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  • Name: Zbarskaya Regina ( Regina Kolesnikova )
  • Date of birth: 27 September 1935
  • Age: 52 years
  • Date of death: 15 Nov 1987
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: model
  • Marital status: divorced

    Regina Zbarskaya: biography

    In the modern world it is considered that life in the Soviet Union was strictly regulated and arranged in order of size, the country has not achieved success in any species of cultural life but cinema and ballet. The life and career of famous model Regina Zbarskaya proves the opposite. This spectacular woman, despite a Soviet passport, was able to go on a par with world stars of the podium, was on the short leg with such legends of the fashion world, Pierre Cardin and Christian Dior.

    But Regina Zbarskaya not only a model star but also a woman of mystery. Her life is shrouded in mystery and rumors, starting from birth and ending with death. According to the official version, she was born in Leningrad in a family of circus performers, which crashed when performing complex acrobatic trick under the big top. The girl was sent to an orphanage, where she lived until the age of 17. According to another version, supposedly told her classmate, Regina a native of Vologda, and her parents – employees of state institutions, mother – accountant, father is a retired officer.

    To clear up the biography of Regina Zbarsky begins in 1953 when, after graduating from high school she comes to Moscow and entered the Russian state Institute of cinematography. However, on the acting Department, the girl was not hit and began to study Economics. But cinematography is cinematography: young beauty still goes to audition, however, to no avail. She also appears frequently on secular parties and receptions. At one of these meetings Bohemia zbarsky meets quite famous in those days, fashion designer Vera Aralova, which invites the girl to take part in showcasing her new collection. This started with the ascent of Regina in the modeling business.


    Regina Zbarskaya many years took to the catwalk, participating in shows of Faith Aralova, Vyacheslav Zaitsev and many other Soviet designers. By the way, Regina was the world’s first model, which demonstrated women’s boots with zipper on the entire length of the shaft. This format of shoes, which is now almost standard was invented and developed in the Soviet Union just Vera Aralova. But since the concept of a patent then the designers are not adhered too, the invention she had stolen from under his nose.

    In the early 60s about Regina Zbarsky already knew the whole world, including the capital of fashion – Paris. The French called her «the most beautiful weapon of the Kremlin», and when the hares once again demonstrated its creative look and trimmed your model under a pageboy, she had a new nickname — «Soviet Sophia Loren».

    Another name, although with a negative tinge, called colleagues Regina-model – «snow Queen». Apparently, they thought she was too arrogant, too Western, too individual. Regina did not seek to establish any social contacts, always remaining closed in itself, and now saw only the closest people.

    But unfortunately, immediately shone a career of mannequin and also instantly extinguished. After serious complications with my personal life, Zbarskaya could not do without antidepressants. Meds helped her not to go crazy, but closed for Regina access to the professional podium. She had to work as a cleaner at the Fashion House, and then former star has disappeared from the eyes.

    Personal life

    As in the case of place of birth, the confusion and vagueness exists in the information about the personal life of Regina Zbarsky. It is believed that only her husband was a famous Soviet artist-Illustrator and animator Leo Zbarsky, the son of the Boris Barskova, who embalmed the body. I. Lenin. But rumor has it that Regina had still first husband, whose name she did not disclose, as it was not from that layer of society.

    With Lev Borisovich mannequin lived long enough and at first very happy. He even called Regina his Muse. But then the relationship began to deteriorate. Zbarsky had an affair with actress Marianna Vertinskaya, was he and other Hobbies. But Regina had to endure over the betrayal and was not going to leave, even after her husband forced her to have an abortion.

    However, soon he left the family and married actress Lyudmila Maksakova, who bore him a son. After learning that the ex-husband became a father for the new family, while her he was not allowed to be a mother, Regina Zbarskaya felt a strong shock, began to take tranquilizers, and later ended up in a psychiatric hospital with symptoms of severe depression.

    After some time, the models appeared new beloved — Yugoslavian journalist. Their whirlwind romance has ended with a new betrayal: a young man went to Germany where he published the book «a Hundred nights with Regina Zbarsky», which is beautifully told not only of their connection with the famous fashion model, but also on its cooperation with the KGB, informing on colleagues and anti-Soviet thoughts of Regina.


    Issued by the Yugoslav book was almost immediately withdrawn from sale, but Zbarsky had a real political scandal, after which she twice tried to commit suicide, but both times unsuccessfully. The last days the legend of the catwalk was held in a psychiatric hospital and, according to staff, felt very guilty for being so unresponsive about their country and friends.

    The third suicide attempt was the last. Zbarsky Regina took an overdose of sleeping pills and died 15 November 1987. According to the official version, she managed to get poisoned in the hospital, where he was in the last time, according to others, the woman took the pills home and started calling friends to apologize for written denunciations. At the funeral, Regina Nikolayevna was not present none of the former colleagues. The body of the legendary fashion models was cremated, but it is still unknown where she was buried.

    About life, career and death of Regina Zbarsky was filmed feature film «the Red Queen», where the illustrious role of women was played by actress Ksenia lukyanchikova. In addition, viewers can see a documentary investigation about the last days Zbarsky from the series «the Investigation led…», which was held by the permanent host Leonid Kanevsky.


    Regina Zbarskaya

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