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  • Name: Regina Männik ( Regina Myannik )
  • Date of birth: 3 June 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress, presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Regina männik: bio

    Actress Regina männik was born June 3, 1971 in Moscow. From childhood, Regina dreamed of becoming a movie star, but parents were categorically against. Work in film did not bring in sufficient income. In school years, Regina was always the center of attention, and a memorable appearance and a charming smile contributed to this.

    Future star read a huge amount of specialized literature, to more deeply understand the principles of acting. Only after high school Regina agreed that the young actress will be difficult to earn a living. So her choice was journalism, and she went to study at MSU. A talent to writing articles and incredible demand for journalists during Perestroika promised a good profit. Already in his student years männik earned his pocket money and small purchases.

    Regina männik: journalism

    In the early nineties, Regina was introduced to Andrew Tolmatsky, who offered her a little money on the replacement host of «Bill». A bright and charismatic girl did not go unnoticed, and became interested in the actress Sergei Lisovsky. The owner of the channel «Muz-TV» was looking for someone to head a press-services, and männik quite suited him.

    During the work with Lisowski the aspiring actress has shown excellent results. Her articles are always simple and interesting, it is not surprising that soon the star became the leading Manager in the media group Sergey. In 1993, Regina myannik graduated from Moscow state University, «journalist, literary editor». The next 4 years the actress worked on the channel «TV-6», combining work with study in graduate school at MSU.

    In 1997, the star shocked all the friends in shock when they put all the work and decided to fulfill a childhood dream. Regina entered GITIS and began to study acting. This decision adversely affected the financial situation of the whole family of the actress. According to Regina, she had to sell personal belongings and decorations, not to divide and to feed themselves and their children. But männik never regretted his sudden decision. To more deeply explore a chosen profession, the girl took part in the production of «Factory of theatrical events». The training took it easy and delivered a great experience.

    Regina männik: movies

    After GITIS star played on the stages of various theaters. This work was interesting and creative, but did not bring the desired income. Regina wanted to be in a movie, and wish suddenly came true. In the movie Oleg Fomin one of the Actresses got tired of waiting started, because she with the scandal left the set. The role of the invited came to the casting männik. From shock and surprise, the actress first refused, but re-offer agreed. So she first came to blue screens. Work in the film «okay» was so successful that the actress literally overwhelmed with offers.

    Regina starred in many local TV shows. A little time has passed, and the star began to learn on the street. She has fans and fame, but some roles has given rise to a most pleasant popularity. For example, for the role of Angelica Gordon in the TV series «Cream» groupies pictures hated the actress. The actress is so naturally played a bitch and proud that people sincerely believe: Regina in life such. She männik proud of his ability to grow into the role and completely reproduce all the features of her heroines.

    However, the actress clearly delineates the game in movie and real life: in front of the camera she is one, after filming is another. According to männik, actors should be able to feel the feelings of their characters, otherwise the game will be dry, fake and not bring pleasure neither the crew nor the audience.

    Regina männik: personal life

    First life experience in marriage, the star believes unsuccessful and, in retrospect, regrets about his ugly deed. Then Regina took of her future husband from the family. It so happened that an unexpected affair led to pregnancy. The parents of the actress insisted on getting married, and for a time the couple was married. Persistent adultery did not contribute to strengthening the bonds of marriage, and after some time, Regina had left her husband. The second choice celebrity proud. Husband, George, loves his family and cares about her.

    Personal life the star prefers not to advertise. Männik reluctantly gives interviews and is rarely at various events. As a real woman, she salvaged her happiness from outside interference. It is known that recently the family moved from the apartment into a private house, where he continued to build her cozy nest. Despite the love Regina to the bustling city center, she gladly escaped from the hustle and bustle to a quiet place, where he continued to work and raise children.

    Regina männik: filmography

    • OK or it’s in the bag
    • Bachelors
    • Children Vanyuhina
    • The master and Margarita
    • Loved ones
    • In the rhythm of tango
    • The snow Queen
    • Five minutes to metro
    • Cream
    • Lonely angel
    • Cool game
    • Migratory birds

    Regina männik: photo

    Regina Männik

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