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  • Name: Rex Tillerson ( Rex Tillerson Wayne )
  • Date of birth: 23 March 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Wichita falls, TX, USA
  • Activity: the Secretary of state
  • Marital status: married

    Rex Tillerson: biography

    The new Secretary of state Wayne Rex Tillerson was born in March 1952 in Texas. His childhood and youth were spent in the town of Wichita falls, and Oklahoma.

    Rex grew up as an active young man. It is known that he participated in the scout movement, and in 1965 was even awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. Scout is the highest achievement that in the entire history of the movement received only 4% of all participants.

    Rex Tillerson
    Rex Tillerson |

    In 1970, Rex Wayne graduated from high school in Texas city Huntsville.

    In 1975, a young man received a diploma of the University of Texas at Austin. Here he perfectly studied engineering.

    Career Tillerson

    The young specialist immediately got down to business. Rex Tillerson’s career developed rapidly. The start was taken in the oil fields of ExxonMobil. Already in the mid-1980s he headed the business development service in the gas Department of this famous Corporation. And in January of 2006, after retirement Or Raymond, he was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors and chief Executive officer (CEO).

    It is known that Tillerson and in these years, despite being very busy, found time for the movement of boy scouts who became interested in early adolescence. From 2010 to 2012 he was the acting Chairman of the Association. Later put these powers but remained on the Executive Council.

    Rex Tillerson advocated the abolition of the prohibition of membership in a boy scout club for homosexuals.

    Rex Tillerson and scouts
    Boy scout with experience |

    In 2011, ExxonMobil, causing considerable irritation of Washington, signed a contract for oil production in Iraqi Kurdistan. And yet the owner was able to overturn existed for several decades for the ban to export crude oil from America. Another victory to his credit – the removal of restrictions on the development of projects to export liquefied natural gas.

    All these breakthroughs brought an excellent result, the company headed by Rex Tillerson. Exxon in 2014 received 34 billion dollars of net profit, paid to the budget of US $ 80 billion as tax.

    Rex Tillerson
    Opposed anti-Russian sanctions | the Reporter

    But in the same year, ExxonMobil received less $ 1 billion because of the sanctions imposed against Russia. In 2011, American businessman signed with the Russian Federation a lucrative contract on joint drilling with Rosneft in the Arctic, namely in Sakhalin, the Kara sea and Siberia. But drilling started in the summer of 2014 in the Kara sea. In September, the project had to be abandoned.

    According to some reputable American experts, the concern ExxonMobil was perhaps the most affected by the sanctions of America. After all, he had to curtail work on 9 projects.

    Not surprisingly, the millionaire was opposed to sanctions against Russia, which spoke openly to journalists. Moreover, he admitted that he is looking forward to the lifting of sanctions and return to cooperation with Russia.

    Rex Tillerson
    A successful businessman |

    Rex Tillerson takes a prominent place among the world’s oil. He joined the Board of Trustees of the Center for strategic and international studies. In addition, he is a member of the Executive Committee of the American petroleum Institute and a member of the Society of petroleum engineers. In 2013 he was elected a member of the National Academy of engineering.

    According to the results of Forbes in 2015, Rex Tillerson was on the 25th place in the ranking of the most influential people in the world.

    The attitude to Russia

    The head of ExxonMobil never disown warm relations and business ties with Russia. First of 2016, speaking at the University of Texas, he said that he has long been familiar with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Their «very close relationship» continued for 15 years. In 1998 oilman was appointed Vice-President of Exxon Ventures, which is responsible for projects in the former republics of the USSR. In the same year, Rex was elected President of Exxon Neftegas Ltd., which is developing oil fields in the Caspian sea.

    Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin
    With Vladimir Putin are old friends | Correspondent

    And with the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin American has such a friendly relationship that Sechin has announced plans «to go along with Rex Tillerson on motorcycles across America».

    Rex Tillerson and Igor Sechin
    Igor Sechin |

    In 2012, Rex Tillerson visited the Kremlin, where he was awarded the Order of Friendship «for significant contributions to the preservation and development of Russian culture abroad».

    According to the President of the Center for strategic and international studies John Hamre, Tillerson «talked with Vladimir Putin more than any other citizen of the United States, with the possible exception of Henry Kissinger».

    Rex Tillerson was awarded the Order of Friendship
    Awarding the Order of Friendship the Kremlin | the Reporter

    It is not surprising that many members of Congress who found out that Rex Tillerson on December 6 visited the «trump tower», the visit provoked a storm is not the rainbow of emotions. After all, it meant that the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump is considering the candidacy of a «friend of Vladimir Putin to the post of Secretary of state in his future Cabinet. The influential publication The Wall Street Journal immediately expressed concern about the possible appointment.

    Rex Tillerson
    New US Secretary of state |

    Some congressmen from the Democratic party already declared that will block the candidacy of Rex Tillerson at the time of approval, if trump decides to push it.

    13 December 2016, it became known that Donald trump stopped his choice on Tillerson.

    Personal life

    Rex Tillerson wife
    Wife |

    It is known that the private life of Rex Tillerson long been arranged. He is married to a woman named Rand St. Clair for many years.

    A Picture Of Rex Tillerson

    Rex Tillerson

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