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  • Name: Renata Litvinova ( Renata Vitali )
  • Date of birth: 12 January 1967
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress, Director, screenwriter, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Renata Litvinova: biography

    Renata Litvinova is a Russian theater and film actress, Director and screenwriter, familiar to the wider public primarily for his unique style and kind demeanor. If descended from pictures of the thirties, this elegant blonde, never far from a bright lipstick, has a unique charm that grabs the viewer from the first minute. Enhances charisma Litvinova her muffled voice with a slight huskiness and innovative manner to construct sentences, creating sometimes surprising and apt aphorisms.

    Renata Litvinova
    Renata Litvinova | igency

    The actress was born in Moscow, both her parents were doctors. Father of Renata, Murat Aminovich of Vergasov, was of gentry origin, belonged to an ancient princely Tatar family. However, shortly after the birth of a girl parents divorced, and mother of Alice M., who at the time worked as a surgeon, had to work to support herself and daughter.

    Creative talent Renata manifested during his school years. The girl was engaged in folk dancing, athletics, and also showed a penchant for literature, wrote short stories and stories. Moreover, Litvinova graduated from music school at the Conservatory. However, according to the actress, she grew up terribly shy and unsure of himself. Renata a little shy of literally everything: his name (his father named their daughter after his brother Rinat), tall, modest clothes, that the father does not live with them. When it came to girlfriends, girl hung in the hallway on the hook of the male cap to show that the house has a man.

    After graduation in 1984, Litvinov joined the film Institute in order to develop his literary talent in the field of scripting. Classmates Renata on screenwriting and film history Department was Alexander Bashirov, Rashid Nugmanov, and Ivan Okhlobystin. As at the time of the writers studied mostly men, bright tall blonde immediately attracted attention. She was often invited to play in the training and graduation films, where she honed his recognizable style of play.

    Renata Litvinova in the production
    Renata Litvinova in a production of «witness for the prosecution» | BILETI-V-TEATR.RU

    However, the thesis of the Litvinova, of the script of «Principled and compassionate view Ali K.» the examination Commission evaluated low enough and sent back for revision. When this is the first screenplay that Renata wrote during the internship, went to work for him in 1992 was filmed drama directed by Valery Rubinchik called «Dislike», which was later called the first film in the «history of the free Russian films.» «Dislike» was a success at the international festival in Berlin and at «Kinotavr», and the camera work was awarded the «Golden RAM» and «Nike».


    Acting debut Litvinova took place thanks to the legend of the Russian independent movie Kira Georgiyevna Muratova. The Director has discovered the potential of the actress and took Litvinov in his film «the Seizure». Creative collaboration Muratova and Litvinova in three years continued with the film «Three stories», where Renata acted as both a scriptwriter and an actress from one of the episodes. The image of eccentric and refined nurses Ofy became a kind of calling card, and her lengthy monologues about life quickly spread on the quote. A quarter of a century the phrase «in this world I would put zero» does not lose its relevance.

    Following Renata’s success was the film of Valery Todorovsky «country of the deaf», the script for which he wrote, inspired by the story Litvinova «to Possess and belong». And in 2000 to Litvinova, the actress came to fame: Renata starred in the melodramatic cinematographic Alexander Mitta «the Border. Taiga novel». The role of the nurse Albina Voron, women are amazing and graceful, exotic birds in a remote Siberian town, could not be accurately approached by an unusual artist.

    Renata Litvinova in the cinematographic
    Renata Litvinova in the cinematographic «Border. Taiga novel» | BADTORRENT.COM

    In the same year started the Director’s biography Renata Litvinova. Her first documentary, «No death for me», gently and slowly removes the covers from the lives of five great Actresses of the Soviet cinema, was the last work in the life of one of them — Nonna Mordyukova. This film received the award «Laurel branch».

    In 2002 released the film «the Sky. The plane. Girl» based on script by Litvinova and actress in the lead role. The film becomes Renata’s debut as a producer. After two years with the film «the Adjuster» resumes cooperation tandem with Kira Muratova, and in the same 2004 on the screens out the first full-length feature film Director Renata Litvinova, a surreal detective drama called «the Goddess: how I fell in love».

    2006 film «I’m not hurt,» in which actress at the invitation of the Director Alexei Balabanov played the title role, was acclaimed by critics at several festivals. So, for the role of a Golden-haired Daddies, for which the artist had to shave my eyebrows, Litvinova receives several awards, including «Golden eagle» awards «MTV Russia», «Nika» and «Kinotavr». Some called this work «ascending» actress.

    In 2007, Kira Muratova again made a film «Two in one» scenario Litvinova, Renata and she took part in the filming as the performer of one of the roles. And a year later Litvinova released the film-concert «Green theatre in Zemfira», which tried to reveal all the charm of a live performance Zemfira Ramazanova, his close friend, the Green theater in Gorky Park. In addition, Renata has directed most of the later clips of the singer.

    Of the last films of the Director include the operation, «the Last tale Rita» is a fantastic detective drama that Litvinov was removed at his own expense. Composer and producer of the film was made by Zemfira.


    Litvinov appears on television frequently. The actress appeared in several commercials, in particular, the company l’oreal has chosen her as its face. Promotional video of the clock «omega» is both acting and directorial work Litvinova.

    Also Renata Litvinova in different years led a number of TV programs on NTV, among which the evening show, «Night of the muses», «the Night session with Renata Litvinova» and the program about fashion «Style… Renata Litvinova». The actress played the leading kinoistoriya programs «Cinemania» and «Premieres» on Muz-TV, and also led copyright transfer «the Beauty of the hidden. The history of the lower dress with Renata Litvinova» and «Pedestal of beauty. History of shoes with Renata Litvinova», created specifically for the TV channel «Culture».

    Litvinov repeatedly acted as a music video Director. So, she is the Director of several music videos Zemfira, group «Agatha Christie», also in 2001 took for Alla Pugacheva video for the song Diva «River tram».

    Personal life

    Film star was married twice. Her first husband was the Russian film producer Alexander Antipov, whom Litvinov had lived only one year. Then in 2001, Renat was married to businessman Leonid dobrovský, with whom she had a daughter Ulyana.

    Renata Litvinova with her daughter Uliana Dobrowski
    Renata Litvinova with her daughter Uliana Dobrowski | 24 channel

    Five years later, relations between spouses disintegrated so much that the actress filed for divorce. The trial was a loud, personal life of Renata Litvinova few months was the main topic of gossip in the tabloids.

    Also in 2006, do not cease rumors about the sexuality of the actress. The close friendship which binds Litvinova and Zemfira, is a constant discussion in the press. She also calls the film star Zemfira his close friend and companion. By the way, Litvinova has repeatedly spoken out against any discrimination, including homophobia, racism, and fascism — and even starred in the social project of the periodical Harper’s Bazaar, dedicated to the problem of segregation.

    Zemfira and Renata Litvinova
    Zemfira and Renata Litvinova | HELLO! Russia


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    Renata Litvinova

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