal life

    About their romantic adventures of Rina Grishina does not like to propagate. According to information from social networks, the actress today is not married and spends all his free time on set or at the theatre rehearsals.

    In addition, in recent years Grishina is implemented also as an Amateur musician in a cover of the troupe, «Peter’s Sister» she plays the double bass.


    • 2001 — named Baron
    • 2006 — Catherine The Great
    • 2002 — the Mystery of Zaborsky lake
    • 2010 — the Fifth group of blood
    • 2010 — Redemption
    • 2011 kids Games adult
    • 2012-2015 — Coast guard
    • 2013 — the New old house
    • 2015 — Kitchen
    • 2016 — Hotel Eleon


    Rina Grishina

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