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  • Name: Regina Todorenko ( Regina Todorenko )
  • Date of birth: 14 June 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Singer, composer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: Not married

    Regina todorenko: biography

    For the first time, Regina todorenko was at the theater at age seven. School theatre «Balaganchik» involved young talented girl for ten years. After the first performances of Regina began to get major leading roles. She seemed destined to be the center of attention. The main roles and solos contributed a share of vanity in a girl’s life. Former school superintendent believes Regina purposeful and somewhat selfish person, in a good way. Todorenko know how to show a cool mind and to achieve the desired.

    Theatrical performances of a schoolgirl combined with the vocals and choreography. When Regina graduated from school № 22, he went to study in Odessa National Maritime University. Todorenko was to develop the faculty of transport technologies and systems. In addition to his primary profession Regina took a course of German language and graduated from the school of the motorist.

    His biography Regina todorenko wanted to associate with the scene. As you know, great work produces good fruit, and soon Regina is becoming known not only in native country but also far beyond its borders.


    2007 in the career of Regina Todorenko proved fatal. She was invited as presenter of the contest «Golden dozen», where the young charm noticed Natalia Mogilevskaya, which invited Todorenko castings Ukrainian «factory of stars». In Kiev, Regina has successfully passed the qualifying round and in 2008 became a member of the group «Real O» at the beginning of Mogilev.

    In 2010, photos Todorenko and her band graced the debut album «Dress». The following year the album was awarded with the first prize «Golden gramophone». In the company of other members of the team that became finalist of «Factory of stars — 2» Lina Mitsuki, Elena Vinogradova and Alisa Tarabarova, Regina has traveled to many countries with a full-scale concert.

    In 2014, Todorenko has left in free swimming. At the end of the contract, the collaboration with the singer continued, because, according to producer Natalia Mogilev, the girl was quite a successful singer, composer and television presenter.

    Regina provided an opportunity for self-growth, which soon affected another success in career and personal interests of the singer. Todorenko can be proud of their achievements, because she wrote songs performed by such artists as Nikolay Baskov, Ani Lorak and Sofia Rotaru.

    In 2014, the singer starred in the series «In one breath». In 2015 Regina tried her in the Russian project «the Voice.» The girl chose the team Pelagia, but the finals did not.

    «Heads and Tails»

    In 2014, he fulfilled the dream of a girl who dreamed of distant travel and adventure. The dream just came true, and gave the opportunity to see the most secret corners of the world. Regina todorenko has become a leading tourist program «heads and Tails». The singer company has made Kohl’s Earring. Young people are more familiar with «American idol», so to transmit they did it with ease.

    Regina immediately got into character, and on the screen it looked like Todorenko is not the first time to star in «the eagle and Reshka». The project is time-consuming, and, as acknowledged leader, to pursue a solo career and write songs until once. Even your beloved dog has had the time to give the parents.

    Not done biography Todorenko and without mishap moments. Once, during a filming project in India Regina Todorenko and the entire crew was arrested on suspicion of terrorism. When the team of the show «heads and tails» left Jaipur towards Delhi, received a call from the Manager who said that they should go. After returning to the hotel of Jaipur the crew was waiting for police with dogs. The reason for the misunderstanding was a ban on filming in India, the team didn’t know. Shortly after paying a fine of 300 rupees and the investigation is released. However, enterprising Regina forgot to hide removable drives in his pockets, they found and seized by the police.

    In the 10th anniversary season of «heads and tails» viewers are lucky to see all the previous leading: Andrey Bednyakov, Cindy Short, Jeanne Badoev, Regina Todorenko, Lesya Nikityuk, etc. In the biggest season of «around the World» Regina and Les promise an unforgettable journey.

    Personal life

    As she says ex-soloist of «Real O», she just has no time for love relationships, especially when life and work is saturated with the extreme travel. Now Todorenko actively involved in TV projects and personal life time left.

    Television projects

    • «Heads and Tails. On the edge of the world (season 8)»
    • «Heads and Tails. Undiscovered Europe (season 9)»
    • «Heads and Tails. The anniversary season»
    • «Heads and Tails. Around the world»
    • «The voice season 4»
    • «Star Factory»

    Discography (songs)

    • «Yes, boss»
    • «Dress»
    • «Smile»
    • «Fly»
    • «Men love with eyes»
    • «Romansero»


    Regina Todorenko

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