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  • Name: Ricky Martin ( Enrique Martin Morales )
  • Date of birth: 24 December 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: singer, musician, actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Ricky Martin: biography

    Ricky Martin, whose real name is Enrique Martin Morales Puerto Rican pop musician, actor, and writer. As a singer he became famous thanks to participation in the teen group «Menudo», and as an adult with the help of the hit «Livin’ la Vida Loca» contributed to the promotion of Latin American music on the American and European market. Also Martin was the voice of the world Cup in France, where after the finals, she performed a song «La Copa de la Vida».

    Ricky was born in San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico. His mother Nereyda Morales was an accountant, and father Enrique martín Negroni, a psychologist. When the boy was only 2 years old, his parents divorced, and Martin alternately lived in a new family of the father, then the grandmother on the paternal side. In addition to his house there were two brothers and a sister and the new family mother two half-brothers.

    Ricky Martin is a childhood dream on stage. While his peers played ball with or played war games, Enrique took a wooden spoon and pretend it’s a microphone. Seeing the interest of the eldest son, my dad found an ad in the newspaper about the audition on TV and took back the River. The boy very much, and even in elementary school to Martin first became popular thanks to the toothpaste, fast food, and soda.

    At age 13, the boy was taken to the youth pop group «Menudo». He was the youngest participant and the first project management twice refused the River, but he persevered to come to the auditions and eventually got a vacant place – for persistence. With the team the guy has traveled all over South America, where the boy band was very popular. But by 1987 interest in the «Menudo» started to fall, and after 4 years and 11 full-length albums Ricky Martin leaves the band.

    17-year-old boy decided to try himself abroad. He moved to the United States and enters Tissue art school. But to start classes, he did not have time as it receives interesting proposals from the Mexican theatre and recording Studio.


    Ricky Martin adopted both proposals, and both arenas have achieved success. In Mexico, he has a passion for playing in the musical «Mom loves rock», where he draws the attention of film producers. In the end, he starred in the television melodrama «to Reach the stars», where he appeared in two seasons, and then in the full-length version of «Even closer to the star.» In the film, he not only played, but sang, as the plot was one of the members of the ensemble, «Paper dolls».

    Later, Martin can be seen in the sitcom «Get», medical drama «General hospital» and the youth of the parody horror film «idle hands». The last film, which was attended by Ricky Martin was the musical Comedy «glee» where he played David Martinez.

    Do not forget actor on the stage. In 1996, he performed the main role in the play «Les Miserables» by Victor Hugo, and in 2012 he returned to Broadway and sang in the musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s «Evita».


    In parallel with an acting career and began a solo music life Ricky Martin. He signed a contract with the Latin American branch of Sony Music Entertainment, and signed without even reading the contract. The result was to obtain only one cent from each sold disc.

    But at that time the River was of little interest to the fee: he wanted to become a real star. The first album in Spanish «Ricky Martin» has become the gold not only in South America but also the United States. And hits such as «Fuego Contra Fuego» and «El Amor de Mi Vida» has hit the global rotation on the radio. Then was no less successful drives «Me Amarás» and «A Medio Vivir».

    The last album showed fans that Martin does not intend to remain always a singer dance songs. On the third disc were the sensual ballad «Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo» philosophical «Maria», which the producers are very not recommend to include in the final recording, but the singer insisted. In the end, «Maria» became a super hit in South and North America, and, most surprisingly, in most European countries.

    In 1998, the new work of the River «Vuelve», but the main achievement this year was the performance at the final of the football world championship in France with the song «La Copa de la Vida», which was transformed into a kind of anthem of the championship. Moreover, this hit was «Song of the year» in the opinion of the vast majority of the world charts.

    Up to this point Ricky Martin was not just famous. He was the brightest Hispanic star, and expect him to do something more ambitious was hard. But the singer managed to surprise everyone. First, he gives English-language album «Ricky Martin» that was then a novelty for the artists from South America.

    And secondly, releasing the single «Livin’ la Vida Loca», which became his hallmark and remains quite popular to this day. This composition was not just a dance song. It has become a passing ticket to the English-speaking market for other artists from Latin America, such as Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira.

    Later, Ricky Martin has released 6 Studio albums, the most successful of which was «Life» in 2005. After him, however, the artist paused for a few years and moved away from creativity, returning only in 2011 with the album «Música + Alma + Sexo».

    In General, it should be noted that the identity of Martin is caused by a combination of modern dance rhythms with classic traditional genres — salsa, merengue and Bolero.

    Personal life

    In his younger years Ricky Martin has repeatedly stated that meets with Mexican TV presenter Rebecca de Alba. It seems that they even planned to get married and be a family. But in 2005, it was announced that the River and Rebecca after 14 years of a romantic relationship are not together anymore. 3 years later Martin became a father to twins Matteo and Valentino, whom he was born by a surrogate mother.

    And in 2010 on the Oprah Winfrey show, the singer publicly announced that he actually is gay. Soon, he even introduced his partner, economist Carlos gonzález Abella. But the discovery of this information a gay couple is not good, and after 4 years they divorced.

    The river has always been linked to the sport. He’s a great swimmer and surfer, repeatedly done skydiving, and recently began to practice yoga, to master which even specially went to Thailand and India.


    • 1991 — Ricky Martin
    • 1993 — Me Amaras
    • 1995 — A Medio Vivir
    • 1998 — Vuelve
    • 1999 — Ricky Martin
    • 2000 — Sound Loaded
    • 2003 — Almas del Silencio
    • 2005 — Life
    • 2011 — Música + Alma + Sexo
    • 2015 — A Quien Quiere Escuchar


    • 1991 — to Reach for the stars
    • 1991 — to Reach for the stars 2
    • 1992 — closer to the star
    • 1992 — Get
    • 1999 — idle hands
    • 1999 — Main hospital
    • 2011 — Losers


    Ricky Martin

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