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  • Name: Regina Dubovitskaya ( Regina Dubovitskaya )
  • Date of birth: 31 December 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Place of birth: Shadrinsk, Kurgan oblast, Russia
  • Activity: TV presenter, host of «sell-out»
  • Marital status: married

    Regina Dubovitskaya: biography

    Regina Dubovitskaya – known Russian TV presenter, founder of the Comedy programs «Sold out.» Charming and always cheerful woman with her special style of communication with the viewer is one of the main favorites of the Russian television. Resilient leadership can be safely called almost native for hundreds of thousands of people around the CIS.

    Regina Dubovitskaya
    Regina Dubovitskaya

    Future prima Russian television was born in Shadrinsk serious, it would seem that family. Her parents were teachers – his father of Regina wore the title of Professor of ancient literature and wrote not one scientific work in this area. The girl’s mother was a biology teacher and she was quite a well-known expert.

    Birthday of Regina Dubovitskaya fell on the eve of New year celebrations — 31 December 1948. The family moved from Russia to Moldova, city Chisinau, when Regina was young. It was the childhood girl. In addition to secondary school Regina attended a local circle of children’s creativity. At school she wrote articles for the school paper, and was looking for new topics for like a real reporter.

    Regina Dubovitskaya
    Regina Dubovitskaya | News

    When Dubovitskaya was in high school, my parents decided to return from Moldova to Russia — the city of Kostroma. They did not doubt that girl wants to be a journalist but due to high competition in the Department of journalism Regina had to enter Institute of foreign languages (she chose the faculty of German). There did many of her friends.


    Regina Dubovitskaya successfully graduated from the Institute, but the German language in her life she no longer was useful. In the late sixties, she got a job in the mailroom of the all-Union radio. Here Regina spent several years, after which he became editor of the program «good morning!». On it she has to get acquainted with a large number of future artists «Sold out».

    Regina Dubovitskaya
    Regina Dubovitskaya | Telenedelya

    Because of their inexperience and lack of ties Regina Dubovitskaya was not able to invite to the transfer of famous stars of Soviet Union. The most popular artists who worked on radio for a long time was busy with other presenters, so Regina decided to act in new ways and began looking for a young and yet little-known but promising comedians.

    The first artist who found Dubovitskaya, was Vladimir Vinokur. After the broadcast of Regina were also performances by Yefim Shifrin and Michael Evdokimova. They caused laughter from all the listeners, and soon young presenter has turned into a real celebrity radio station. She began to feel the growth of its authority among colleagues and the love of listeners across the country.

    Regina Dubovitskaya and Mikhail Evdokimov
    Regina Dubovitskaya and Mikhail Evdokimov | Telenedelya

    Despite the fact that on the radio from Regina all went very well, she decided to leave radio. The reason for this was the beginning of the Soviet perestroika. On TV you could feel the openness – I couldn’t say on radio, where for a long time was preserved the old order. Regina Dubovitskaya felt that the future of TV, and started to implement its large-scale project.

    The TV Show «Full House»

    In 1987 Dubovitskaya creates Comedy shows «Sold out», which collects dozens of the best comedians of the Soviet period. In this theatre of humor in different years transmission output lit up Vladimir Vinokur, Yuri Galtsev, Yevgeny Petrosyan, Jan Arlazorov, Mikhail Shifrin, Klara Novikova, Victor Koklyushkin and many other comedians.

    Regina Dubovitskaya in
    Regina Dubovitskaya «Notice» | Overgraph

    Over the thirty-year history of the TV show «full House» had a couple of times to switch from one channel to another, along with this has been the format change – but whatever the changes, the creation Dubovitskaya at all times remained in demand among millions of viewers. For its time, «Notice» was the only humorous to the transfer of such scale and level of performance.

    In 2010 the project began to lose popularity in connection with the annually increasing competition. There are new formats and faces, and «full House» recently ceased to grow and became the object of criticism. Despite this, your audience the programme is always there. Besides, the rich history of the project is not to take away – «full House» will forever be remembered as one of the first entertainment shows on our TV.

    Conflict with Khazanov

    In the program «Let them talk» in 2014, Gennady Khazanov had a fight with the founder of «Anshlag». The cause of the conflict was the leading statement about the low quality of the script transmit «Repeat!», where Khazanov attended. He stated that «full House» is the level of humor this transfer is noticeably inferior, and in the dispute left the set.

    Personal life

    In 1965, Regina Dubovitskaya met Yuriy Ayvazian. They met during a trip to a train compartment that very soon they have an affair. After four years in a young couple legalized relationships, their family happy for over 40 years. The man is a doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences.

    Regina Dubovitskaya and Yuriy Ayvazyan
    Regina Dubovitskaya and Yuriy Ayvazyan | Express newspaper online

    In 2007 while on holiday in Montenegro Dubovitskaya had an accident, sitting in a taxi to the drunk driver. The actress broke her hip – but the disease hadn’t forced her to leave the TV screens, and four months later she was present at the shooting of the new issue of «Notice» and did a photo for an interview. Despite its age, to leave the profession she has no plans.

    Regina Dubovitskaya
    Regina, granddaughter of the presenter | Telenedelya

    At the presenter is the only child – the daughter of Ilona, otuchivshis on applied mathematics. She now works with her on «full House» as assistant Director. She gave Regina her granddaughter, which was named in honor of my mother. A soft spot for children Dubovitskaya, and she sincerely hopes that her daughter will give birth to her grandchild.


    Regina Dubovitskaya

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